Signal boosters, or amplifiers, have swiftly captured the global telecommunications technology market, revolutionizing how individuals enhance connectivity in various situations. But, are mobile phone signal boosters safe? Let’s reveal the truth below!

Exploring mobile boosters inside out 

In essence, signal boosters stand as wireless devices used to amplify the existing mobile phone signal and thus, expand network coverage and connectivity. They are particularly indispensable in areas with poor signal reception, remote locations, and in a plethora of hazardous situations. A standard amplifier kit includes the following elements:

  • External antenna—it captures a weak signal from the base station and transmits it to an amplifier.
  • Amplifier—it receives the weak signal, intensifies it, and sends it to an internal antenna.
  • Internal antenna—it passes on the intensified signal to a mobile phone, enhancing both connectivity strength and call quality.

To meet users’ diversifying demands, mobile signal boosters come in two main categories, encompassing:

  • Vehicle boosters that are crafted to improve network coverage in a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, RVs, SUVs, and many others.
  • In-building systems, improving the signal strength in a variety of buildings, including offices, houses, warehouses, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities, among the rest.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of the signal boosters’ fundamentals, we’ll touch upon the sensitive issue concerning the safety of these devices.

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Are mobile phone signal boosters safe? Myths debunked and facts revealed

With the introduction and increasing popularity of mobile boosters, many people have started to express growing concerns regarding the safety of such equipment. Based on these concerns, a multitude of unsubstantiated myths surrounding signal boosters have been generated. To disentangle myth from hard fact, read on! 

Myth #1: Amplifiers are illegal.


One of the common misconceptions that many individuals still share is the illegality of mobile boosters, which is entirely false. These devices can be used in any country as long as they comply with authorized regulatory and technical requirements. This means you can use this equipment confidently without fear of violating the law. Beforehand, you just have to learn the specific country’s guidelines about safe and responsible uses of amplifiers.

Myth #2: Signal boosters emit high levels of harmful radiation, impacting human health.


Well, it’s commonly known that mobile boosters emit some levels of radiofrequency (RF) signals. However, these levels are within safe limits, as stipulated by country-specific regulatory standards. In the UK, these standards are established by Ofcom, a regulatory authority in the communications industry. Ofcom permits the use of licence-exempt boosters that operate within the permissible RF spectrum, exerting zero negative impact on human health.

Myth #3: Mobile boosters interfere with Wi-Fi and other networks.


Even though some amplifiers tend to interfere with Wi-Fi and other networks, it’s a matter of a poorly designed or improperly installed device. Moreover, country-specific standards and regulations, for example, the aforementioned Ofcom, ensure these systems operate within designated frequency without disrupting Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and radio communications.

Recommendations on how to effectively use amplifiers

To ensure your signal booster performs safely and doesn’t inflict collateral damage, it’s advisable to adhere to these rules:

  • Ascertain the equipment is compliant with country-specific regulatory standards.
  • Confirm with the vendor that the device you’re going to purchase meets safety standards in terms of RF emission levels.
  • Purchase an amplifier from a reliable and certified manufacturer or vendor, such as
  • Follow installation and operational instructions as rendered in the manual.
  • Monitor the device for operability at least once every few months to ensure its long-term and seamless performance.


In this post, we have dispelled all the myths associated with mobile boosters, so you can get one from without unnecessary safety concerns. Just follow our recommendations on how to effectively use amplifiers and improve connectivity anytime, anywhere.

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