Certificates for Nikrans Signal Boosters

MyAmplifiers has been delivering signal solutions to their customers throughout the world for over 10 years. And we realize how important the safety question is for our clients. So together with a top quality of Nikrans devices we can guarantee you absolute safety of every Nikrans signal booster.

The curious fact is that mobile phones themselves irradiate a lot, especially in bad signal environment. According to the Federal Communications Commision (FCC), located in the United States, the normal level of radiation of mobile phones should be as low as 1.6 watt/kg over 1g of human tissue. That study was held back in 1996. These days, a new study has been lead by California Department of Health. According to the new researches, the radiation emissions from mobile phones in weak signal areas grow 10,000 times in comparison with places where signals are strong. To be exact, if your phone shows 1 or 2 bars, it’s time to take precautions. Among proven ways to avoid harmful influence of excessive phone radiation on human’s health is to use a mobile phone signal booster, the task of which is to stabilize mobile signals and lower radiation to the normal level.

Every new model of a mobile signal booster passes strict and thorough examinations and must get certificates confirming its safety and correspondence to the international health standards. Every Nikrans signal booster has globally recognizable certificates CE and RoHS.

CE marking denotes the conformity of a device with health, safety and environmental standards. This certification is especially important for the European Economic Area (EEA), but it’s recognizable worldwide.

RoHS denotes Restriction of Hazardous Substances that impedes the use of devices that contain hazardous materials. Nowadays the RoHS certification is a part of legislative initiative and is required for most types of electronic devices.

Nikrans brand distributes only high-quality signal boosters that have passed quality tests at the manufacture and have received CE and RoHS certificates. Taking it into account, Nikrans guarantees that every signal booster of the brand is absolutely safe for your health. The corresponding certificates are presented on this page for your attention.

Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

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