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Can I install a repeater system without a technician?

Every cell phone repeater system is quite quick and easy to install. The only thing you need to do beforehand is read the manual. Having read it, you will be able to mount the set without a technician even if you do not have a technical qualification or previous experience. However, should some difficulty be encountered, feel free to Contact our technical support for professional help.


How do I know which cell phone repeater is the best for my house?

Cell phone repeater models differ in coverage and capacity. Please, read our recommendations: wireless signal repeater sets for private houses, cell phone booster kits for office buildings. You can also read more technical info in the manuals, which can be found on their product pages (Installation inlay).


How do I know what cell phone repeater suits for my country and mobile operator?

For your convenience, we have developed a special Search. To find which cell phone repeaters are suitable for your country and operator just select your country and we will provide you with all possible options.


What payment methods do you accept?

There are several options available. You can pay for a cell phone repeater directly from the product page using your Visa or Master credit card. To do so, click the Buy now button and you will be automatically redirected to a payment gateway. Besides this, we also offer you other payment possibilities, including PayPal, Wire bank transfer. If you would prefer to pay by one of the alternative methods, other than by credit card, please Contact Us to get payment data and details.


Can I use a 3G cell phone repeater for improving mobile communication?

Most modern mobile phones can support different frequency bands simultaneously - 3G for Internet and GSM for cellular communication. 3G signal booster sets are used only for data exchange and are able to improve only the quality of 3G mobile Internet and applications. Even if you can see a 3G icon on your cell phone, as a rule it is not used for cellular connection. So if you need a cell phone repeater that will improve mobile communication, choose any of our GSM mobile signal booster (900 MHz) for most European and Asian countries. For other countries use our Helper.


How does a cell phone repeater work?

A cell phone repeater is a bi-directional device that catches mobile signal from the nearest cellular tower and amplifies it to improve the quality of your mobile environment. This has the dual effect of improving your reception and of increasing the signal sent from your phone. The major purpose of using a cell phone repeater is to add another 2-3 bars to your usual mobile reception. For detailed information, please visit the How Cellular Amplifiers Work page.


Can AT4000 3G work with all mobile operators?

The AT4000 3G, as well as all other 3G repeaters from AnyTone, is compatible with most widespread 3G WCDMA UMTS 2100MHz network standards. However, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator first to make sure which network standard is supported in your area.


How do I know that my 3G repeater works?

Every 3G cell phone repeater has two LED indicators – one green and one red. The green LED indicates the device status. When it is on, the cell phone repeater is powered on and is working properly. The red LED indicates the 3G signal reception. When it glows, or blinks, the device is receiving a 3G signal.


On my AT4000 3G the red light turns off when I connect the cable. How can I fix the problem?

The reason for the seeming malfunction is that the unit is incorrectly installed. As a result, instantaneous self-excitation appears and affects the proper functioning of the repeater. To fix the issue, please ensure that the components are installed in the following order:
1. Mount the repeater.
2. Connect the antennas to it.
3. Plug in the power adaptor.
And, of course, don’t forget to follow all the steps and instructions that are described in details in the manual for the AT4000 3G.


How long will the shipping take?

We usually send every cell phone repeater with GLS or DHL Express Couriers. Shipping usually takes 3-10 business days depending on the distance. Sometimes it may take longer, but in such an instance we always inform the client.


How many mobiles and 3G connections can support a cell phone repeater at the same time?

In theory, the number of simultaneous subscribers is not limited. For example, according to an AnyTone test, an AT-6200W can support over 1000 people using their 3G mobiles at the same time, within an area of 500m2, without any problems. The key factor is not to move out of the area of coverage.


Is it safe to use a cell phone repeater?

Everybody knows that mobile phones emit radiation that harms our health. The good news is that by using a cell phone repeater you can significantly reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone. Additionally, every cell phone repeater from our store meets the international standards of CE and RoHS.


Can I cover several rooms and floors with a cell phone repeater?

Yes, our devices are able to improve the signal in separate rooms and floors. For such a requirement, please choose one of the more powerful models of cell phone repeaters. The process may get more complicated if the building has concrete walls or metal partitions. In such circumstances we recommend that you Contact our technical specialist to choose the best repeater for your individual situation and needs.


Why do I buy at your online store?

Being one of the leading companies selling cell phone repeaters, offers you only time-tested and completely safe devices that can be used by multiple mobile phones simultaneously. As well as assisting you to choose the most appropriate cell phone repeater for your needs, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent client service from our professional team and a 2-year warranty. We also offer you a unique possibility to change or return your repeater if, for any reason, it doesn’t fulfil your requirements. Read Here about other advantages you may benefit from when placing an order with our company.


What maximum length of the cable can you recommend between an inside antenna and a cell phone repeater?

The length of the cable differs depending on the model of a cell phone repeater. For an AT-800 it is 25 meters; whilst for an AT-600 it is 15 meters. However, we strong advise you to use the 5-meter standard length of inside cable in order to avoid interference.


What maximum length of the cable can you recommend between an outside antenna and a cell phone repeater?

The maximum length differs for each cell phone repeater. For an AT-800 the maximum length can be 50 meters; whilst for an AT-600 it is 20 meters. However, we strong recommend our customers to use the standard cable length for their particular unit (for an AT-800 - 20 meters, for an AT-600 - 10 meters) for better signal quality.


How to check precise signal level in dB?

To interpret signal level with maximum precision, you’ll need to switch your cell phone into Field test mode (FTM). It’s an application available in free access or a phone mode requiring no extra setups for most popular mobile OS (operating systems). On most used mobile OS the test mode can be started as follows:

  1. iOS. Type * 3001 # 12345 # * and hit Call
  2. Android. Type * # * # 197328640 # * # * to activate
  3. Windows. Type # # 3282 # and start.

Note! To get parameters for 2G, 3G and LTE, disable WiFi. In case you cannot find Field Test Mode on your cell phone, contact us to get the solution.


How to aim outdoor directional antenna correctly?

If you don't know exactly where your operator's base station is located, go through the antenna aiming process for getting the best result. To aim the antenna correctly, follow the steps below:

  1. Setup the entire booster system, including antennas and cables, and power it on.
  2. A person on the roof aims the antenna in a certain direction. The other person inside waits for 1 minute and checks signal level on the phone.
  3. Then rotate the antenna its 1/8th of the way around, which equals 45 degrees. The person inside does the same procedure with signal testing.
  4. Repeat the process 8 times until you try all 8 directions, in every 45 degrees sector.
  5. Compare the results of signal testing – the closer dB parameter to 0, the better booster performance you get.
  6. Fix the antenna in the direction with better signal result.

Note! We recommend mounting the antenna on the side of the building aiming away from the building, which will reduce amount of possible obstacles. For your convenience and acceleration of the process perform the testing in pair.


How to interpret the results of signal testing in dB?

For maximum precision in signal level testing, switch your cell phone into Field Test Mode and see dB parameter. The closer dB signal level to 0, the better cell phone reception you’ll get.

  • -105 to -100 = Bad/drop call
  • -99 to -90 = Getting bad/signal may break up
  • -89 to -80 = OK/shouldn't have problems, but maybe
  • -79 to -65 = Good
  • Over -65 = Excellent

Your task is to get at least -79dB signal to ensure reliable communication and strong signal inside the building.


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