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19-04-2024 General

Why do mobile signal boosters have a competitive edge over Starlink?

Living in a world where uninterrupted access to mobile services is guaranteed ubiquitously is truly convenient and enjoyable. But, has it ever occurred to you that heavy and sole reliance on the seamless operation of your mobile services isn’t a silver bullet at all?
08-04-2024 General

How to Make a GSM Signal Booster: The Benefits of Buying a Ready-Made Device

In today's modern world, a strong mobile signal is essential for reliable communication. Whether it's making important phone calls, sending urgent messages, or accessing the internet, a stable cellular signal ensures that we can stay connected at all times. With the increasing reliance on mobile devices for communication and productivity, having an uninterrupted connection is more important than ever.
09-08-2023 Technical Topics

Boosters and Radiation

It looks like today we’re getting irradiated more than ever.  Laptops, tablets, smartphones — we simply can’t live a day without something electronic in our hands. Despite being widespread, all these devices make certain impact on human health. Even different kinds of electric appliances we use every day at home are considered to be unsafe.     
30-07-2023 General

LTE frequency bands list for Mobile Carriers || US and Canada Guide

With help of technological advances, wireless network is being circulated at super speed nowadays. That's why LTE frequency bands are becoming popular which allows people to communicate and connect with the world. As the cell phone is adaptable with the carrier's frequency bands which are being used by you allows you to place calls, deliver text messages and surf internet.
06-01-2023 How to: Essential tips

Mobile booster - Best tips to improve Three mobile signal in the UK

Today, Three is one of the most popular mobile operators in the United Kingdom. However, its history began not so long ago. In 2003, it was founded as a company that provided only 3G network services (now the roots of its name have become clear right?).
20-12-2022 Technical Topics

How much power does the mobile signal booster use?

When you are planning to buy a new device, it is quite sensible to find out whether its use will greatly affect your utility bills. And a mobile signal booster is not an exception. “How much power does the mobile signal booster use?” - that’s a very popular question among our clients who have never ordered any similar devices before.
07-12-2022 Technical Topics

What is dBm and why is it important for your mobile signal?

Have you ever thought about how the power of a mobile signal is measured? Yes, we are accustomed to talking about signal bars. But let’s admit that this “measure” can’t be considered to be scientific.
01-11-2022 General

Signal amplifiers for mobile phones: how to improve cell reception indoors

Despite your data plan 4G, it happens that your calls are dropped, websites take a long time to load or the Internet freezes during a video conference. This can happen at home or in an office, in the countryside or in a city centre. If these kinds of problems occur regularly, a mobile signal booster could be the solution. In our article you will find detailed information about how a mobile amplifier works, its installation, advantages and disadvantages.

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