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This section contains a wide range of valuable recommendations that will guide you through your journey to the improved connection. Here you will find answers to the questions on how to increase the power of your signal, how to choose a booster, how to install it, and many-many others.

Top 10 ways to catch a stronger mobile signal

Despite the stable development of mobile networks all over the world, nobody can guarantee that you won’t face any signal problems one day. The issue is that the quality of your signal is not only the responsibility of your operator.

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Why your smartphone keeps losing signal and how to overcome it

There is no need to explain the importance of smartphones today. And there is definitely no need to explain how irritating it is when you can’t make a call or get connected to the internet due to poor signal reception.

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How to Install a Mobile Signal Booster: Step-by-Step Plan

Many people are afraid to buy signal boosters because they have never seen any similar devices before and are not sure that they can install them on their own. However, in reality, the installation itself is much easier than you can imagine. Though, this process includes several steps all of them can be performed without any professional help.

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Why your mobile signal is poor and how you can improve it

Many of us do not even think about how mobile networks work till the moment when we face serious signal issues. However, to get an understanding of how it all works, there is no need to dive deep into detail.

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How to choose the best mobile signal booster in 2022

Tired of poor connection? We can understand you. A weak and unstable signal can be very irritating. But the most irritating thing here is the fact that quite often signal issues are not the fault of your operator and your services provider can’t help you even by building a new cell tower in your neighborhood. However, there is another solution! Just buy a mobile phone signal booster.

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Most popular

Best methods to improve EE mobile signal in UK

EE is one of the most popular operators in the United Kingdom. With over 26 million subscribers, it is the second-largest mobile network in the country. The EE brand was created in 2010 by Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom and now it operates within the BT Group. The company provides a wide range of telecommunication services and is also well-known for its superfast 5G and 4G networks.

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How To Measure The Signal Strength On The Mobile Phone?

If you ask most people about the current quality or strength of the cellular signal on their mobile phone, regardless of their operator, they will likely give you one of the following answers.

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How to strengthen your mobile signal: to build a self-made booster or to buy a 4G amplifier?

Today it is quite difficult to imagine our life without high-speed mobile internet. We use the connection not only for communication or entertainment, many of us need to be connected in order to work and to earn money.

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What Building Materials Can Kill Your Mobile Connection

Quite often when mobile phone users have signal issues, they blame their carriers for all the inconveniences that they face and can even start looking for a new services provider. But never do that before you study the problem deeper, if you are satisfied with the terms that your operator offers.

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How to Choose a Mobile Data Signal Booster to Increase 4G Router Signal?

If you think that only smartphones can fail in catching mobile signal and ensure a stable connection, you are not right. WiFi routers that use SIM cards provided by mobile operators can let you down as well.

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How to Improve Mobile Signal in a Home Office

Have you noticed how the popularity of home offices is growing today? Of course, one of the main factors that have an influence in this case is the pandemic and a bunch of restrictive measures that are aimed at stopping the virus. Though many people started working from home even before the coronavirus appeared in our lives, nowadays the number of remote workers has skyrocketed to extremely high levels.

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How to make hotspot faster with the help of a hotspot booster

We all always can't enjoy the pleasures of a Wi-Fi network and sometimes resort to using our cellular networks. But in some of our devices we don't have the privilege of cellular network or the network speed is not good enough. That's where mobile hotspots come into play. Mobile hotspots can enable a data connection in Wi-Fi enabled devices by taking signal from a particular mobile.

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