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GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls

Each mobile phone functions at a certain frequency of wireless data transmission. 900 MHz and 1800MHz are the frequencies used for voice connections and GSM signal transmission (SMS / Voice calls / GPRS / EDGE). The majority of mobile providers in Europe and most countries all over the world use 900MHz as a standard frequency, while 1800MHz is an additional frequency band.

In the catalogue below you’ll find a GSM repeater list. All these boosters work in indoor locations at 900, 1800 or 900+1800 MHz frequencies. All presented models are effective to improve mobile communication (calls, SMS) for buildings of small, middle and large size.

If you need to amplify not only GSM voice connections but also 3G network you can choose dualband or triband signal booster. These indoor GSM repeater models amplify two or three different frequencies or signal types at a time, e.g calls at 900/1800 MHz and 3G internet at 2100 MHz.

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Our product line

GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-3G-A
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-3G-A
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans MA-2503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-2503G
Coverage: 2700 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-3503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-3503G
Coverage: 3800 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-5003G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-5003G
Coverage: 5400 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans NS-10003G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-10003G
Coverage: 10800 ft2
GSM Signal Repeater Solutions for Calls Nikrans LCD-300GD Best-seller
GSM phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-300GD
Coverage: 3300 ft2

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How GSM Signal Booster Can Help You Solve Poor Network Problem?

GSM signal problems can be easily resolved with a mobile phone booster from MyAmplifiers. The device serves to ameliorate the signal quality in the zones with poor reception. Any phone booster set including all the necessary component parts provided by Myamplifiers is a ready-to-use solution: it comprises all the equipment necessary for ensuring efficient signal amplification.

You are invited to watch our simple and short video so that to have an idea how GSM signal booster works.

How do GSM cell phone signal booster models differ?

For small areas: these gsm repeater 900 band sets are used for small locations such as a garage, basement, small office or apartment. The devices ensure improvement of mobile phone signal over the areas with the indoor coverage up to 300m2 (3300 ft2). Usually such gsm signal repeater sets are used with one indoor antenna that is able to cover 1-2 floors. The antenna as well as other accessories are included in the standard kit.

For middle-sized areas: such gsm booster sets provide strong mobile signal in middle-sized areas like stores, offices, private houses, cafes, etc. This equipment covers the territory from 300 to 500 m2 (3300 - 5400 ft2). Please note that if your house has 2 floors, you can use a standard GSM signal booster kit with one standard indoor antenna. For houses of 3 or more floors we recommend using additional accessories and extra antennas for effective signal distribution among floors.

For large areas: these gsm amplifier models are effective if you need to cover as large territories as parking lots, spacious offices, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. from 500 m2 (5400 ft2). Boosters for large areas are also suitable for many-storeyed private houses and industrial buildings. To make the signal spread all over the area in spite of walls and stairs it´s advisable to install splitters and additional indoor antennas.

Our mobile phone signal booster models are shipped in a full package. The box includes everything necessary for installation - indoor and outdoor antennas, mobile repeater, power supply and mounting accessories. The installation of the device doesn’t require special knowledge and it will take 15-20 minutes. As soon as a GSM booster is switched on perfect signal will cover all your area in 5-7 seconds.

We offer gsm repeater (uk or france or other EU country) that meet the modern technical requirements and are certified according to the international CE and RoHS standards.

How does GSM signal amplifier work?

Every GSM amplifier is designed to catch weak incoming signals from the base station of your provider and boost them inside the building. The outdoor antenna of a repeater gsm shall be mounted in a place with quite a good and stable incoming signal (1-2 bars at least are recommended). The distance to the base station or its direct vision is not so important. After catching the signal mobile from the outside, the antenna passes it through the cable towards the mobile booster placed inside the house. The gsm mobile signal booster intensifies a weak signal and passes it to the indoor antenna that distributes the improved boosters signals around the place.

The mobile signal booster system works with incoming and outgoing signals at the same time. So when you make or accept a call, the boosters mobile signal will be improved, and you will be able to talk without drops with good audibility.

Mobile signal booster not only improves signals, the device also decreases the level of radiation emitted by cell phones. Mobile phones irradiate a lot in places with a weak signal, so using a gsm cell phone signal booster you stabilize the signal level, and phones start to function in a normal mode without excessive load. For the same reason the amplifier usages prolongs the battery life.

You can also consult our Support Managers who will answer all your questions and render professional assistance.

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