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Alejandro Gil (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Multi

The device is powerful but the price is that very point that really disappointed me. The booster works well and demonstrates a very high level of stability. But frankly speaking, it doesn’t look expensive. It is just a simple modern device. However, it functions well and it’s okay for me.

F.L. (France)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

Perfect option for our huge restaurant. Earlier our guests and our team had a lot of issues with connection, now everything is much better. We are grateful to MyAmplifiers for all the provided assistance. Thank you for your patience.

Patrick Fuhrmann (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

Now I am very grateful to my friend who practically forced me to order a booster. Now I can’t understand how I manage to survive without a good 4G connection at home.

Alex (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Perfect for calls and 4G connection! I had to customize my order as the standard length of cables was not enough for me but it was absolutely simple to do it.

Very pleasant and attentive support managers!

Theo Martin (Luxembourg)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

Good booster for its money.

Thank you for the high-quality content on your website. Your articles helped me to understand how boosters work.

Sam S. (Ireland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

The booster turned out to be smaller than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise as I managed to place it behind the table lamp so that it is practically invisible in the room.

Excellent results!

Gabriel Simon (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

Thank you, Alice, for recommending this very model. I haven’t communicated with other support managers but Alice is a real expert. Thank you for your attention and your desire to help.

The booster works perfectly. I had no issues with the installation.

I needed some time to understand how I could use the tips on the LCD screen to streamline the installation process.

Tore Isaksson (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

It’s rather unclear for me why so many people say that the installation was completely simple or them. Yes, I managed to install the booster but the antenna fixing process was rather challenging for me!

Despite issues with the installation, the booster works perfectly.

Jonas Weber (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

Thank you, MyAmplifiers. You helped us to deal with our signal problems with this booster for calls and mobile internet.

Very simple installation!

Henna Lilja (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000D

Despite some delays in delivery and issues with fixing an antenna outdoors, we are fully satisfied with the quality of communication with the team and the device itself. It was very pleasant to see that the guys are so professional and so attentive to all our desires.

Ruža Vuković (Croatia (Hrvatska))
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1503G

It is a perfect booster! We didn’t have any issues with its installation, it is very compact, it looks very modern. Good device, really good! Thank you.

Iole Beneventi (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-3503G

When we moved to a new house, we didn’t expect that we would face any issues with our Lycamobile signal but the reality differed from our expectations. Thank you, MyAmplifiers, for offering such a huge variety of boosters that everyone can find an ideal variant.

Good booster!

So many models that it is difficult to choose..:)

Felix Caballero (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

The booster is able to work with 4G, 3G and GSM signals simultaneously. It is very convenient.

The device has a sleep mode which helps to reduce the quantity of energy consumed.

D. Romano (Italy)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

A very cool variant for our small café. Now we can accept calls from our clients without interruptions.

Lizzy van der Meer (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

The device was delivered in 3 days and I think that it is really quickly.

The discount made our purchase even more pleasant.

Mads V. (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-GD-Boats

Excellent power and pleasant price – that’s a perfect combination for us. It was a surprise for me to find out that there are boosters for boats (and according to the comments from other buyers, I am not the only person who didn’t expect to find something like that). Thank you! It was very convenient to install this booster on our boat.

Joel Salonen (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

Thank you. The device has a very modern design and it really looks good in our house. The signal has been significantly improved.

Excellent discount and a lightning surge protector for free!

Vincenzo Bruno (Italy)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

The booster has two indoor antennas and thanks to them we have a powerful signal in all the corners of our building.

Everything is perfect!

Julia S. (Switzerland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

We are satisfied with this booster. Absolutely satisfied. No issues with it. Thank you, Daniel, for helping us to choose namely this model.

Gaspard M. (France)
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Thank you, MyAmplifiers, for recommending us exactly this very model. We shared our problems with the support manager and got a lot of useful tips. Thank you! We are happy that we chose the right online shop for buying a booster.

Ajdin Martinsson (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

It is a top-notch device! Some years ago my parents bought a similar device for their house but this amplifier is at a completely new level.

Simple installation and use, very strong signal.

Afeef Bitar (United Arab Emirates)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

All signals are equally strong now. The device is able to catch our 4G signal while our smartphones practically do not receive it without a booster.

Very fast delivery. Pleasant communication with managers.

Philip G. (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-PRO

This booster works only with a 4G signal! Please, be attentive with this fact. When your smartphone switches to 3G, this device can’t help you.

Jobje Gankema (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

That’s strange but I think that this booster deals better with 4G signal issues than with my problems with GSM. However, the GSM signal is also okay but not 100% stable.

Nikita L. (Estonia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

We bought this repeater for improving our Tele2 signal. And it perfectly fulfills its tasks!

Cool amplifier!

The package was a little bit damaged but everything was completely okay with the device.

Verrill Jetté (France)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

Thanks for a high-quality booster. It is quite cheap but it is very reliable. Even when the weather is awful (winds, rains, storms), the signal is stable. For me, it was a pleasant surprise. Actually, I didn’t believe earlier that it could be possible.

Nina L. (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-PRO

We are satisfied with this booster. The first impression was slightly spoilt by the difficulties related to the installation process. However, when finally all the elements were fixed and connected, the signal was amplified practically immediately.

Vilho Rantanen (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

The device is rather expensive and to be honest I am not sure that I understand why the price is so high. The booster is okay. It is good even. The signal is stable. But I still believe that it is rather overpriced.

Good functioning.

I think the device could be cheaper.

Vincenzo Gallo (Italy)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GW

The booster works with many operators. It is very convenient, even when visitors come to our office, they can use the improved signal. As we have a lot of visitors, this fact is very important for us.

Leo M. (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Smart

No issues with the device. But it was a real disappointment to see that its package was damaged a little bit. But I believe that it is the fault of DHL.

Berit F. (Switzerland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-D

We had some issues with fixing a ceiling antenna. But it was the only thing that disappointed us. The booster is an excellent solution for signal problems. If you are ready for some difficulties with installation, everything will be perfect.

Stable connection is guaranteed.

Issues with installation.

Lucas Fisher (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GD

We are satisfied with this booster! Fully satisfied.

The device has an LCD screen. Thanks to it and the tips shown on it, it was very convenient for me to install the booster.

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