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Purchased Nikrans NS-2000L

Many thanks for this 4G repeater! We were pleasantly surprised to see how it works.

  • LCD display helped us a lot in the process of installation.
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

It’s very convenient that the booster is compatible with all operators working in our county. It also has sufficient coverage to be installed in our business center.

  • Good powerful amplifier.
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-PRO

Thank you for this perfect device for improving our 4G connection. Be careful, this booster won’t be able to solve your issues with your GSM signal. However, for LTE signal issues it is really the best one.

  • Awesome power.
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GDW

Thanks! The device is even better than I expected. Once I installed it, I didn’t need to set it up additionally or perform any other actions.

  • Very easy to use.
Purchased Nikrans NS-3G-Drive

I bought this booster for my husband who is a driver. I wanted to make a surprise, so I decided to choose a device and to order it completely on my own. At first, I thought that I would not manage to find the right device as I am not very good at all these technical things. But I left the message for the support team and practically immediately I got a reply. So, I placed an order and in 3 or 4 days, it arrived at our place. My husband didn’t expect such a present but he was very happy.

  • Online chat is very cool and useful!
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

It’s the first booster in my life and I have nothing to compare it with. But actually, it has everything I can wish for. GSM calls, as well as mobile internet, have been improved. However, I am not sure that its usage is as safe as it is described.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Guys, thank you for your fair business and reliable devices! I was impressed when a sales manager recommended me to buy a cheaper device in comparison to the one that I was going to buy initially. The manager explained to me why I didn’t have to overpay and offered to order LCD-500GDW. I am 100% satisfied.

  • Easy installation, stable functioning, strong signal.
  • I just hope that my cat won’t spoil the cables:)
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

Highly recommended for offices! Thanks. All frequency bands used in our country are supported and the booster is compatible with a great number of mobile operators.

Purchased Nikrans NS-450

Probably if you have never worked/lived in a zone with a stable connection, it’s not a problem for you to bear an awful signal. But if you are accustomed to a normal signal, an unstable connection will be a disaster. I am a person from the second group. That’s why a booster became my last hope. Thank you, guys, for helping me. I will recommend your website to everyone who has similar issues.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

Good device. I have nothing to add, actually. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly it was able to catch the network signal and to make it stronger and much more stable. And thanks for fast delivery, guys!

Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Multi

The difference between the connection we used to have and the connection that we have now is obvious. Before we placed an order, we were practically ready to give up and to admit that there was nothing to do with our signal issues. But now we are absolutely happy that we’ve bought this repeater.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

When I opened this online catalogue, I was lost. I really didn’t know what model to choose. The search system is nice but it showed too many options. That’s cool that support managers are always ready to help. Alex, thank you, I highly appreciate your help.

Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Multi

Good device. I can sincerely recommend it to everyone who has serious mobile signal problems.

  • The booster fully meets my expectations.
  • It arrived 1-2 days later than I thought but probably that happened due to the COVID-19 lockdown issues.
Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Multi

Thank you. We are absolutely satisfied with the received order and with the quality of the customer support service.

  • Excellent device that quickly helped us to get a stable mobile connection.
Purchased Nikrans NS-150-Multi

Despite the fact that I use the services of one of the most reliable mobile operators in the country, quite often the quality of signal leaves much to desire. Thanks to this booster, the situation for me has significantly improved.

  • Really advanced device, very powerful and reliable.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

In our neighborhood, we have some problems with GSM signal. And it is really irritating. That’s why I’ve decided to buy this booster. And you know, as soon as I switched it on, I noticed my phone signal indicator increasing. I am happy! It is really cool.

Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

I am a farmer. I have a nice farm and try to develop my business. It is obvious that my facilities are situated in a rural area that is, unfortunately badly covered with a mobile. As you can understand, it is absolutely impossible to establish communication with your clients without a mobile connection. That’s why I bought NS-2000-Smart.

  • Amplifies the signal only inside the building. Useless for outside (I tried).
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

Thanks for an awesome device. It is very powerful and has a wide coverage. It is great that much more than just one smartphone can use the signal that it is transmitting.

Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

Thanks for your work, guys! I am so happy that today there are companies like yours. Though I am always a little bit afraid to make purchases online, especially when it comes to rather expensive goods like this one, everything was perfect. There were no problems with reaching the team, the managers were always ready to answer all my questions and it made me believe them. So, I ordered a booster and began waiting. Just in 5 days, I received my booster. Thank you, I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and I haven’t regretted buying it.

Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-D

Excellent device, appealing price, good terms of delivery. Thanks.

  • The booster perfectly fulfills its functions.
  • Installation. Nevertheless, at first it seemed to be much more complicated than it turned out to be.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

I work from home. Can you just imagine how irritating it is not to have stable connection when you need to make business calls? But LCD-300GD has really saved me!

  • Very powerful compact device.
  • There are not disadvantages at all.
Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

Thanks! The device arrived quickly and safely. My husband installed it on his own. But I am sure that if I had needed to install it on my own, I wouldn’t have managed. The booster functions without interruptions.

Purchased Nikrans NS5000GD

I have this booster for 2 weeks already, which is sufficient to share my experience. Firstly, it was a very pleaant surprise to get Christmas discount out of sudden. Secondly, they delivered it to home, the delivery took 1 week only. And the installation was simple.

  • - Compact design- Simply installation- Compatibility with all operators- Large coverage- Discount
Purchased Nikrans MA-300GDW

Just installed this booster. Lost some time to find the best location for the antennas and to run the cabling inside the house, but once installed the booster did not keep me waiting for the result – 5 bars instead of 2. Plus, 3G Internet without interruption. Highly recommend this!

  • All features function as advertised. Covers the whole house and a bit of terrace – nice for the summer bbq’s))
  • Delivery took a week, but that is no big thing providing what I got.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

The booster turned out to be smaller than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise as I managed to place it behind the table lamp so that it is practically invisible in the room.

  • Excellent results!
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150L

The booster is cool. Its price is cool. But the price of the delivery is rather high, I think. And the delivery itself could be faster.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000D

The booster looks and feels quite modern. It is very user-friendly (if we can say so in relation to a device). I am satisfied with its capacities as well.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

I see that many people are practically in love with this model. I am not so excited. Yes, it is good, it is very good but there is nothing extraordinary.

  • Stable functioning
  • The signal is boosted up to 4 bars. I expected to get 5.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

This device has enough coverage to spread the signal to all the rooms of our hotel. That’s great that all our guests can enjoy excellent signal now.

  • MyAmplifiers, thank you for your fully client-oriented approach.
Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Multi

Everything is okay but the process of installation for me was a real challenge. I hope that for new models engineers will offer easier configuration and the process of installation will be facilitated.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

To have a mobile phone and not to have the possibility to make calls is rather strange. Don’t you think so?) When I made this conclusion, I started my searches for an appropriate solution immediately. Thanks for your online store. I was pleasantly surprised with the way you communicate with your customers.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000GDW

Awesome booster for corporate use.

  • Quick delivery, various payment options, excellent communication with support managers.