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GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls

The operators worldwide operate at a number of frequencies for voice connections and transmitting GSM signal. Thus, in Europe the mobile services providers operate predominantly at 900 and 1800 MHz, while in both Americas it is transmitted at 850 Mhz and 1900 Mhz.

MyAmplifiers presents hereafter its catalogue of GSM repeaters. Being a result of long-term technical researches and thorough studies of the mobile services market, mobile signal boosters by MyAmplifiers are set to the afore mentioned frequencies pursuant to the country where it is intended to be used.

The availability and variety of dualband and triband models of GSM network signal boosters permit its users to enhance not only GSM signal for calls but due to the fact they support several frequencies simultaneously and serve in this case as multi-functional boosters to boost additionally 3G or 4G/LTE at a time.

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Our product line

GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-3G-Drive
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-3G-Drive
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans MA-2503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-2503G
Coverage: 2700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-3503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-3503G
Coverage: 3800 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-5003G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-5003G
Coverage: 5400 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-300GD Best-seller
GSM phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-300GD
Coverage: 3300 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-GD-Drive
GSM phone signal booster Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

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The way a GSM repeater eliminates poor network problems

Mobile phone boosters introduced at the market by MyAmplifiers is an efficient tool for getting rid of GSM signal problems and improving a signal in places where its poor reception has a negative impact either on business processes or everyday private communications. MyAmplifiers brings you a plug-and-play solution comprising all necessary parts and accessories for the appropriate functioning of the gadget and as a consequence proper amplifying of a GSM signal.

Please watch our short video in order to grasp the functioning principle of a GSM signal booster.

What is the difference between the models of a GSM mobile signal booster?

Small areas: our sets of distributed GSM repeater are an ideal way-out for those customers who look into obtaining a strong and reliable signal in a moderate-size apartment or some basement dwellings or a garage or even small-scale office or a house. These devices will be great if the premises do not exceed 300m2 (3300 ft2) and have 1-2 floors. The standard kit contains the antennas, a booster box itself and other accessories (e.g., fixing brackets).

Middle-sized areas: these models of GSM boosters cater for middle-sized premises ranging from 300 to 500 m2 (3300 - 5400 ft2). The indoor antenna, an integral part of a GSM signal booster set, will cope with covering the specified area even if there are 2 floors. However, in order to prevent signal losses in a house having 3 or more storeys it is strongly recommended to use additional antennas and accessories to guarantee its uniform distribution at all levels.

Large areas:for the places exceeding 500 m2 (5400 ft2) where a GSM signal has a lot of difficulties reaching its final users (and we often experience that in large spaces like parkings, shopping centers, big offices) MyAmplifiers is capable to propose adequate models of GSM amplifiers as well as to work out reliable and what is more important highly efficient solutions for industrial and multi-storey buildings. To ensure an equal distribution of the signal in each floor notwithstanding the walls, slabs and multiple stairs we advise to install extra indoor antennas and interconnect them by means of splitters.

Phone boosters ordered at MyAmplifiers come as a full kit. The set includes two antennas (indoor and outdoor), a signal booster box, power supply and fixations. A customer can install the delivered mobile repeater on his/her own without engaging any third parties or specialists. Once a GSM signal booster is plugged to the mains as instructed, you will notice your bars jump up in several seconds allowing you to enjoy a perfect signal.

We distribute GSM repeaters in all EU member states (inclusive of France) and UK. They are produced pursuant to all current requirements in terms of safety and were submitted to CE and RoHS certification - recognized standards worldwide.

GSM amplifier: its component parts and their functions

Each and signal GSM repeater has three essential elements, viz. an outdoor antenna, its indoor counterpart and a signal booster box itself.

The function of an outdoor antenna resolves itself to catching a poor signal from an operator’s cell site and passing it to the signal booster box. As you may have already guessed from its name, this antenna is to be fixed outside the premises where you are looking to amplify a signal.

The signal booster box performs an amplifying function. The signal at the output is already intensified and reaches as such to the indoor antenna.

The indoor antenna will rebroadcast the enhanced signal to the smart phones, lap tops, tablets, etc. inside the building.

A couple of words should be said on the safety of a mobile signal booster. If a signal is rather weak, our phones start irradiating a lot that doesn’t bring anything good to our health. Getting a signal booster and as a consequence getting a normal strong signal will prevent our gadgets from working at maximum load thus avoiding this increase in radiation. Similarly, the usage of an amplifier prolongs the battery life.

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