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Antennas to Boost GSM 4G 3G Signal

Indoor Antennas


Indoor Whip Antenna NS-WA-3D

When it comes to enhancing the quality of mobile signals in a building, quite often, to achieve the highest effectiveness of the work of your amplifier, an additional antenna is necessary. This thesis is applicable even if you have one of the most powerful GSM 4G 3G signal boosters ever.

As you know, each mobile phone signal booster has two antennas. They are included in each kit. While one antenna is catching the signal outdoors, another one is disseminating the signal across your location. However, if your house, or office or another building where you have decided to install a cellular phone signal booster is a very big one, you may notice that in some rooms, the signal may be not so strong as in other ones. But do not panic; it doesn’t mean that with your device something is wrong. All mobile signal boosters have some limited coverage area. And we have a good solution for you. Just install an additional indoor antenna. Indoor Whip Antenna NS-WA-3D is definitely a perfect option, it works without a cable and is compatible with the absolute majority of GSM 4G 3G signal boosters presented in our catalogue.


Indoor Ceiling Antenna NS-CA-3D

GSM 4G 3G Antenna Signal Boosters today are considered to be the best solution to improve the quality of your cellular signal inside the building of different sizes and types. But what should you do if you need to expand the range of signal boosting? To buy an additional mobile network booster doesn’t sound like a good idea. However, way-out is much easier than you could even expect. In this very case, we recommend you to buy an extra antenna.

If you are afraid that an additional antenna won’t be compatible with your cellular phone signal booster, leave your fears and doubts aside. It will perfectly work with all GSM 4G 3G signal boosters that you may buy on our website. 698-960 Mhz and 1710-2690 Mhz are the frequency bands that this antenna works at.

This antenna, as you may have already guessed from its name, should be mounted on the ceiling. It has compact sizes and stylish modern design. If you order this antenna, you will get a 5-meter cable with your order which is suitable to connect it with practically any device of a huge range of mobile phone signal boosters that exist today.


Indoor Panel Antenna NS-IPA-8D

Though GSM 4G 3G Antenna Signal Boosters are amazingly powerful today, sometimes accessories may be needed to enhance their effectiveness. In case you need to get better results of your signal booster functioning, an additional antenna will ideally suit you. Indoor Panel Antenna NS-IPA-8D is able to send not only one type of a mobile signal but the whole range of them, including GSM, 4G/LTE and 3G. It means that it will be appropriate to be used with any of GSM 4G 3G signal amplifiers that you can find on our website today.

If you are not sure how to install it, do not worry, we can always provide you with all the necessary recommendations. It won’t be a difficult task, especially if you have already managed to install your mobile phone signal booster. This antenna is to be fixed on the wall. And it should be connected to your signal repeater with the help of a cable that you will receive together with it.

We can fully guarantee its quality as well as the quality of all GSM 4G 3G signal repeaters that we sell and ship to our clients from all over the world.


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