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Myamplifiers.com is a professional team of technical specialists, developers and marketing analysts. The company represents the biggest online marketplace for distributing cell phone repeaters, and are proud of being the first to bring AnyTone and Nikrans repeaters to the clients in the EU, USA, Asia and Africa. Our catalogue includes a comprehensive range of mobile amplifiers that will guarantee you stable connections and comfortable communications whenever you need it. Thanks to an excellent reputation, expertise in cell phone boosters, an innovative approach and our customer-oriented service, Myamplifiers.com is rapidly gaining in popularity. Every member of our team masters the ins and outs of mobile technologies.

It’s been over 10 years since Myamplifiers.com became the leading marketplace of mobile amplifiers in Europe. The popularity of Myamplifiers.com is due to the following reasons:

Reasonable Price

Our major advantage is affordable and reasonable pricing, which we are able to offer due to a well-organized chain of warehouses. Nobody wants to pay more than is necessary, and we want to give you value for money.

Customer-Oriented Service

You are welcome to ask any questions 24 hours 7 days a week. Unlike most companies we DO help you whenever you need it. We will be happy to provide you with detailed explanations and instructions. We need you to be satisfied with our cooperation.

First-Rate Quality

Every mobile amplifier is made from qualitative materials that correspond to the world recognized standards of ROHS, CE, UL and others. Additionally, we provide with 3 years of warranty for every device and we guarantee that you’ll get qualified assistance.

Wide Range of Cell Phone Boosters

Each person has individual needs and preferences when it comes to mobile communications. Therefore, we offer a complete line of mobile amplifiers for small private houses, all types of vehicles, big office buildings, supermarkets, etc. Moreover, we take into account the diverse frequency ranges of different countries.

Our company also takes part in international charitable projects. For example, the one in summer 2014 when we provided mobile repeater equipment for a newly-built Ebola hospital in Guinea.


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Major Sales Department (English)

Daniel Libo


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French Sales Department

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Spanish Sales Department

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Italian Sales Department

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German Sales Department

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Support Department

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Registered Office Address:

7H trading ltd
suite 4.3.02 block 4 eurotowers, GX11 1AA,

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120 High Road, East Finchley
N2 9ED, London
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Mobile Signal Boosters Video Guide



We launch online marketplace Myamplifiers.com to offer Anytone signal amplifiers within the EU.



Myamplifiers.com goes to the worldwide scale.


We open up multiple offices and start working with several manufactures to ensure efficient logistics.



Our company adds to the catalogue devices for French, Spanish, German and Italian regions with professional support on diverse languages.


Our marketplace has presented new hi-tech signal booster brand Nikrans, including models for calls, 3G and 4G LTE.



We participate in charity projects by supplying mobile amplification equipment to Guinea for a newly-built Ebola hospital.


Introduction of a new series of signal boosters with LCD screen. Absolutely new at the market and user-friendly.



We added to our marketplace unique all-in-one boosters for all signal types and all networks. They have immediately become best-sellers all over the world.


The management board of Myamplifiers.com is a team of professionals that coordinate daily work of the business from marketing, product development and sales management to financial operations and engineering. All our leaders have higher education and over 20 years of expertise in creating and developing business. Among the duties accomplished by our management team is establishing new partnerships with manufacturers, opening new offices and stocks basing on orders amount per region, setting up pricing policy and many other tasks.

We sell our products worldwide. Still mobile signal problems? Call MyAmplifiers! Our customers from various parts of the globe – Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia – have done so and are now happy owners of a mobile phone signal booster that ensures a constant and flawless signal for their cell phones.

MyAmplifiers is relentless in its efforts to deliver innovative signal amplifying systems that are designed to provide optimized performance, longevity and reliability. We continuously develop and expand our product ranges based on the requirements of the mobile services market.

We take challenge of expanding into uncharted territories and thus bring you joy in every day - every minute communication over the phone. We’ll be happy to connect you to the world!

We are looking for dedicated dealers who are actively involved in the telecommunications sector and are focused on providing their customers only with the best products and services available. If you are interested in becoming a MyAmplifiers dealer please contact us.

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