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Bram (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GD

Before I have never thought that one day, I will write a review (but the same thoughts I used to have about buying a booster). You know I was accustomed to an excellent mobile signal without any preconditions. But after a new huge shopping mall was built near our living block, the deterioration of the signal quality became obvious. You know, together with our neighbors we even wrote some inquiries to our mobile operators, but they could do nothing about it. So, the quality of our connection became our responsibility. That’s why we decided to buy boosters but then we understood that from the financial point of view it would be more feasible to buy 1 booster for the entire floor than to buy 1 booster for each flat. And our idea really works. We are very proud of this lifehack! That’s why I decided to share it.

Elias (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans NS500-GSM+4G-PRO

I bought this booster for my office as my employees often complained that clients couldn't reach us. For our small office, this device suits perfectly.

Makena (Kenya)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

Thanks! The device arrived safely and on time.

Easy installation, excellent connection, stable signal.

No problems with it.

Ramona (United States)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500AWS

Thanks for your responsible approach and your attention to your clients. I needed to communicate with the managers for a couple of times and they always helped me a lot. You are the nest, guys! The booster is also extremely cool.

Robert B. (United States)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250C+4G

We bought this device with my roommate and we both consider it to be the purchase of the century or at least of the year. Thanks, guys, for it!

Victoria (Peru)
Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

I’ve bought this device for our office but now I am considering an option to buy a similar booster for my home. Unfortunately, in our country, there are still a lot of areas with bad coverage. But I am happy that I’ve found this website where it is possible to order reliable boosters.

Janny K. (Poland)
Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

If you had told me at least a year ago that one day I would buy a booster, I would have never believed you. But things happen. You know, some years ago, I even worked in a shop that was selling boosters, and I couldn’t understand why people bought them (I believed that it was possible to get accustomed to some inconveniences and not to spend money on any additional devices). But when the problems of this kind appeared in my life, I understood why people prefer to spend money instead of getting accustomed to their unstable connection. I was lucky: at least I knew what could help me. I started googling to find a place to buy a booster and found MyAmplifiers. I think this company offers a great price-quality ratio. I can strongly recommend you to buy a booster here.

Alexandre F. (Luxembourg)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2500GD

Thanks for this amplifier and for the attentive attitude to your clients. Your managers who are always ready to answer all the questions (even the silliest ones) deserve bonuses to their salary!

Marius (Moldova)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

Thanks! The device arrived safely and on time. Calls and 4G are good.

Pay attention to the frequencies, better check with the agent. We didn't and it doesn't boost 3G.

Mihai T. (Romania)
Purchased Nikrans NS500-GSM+4G-PRO

I am a subscriber of Orange mobile services and I never even thought that one day I would face any problems with my mobile signal. But it happened in my new office. I noticed that I couldn’t check my mobile apps on the first day at my new job but I decided that it may have happened occasionally. In the evening at home everything was okay. Nevertheless, on the second and third days, the situation was just the same. I asked my co-workers about the situation with their connection and it turned out that they were also suffering from poor connection though they all are subscribers of different operators. It became obvious that the problem was a result of the influence of some external factors.

All together we started to look for a solution and a variant to buy a booster seemed to be a good idea for us. So, we have been using NS500-GSM+4G-PRO for three months and we are 100% satisfied.

P.S. The coverage is just enough for us but our office is comparatively small.

Bob (United States)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G

Good amplifier for our office.

Functionality and reliability. Excellent support service.

Excellent device, everything is okay, I hope I won’t have any problems in the future.

Edgars K. (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GD

To live in a small town not far from the city is an amazing experience (especially after spending more than 30 years in the noisy and over-crowded center of the city). But there used to be one problem that I had never faced before. My smartphone just refused to catch the signal. So, staying at home I was obliged to stay disconnected: no calls, no internet connection. It was a disaster for a person who needs to work from home at least sometimes. My wife also, let’s put it mildly, didn’t enjoy such a situation. So, we decided that we need to find a solution. We found one simple offline store that offered similar devices. But the prices there were so crazy that we needed to sell our car to buy a booster there. Just kidding:) Nevertheless, the prices were much higher than on this website. Moreover, they offered only a very short-period warranty which seemed to be very strange. It was how we started to look for a booster on the internet. Just in a couple of clicks we found this website, placed an order and in a week already we got a stable connection. Just perfect!

Nour (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW

I moved to Ravensburg just a couple of months ago when I decided to start my studies there. The town itself captured my heart just at once. But I needed to solve a couple of issues before I could start enjoying my student life. The first thing was to find a flat (I managed to do it rather quickly). And the second thing was directly connected to the first one: to find a way to improve my mobile connection there. At first, I thought that maybe the mobile operator that I chose was not a very reliable one. But my neighbor told me that subscribers of all carriers who provide their services in the country have the same problem. He also recommended me to buy a booster just like they all had already done. I found MyAmplifiers website and was impressed to see such a wide choice. I didn’t need something extraordinary that’s why I ordered NS-250GDW. I think it’s just something of the middle class. And you know, it’s cool. It improves all the types of signal and works without interruptions.

Panagiotis (Greece)
Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

The quality of my mobile connection is very important to me. Very often, I need to solve my business issues staying at home. So, a booster was a real necessity for me. To tell the truth, initially I thought that I should buy at least 2 boosters (for calls and for my internet), but then I read the description attentively and realized that 1 repeater would be enough. I ordered NS200-GSM+4G, which is able to improve the quality of my voice services as well as the quality of my mobile internet. Thanks, I am satisfied.

Laura (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GDW

The quality and the capacities of the device fully correspond to what is written on the website. It really supports multiple connections at once, can amplify all types of signal and has an extremely wide coverage.

One indoor antenna in the kit will not be enough if there are several floors in the building.

Riccardo (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS500-GSM+4G-PRO

NS500-GSM+4G-PRO is the best device I’ve ever seen. And yes, it’s not the first one in my life. As I live and work in the rural area, the issue of poor mobile connection is very pressing for me (and it has always been so). Some years ago I ordered another model of this device on another website, at first I was satisfied with it but now, when I can compare it with my new one, I realize that NS500-GSM+4G-PRO is much better. Moreover, some of my neighbors also have boosters and NS500-GSM+4G-PRO is still a winner. The device is able to amplify my GSM signal and my mobile internet connection simultaneously. And what is more important: its work is absolutely stable.

Carla M. (Costa Rica)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500AWS

Earlier, I didn’t even think that such devices exist but when we moved to a new house we understood that something was really wrong with our mobile connection. And the main problem was that we even didn’t have an opportunity to make calls, not to mention browsing the net. That’s why we started to look for a solution. We were extremely happy about this amplifier. It really works.

Enrique (Mexico)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250C+4G

Maybe you know that in our country we have serious problems with mobile connection. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we do not have businesses and that there are no offices. To have a good connection if you have a company is a must. That’s why I’ve bought this booster for my office. The sales volumes have increased. I am not joking.

Alice (Latvia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

I want to express my gratitude to Alex, who is a support manager here. She is a very attentive and qualified specialist. She answered all my question and helped me to make a reasonable choice.

Daniela L. (Venezuela)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G

This booster is now installed at my parent’s place. In their house, our smartphones could catch any mobile signal at all. With LCD-500C+3G+4G, everything is perfect.

Compact sizes, easy installation, high capacities, low energy consumption.

Power supply was missing. They sent it after we wrote to them.

Guenter L. (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2500GD

As for me, NS-2500GD is an irreplaceable device now. I have a small business and do not rent a separate office. I work from home. So, it’s obvious that anyone in such a situation needs to have a good reliable connection in order not to be afraid of losing potential customers due to the problems with mobile phone signal. When I found out that the best device to improve GSM and 4G signal is a booster, I tried to create it on my own. But it didn’t work. So, I needed either to try again or to buy it. And I preferred the second variant. I chose this one as it has sufficient coverage and improves the signals that I want to improve. In general, I am very happy that I bought it. It was delivered in time. Everything was well-packed. But as for me, I think that such devices should be cheaper (but I compared a lot of prices and I can say for sure that MyAmplifiers has the best offer).

Roland (Slovakia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

This booster is just what we were looking for. We have a small cafe in the suburbs where the mobile signal is awful. Though I was not sure whether all these devices really work, I decided to follow the principle that tells us that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. I compared the prices on various websites and came to a conclusion that this one was definitely the best one. So, we ordered this booster. Just in 5 or 6 days, a courier knocked at the door. The device looked (and still looks) very reliable. It was just enough to install it to see 5 bars instead of 2 on the display.

Leonie (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GD

We installed this amplifier in our beauty salon because many of our guests used to be dissatisfied that while spending time at our salon they were obliged to stay disconnected.

Very stable connection, small sizes of the device.

Installation was rather challenging for us.

Robert (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

Awesome booster! Before buying it, I considered dozens of variants and analyzed all the pros and cons. This one really seemed to me to be the most suitable variant (and I still believe that I was right).

Fast delivery, easy installation, stable signal.

There are no disadvantages as for me.

Khalid (Bahrain)
Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

Good equipment! Thanks.

Stable connection, extremely easy installation, full kit (it’s very convenient that you do not need to buy any additional parts).

Requires some time to install it.

Nick (Czech Republic)
Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

If you live in a rural area in our country, a booster is an irreplaceable device for you. I was the first person in our family to buy it, and a little bit later, my brother ordered the same model for his house. Now we think that we should buy a booster for our parents, but they do not use the mobile internet, so we will need to choose another device. But I think that the sales team will help us as usual.

Sophie (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW

I bought this signal repeater for my parents. They are 100% satisfied. Now they can enjoy excellent connection without any special efforts. By the way, my dad installed the device on his own and was extremely proud of himself :)

Clarissa (Panama)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500AWS

I am so happy that we have bought this device for our family. The coverage of the device is amazing: it’s even more than enough of us.

Support of multiple connections, stable work.


Sondre (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

Thanks! The order was delivered very quickly. We didn’t have any problems with installation but at first, my phone couldn’t catch the improved signal (though my mother’s phone caught it immediately). I don’t know why and how it happened but the next day everything was okay. Since that time, I haven’t had any problems.

Maud (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

I bought this booster for our summer cottage because I was fed up with the situations when I came there to have some rest and found myself fully disconnected from the entire world. Yes, coming to a summer cottage people are usually looking for some relax and silence but I think that to stay without a possibility to make a call is not a very good idea. It’s too much. I decided that I needed to do something with this problem when I felt sick and wanted to call my doctor for a consultation but I simply couldn’t do it. To tell the truth, I didn’t spend a lot of time choosing a booster. I just called a manager and this nice girl helped me to make a choice. Thanks for it!

Lauren (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

Great device. I can sincerely recommend it to everyone who has problems with mobile calls and LTE connection.

Uwe (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-550GDW

Though I use this booster at home, my boss is already considering the possibility to buy it (or a similar model) for our office. So, it’s highly possible that quite soon I will write my second review. Nevertheless, given my current impressions, I believe that the following one will be also positive. As I live in a very small town in the south of Germany, it’s quite common for me to hear that somebody has problems with a mobile signal. The closest cell tower is rather far away which is the main reason for our troubles. As I stay to work from home quite often, I needed to solve this problem. That’s why I bought a booster. My GSM signal is perfect now. As for 4G, sometimes I have 4 bars instead of 5 but I don’t think that it’s a disaster. So, thank you, guys, for this booster.

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