About Anytone

Shenzhen Anytone Technology Co. Ltd was set up in 2000. Since then the major aim of the company has been the introduction of innovative technologies and a customer-oriented approach. For these, and many other reasons, AnyTone has quickly gained popularity on the world market and has become widely recognized and trusted.

AnyTone has become the leader in its field for a multitude of reasons, such as:


According to the latest research, customers prefer AnyTone cell phone repeaters due to the following reasons:


AnyTone was set up on the basis of Lisun Power, Linghua Electronics and other such-like famous Chinese-based companies. Professional specialists from these source companies joined their efforts in order to satisfy needs and wishes of modern citizens.

The name of the brand reflects its approach to work - "anytime anywhere is all tone". The purpose of AnyTone is to provide you with comfortable communications at anytime and anywhere you are.


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