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Jacob (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

I really like this device!

Good price, fast shipping, good package, full kit.

I’ve wrongly fixed my outdoor antenna and it has almost fallen down. It’s my fault but I just want to warn you: be careful, guys!

Rashid (Oman)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Smart

I think it was a great solution to buy this device even though for me it was a little bit too expensive.

Excellent work, simple installation.

Price (but on other sites, the price is even higher).

Lubomíra M. (Slovenia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GW

LCD-500GW is a good device that I can really recommend to buy if you have problems with your mobile internet and calls.

Large coverage, stable functioning, high capacities, very fast delivery.

For me it was quite challenging to install it, I needed to ask my father to help me and he managed to do it easily.

Malthe T. (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW

So grateful to my father for buying this amplifier for our house! Finally, we can boast a reliable signal at home. Thank you for this reliable device at a fair price.

Robbe S. (Luxembourg)
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Maybe you won’t believe me but this booster is my first purchase made online (I am not young). My son helped me to place an order. Support specialists are very polite and are always ready to help. The device is easy in use. I even managed to install it on my own.

Matilde S. (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

This device is installed in our office. And we all like it! Thanks to this booster we have overcome terrible problems with our 4G and GSM signals. I am lucky to have no signal problems at home but I know that some of my colleagues have already bought this device for their individual needs.

Armo F. (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Everything is okay. LCD-500GDW is really worth its money. We bought it for our cottage and the indoor area is fully covered with the boosted signal. Good device. I’ve already recommended it to my neighbor. I think he will buy it.

Armo F. (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Everything is okay. LCD-500GDW is really worth its money. We bought it for our cottage and the indoor area is fully covered with the boosted signal. Good device. I’ve already recommended it to my neighbor. I think he will buy it.

Oliver M. (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

We bought it for our private house several months ago and are absolutely satisfied.

Great device that ensures stable connection, polite customer support managers, fast delivery.

The price could be lower (but in general, that’s the best price I’ve seen).

Aische (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

At our office, our GSM connection was just a disaster. That’s why we’ve decided to buy a booster. We’ve chosen this one as it has the widest coverage and we want the signal to cover a large area. LCD-1200 perfectly fulfils its functions. We are satisfied.

Kobby (Ghana)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

Our boss bought this device for our office and we are really grateful. Now we can make calls without any problems. I think that I will buy such a booster for my home as well as we have terrible GSM coverage.

Lucas D. (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-PRO

LCD1200-4G-PRO is a perfect device especially when you need to have more than 1 smartphone connected. We bought this device for our office and now we all can enjoy a strong signal.

Brian (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

Great booster! It works without interruptions.

Excellent coverage, easy installation, easy usage.

The price is rather high for all these devices. I think that many people who need a booster just couldn’t afford it. But the device is worth its money.

Felix M. (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Thank you for a great device. I like that it is very reliable and very powerful. It supports multiple connections and can boost the signal for subscribers of different mobile services providers at the same time. That’s exactly what we needed in our office.

Erik (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans NS-450

Thank you for this booster! It works much better than I expected before

Modern design, full kit, high capacity, stable connection.

I had some difficulties in the installation of the outdoor antenna.

Louise (Belgium)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000GDW

It was so easy to install this device. I couldn’t even expect that I would do it on my own! The device is really powerful and without any doubts it’s worth every cent that I’ve paid for it.

Tomáš (Czech Republic)
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-D

I hate problems with the internet! That’s why when I felt that I was fed up with them I ordered this booster. Though I had some doubts whether it would help me, it was my last hope. Guys, it really works! Thanks!

Jarmo P. (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I am happy that I bought this booster.

It improved GSM and 4G signals simultaneously. Its work is very stable.

No problems with this device. Everything is ok.

Kofi (Ethiopia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GW

Thanks for excellent device! The price is not very low for our country but it is worth every single dollar that we needed to pay for it. Our area is badly covered by mobile operators that’s why many people just can’t use their phones for making calls and browsing the net. With LCD-1200GW, we have a stable signal.

Fast delivery, good support service.

Ebba (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Smart

Before my husband offered me to buy this device I didn’t know that something like this exists. As I work from home I need to have a stable connection but in our neighborhood, there are obvious problems with mobile coverage.

Good device

I think that a device with a smaller coverage would be enough for us. But when we were choosing a device, we didn’t take this parameter into consideration.

Kevin A. (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

Usually I do not leave reviews (and I usually don’t read them) but I want to say that I am very satisfied with LCD-800DD. That’s why if you have doubts about the effectiveness of this amplifier, leave them aside and just buy it.

Andrew D. (Ireland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

This device practically saved our business. Our company thought about moving to another office (that cost more), as in our current office we were disconnected from the world due to more mobile coverage. But with this amplifier, we are blessed to have a stable signal.

Seth P. (Botswana)
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-PRO

Thank you! I am impressed with the quality of the service. All the managers (I’ve communicated with 3 of them) are real professional. Thank you for your work and for the top-notch devices that you offer.

Abbas (Bahrain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000D

Such amazing coverage! The quality and power of the signal are the same within the entire coverage area.

Good price, powerful signal, compact size, reasonable price, full kit.

Took quite some time to be delivered

Madelyn (United States)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250AWS

I have a baby that’s why I work from home now. But an unstable cell signal was a great obstacle for me. My husband ordered this amplifier for me and installed. I didn’t know about it. Just one morning I realized that I had a stable connection. It was a real surprise for me.

Kirsten (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Maybe I should have chosen another device with a smaller coverage (I think they could be cheaper) but to be on a safe side I ordered LCD800-GSM+4G. And it’s awesome, though not cheap.

Luuk M. (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

Excellent amplifier. We bought it for our house and now, finally, can make calls in all the rooms (earlier we had a more or less stable signal only in the kitchen). I also want to add that the delivery was very fast.

Brandon (United States)
Purchased Nikrans NS-3000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

When I lived with my parents, I never thought that any problems with our cellular connection can exist today. I was so accustomed to the excellent quality of my mobile signal that it was a real shock for me to find out that it’s possible to have an awful signal. It happened when I moved to another city and started to rent a flat together with my friends. Though we all use the services of different carriers, we all faced the same problems: awful 4G signal. For us, to stay without a connection at home seemed to be a real catastrophe. That’s why decided to buy a booster. This one met all out criteria: it was not very expensive, it had good coverage and it was able to improve all signal types at the same time. So, we ordered it. To tell the truth, we spent for the installation a little bit longer than we expected, Nevertheless, all together we managed to install it (we had some problems with the outdoor antenna). The signal was improved just immediately.

Ilian V. (Bulgaria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

Thanks for your works ad powerful devices!

High capacities, amazing coverage, pleasant bonuses (I got a lightning protection for free), good customer support service.

It was a little bit complicated for me to install it as the manual that I got was in English.

Emma (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GW

When my friend told me about a possibility to solve mobile signal problems, I thought that she was crazy) I didn’t believe her. But then I decided to search for any information about them on the internet. It didn’t take me long to understand that a booster is my last hope. So, I’ve been using LCD-800GW for 5 months and I am 100% satisfied.

Kaiden (Malta)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

I am interested whether there are people who don’t like this device. If you have chosen a device with appropriate coverage, I can’t understand what are the reasons for criticizing its quality. The device is reliable and ensures a stable connection. I like it absolutely.

Aileen (Ireland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

The longer we use this device, the more satisfied we get. Now I couldn’t even imagine who we managed to live without it. We practically couldn’t use our mobile phones when we were at home. Now our 3G and GSM signals are stable and strong.

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