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30-07-2023 General

LTE frequency bands list for Mobile Carriers || US and Canada Guide

With help of technological advances, wireless network is being circulated at super speed nowadays. That's why LTE frequency bands are becoming popular which allows people to communicate and connect with the world. As the cell phone is adaptable with the carrier's frequency bands which are being used by you allows you to place calls, deliver text messages and surf internet.
01-11-2022 General

Signal amplifiers for mobile phones: how to improve cell reception indoors

Despite your data plan 4G, it happens that your calls are dropped, websites take a long time to load or the Internet freezes during a video conference. This can happen at home or in an office, in the countryside or in a city centre. If these kinds of problems occur regularly, a mobile signal booster could be the solution. In our article you will find detailed information about how a mobile amplifier works, its installation, advantages and disadvantages.
14-07-2022 General Most popular

The Question is: How to Improve 4G Signal at Home

High-speed mobile Internet is what we expect to have at hand. However, due to some hindrances on the way of a signal may prevent it from reaching your phone. In order to improve 4G signal at home, you may think of installing a 4G booster.
06-06-2022 General

What 5G can offer you and when you need to buy a 5G booster

The long-awaited fifth-generation mobile network 5G is already here and is actively conquering the markets in different corners of the world. But are you sure that you know what makes this cell network standard special?
26-05-2022 General

Best models of mobile signal boosters that will stabilize your connection

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without mobile devices, we use smartphones for communication with friends, families and business partners, we have a lot of apps for solving our everyday tasks (like ordering food or calling a taxi), we watch movies and listen to the music with the help of tablets and phones regardless of our location.
01-02-2022 General

Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona

At MyAmplifiers, we are always working hard to enhance our products and services in order to provide the best customer experience ever. All our specialists, from customer support managers to engineers and tech experts, have the highest qualifications and are continuously expanding their knowledge and upgrading their skills.
24-01-2022 General

Signal booster myths: What should you be aware of?

Today, a mobile signal booster is a reliable solution that helps users to improve the quality of their connection at different locations, including their houses, apartments and offices. Moreover, there are models that are designed for vehicles and boats. It means that you can travel without any fears that you will lose your connection and will have no possibility to get in touch with your family or business partners.
27-12-2021 General

Tired of 4G signal issues? Let’s solve them!

Let us guess. If you are reading this text now, probably you have serious issues with your 4G mobile internet at home or in your summer cottage and you are ready to solve this problem on your own. Right? If yes, then this article is exactly what you need now.
21-12-2021 General

What makes mobile signal boosters different?

If you have decided to buy a signal booster for improving your mobile connection, we recommend reading this text attentively in order to get a better understanding of all the parameters that you should pay attention to when you want to compare different models.
01-12-2021 General

Nikrans LCD-130 signal booster review

Are you looking for an amplifier that will help you to increase the quality of your GSM connection? The Nikrans LCD-130 can become a very good choice in your case. However, to make the right decision we recommend reading this review.
28-10-2021 General

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G signal booster review

For those who need to buy a mobile signal repeater to install at their house or office with a view to solving the existing issues with the quality of mobile internet and voice services, we can recommend considering our Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G.

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