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Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

The best device you can only wish for, if you have a small office in the basement. Our connection used to be awful before we bought this booster.

  • Fully satisfied.
  • You may have some challenges with the installation of an outdoor antenna if your room is located somewhere at a ground floor of a huge building.
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

Thanks for very quick delivery to my country!

  • The device is cool. No issues with it.
Purchased Nikrans MA-600GDW

We bought this device for our private house (it’s rather small that’s why the coverage of this amplifier is more than enough for us). You know even 4-5 years ago when we used a landline phone, the problems with GSM signal seemed to be not so serious. But now our mobile phones remain the only means of communication. When we started looking for a booster, they all seemed to be very expensive for me (if they were cheaper, the reviews were awful). But this one met all our requirements. So, when we installed it, the difference became obvious. We are happy that we bought it.

Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Smart

This device was bought to be installed in our co-working space. A lot of people who use services of different mobile operators come to our place and it was a disaster when they couldn’t work due to a zero signal.

  • Our problem with connection was successfully solved.
  • Once I visited the website and there were no support managers online. However, I got a promo code for a discount:)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-GDW-Boats

It is a very innovative device. But it is quite overpriced. We bought it but even now when I see all its benefits, I think that it should be cheaper. Then significantly more people will be able to buy it.

Purchased Nikrans NS-GDW-Drive

Thank you for cool devices and fair prices. Before I saw this device in action with my own eyes, I even didn’t believe that such magic is possible *lol*

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

5 out of 5! Thank you. The device performs its work perfectly just as it is described on the website.

  • Powerful signal, support of multiple connections of smartphones at the same time.
  • I am always very afraid of online payments:( But everything was okay, I should admit it.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Danke für gute informationsreiche Webseite und bequemes und verständliches Suchsystem. Es nahm mir weniger als 30 Minuten in Anspruch, ein passendes Modell auszusuchen und es zu bestellen.

Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

I’ve bought this device for our office but now I am considering an option to buy a similar booster for my home. Unfortunately, in our country, there are still a lot of areas with bad coverage. But I am happy that I’ve found this website where it is possible to order reliable boosters.

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

I was afraid to buy the booster as I thought that it would produce some noise while working. But no. Everything is okay. The connection has become stable which is quite beneficial for my nervous system.

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

Excellent repeater for improving mobile internet! It is very convenient that when you order a device, you get a full kit. However, in my case, I had to customize my order and buy a longer cable. Thank you, Daniel, for paying my attention to this fact. Guys, if you are reading my comment and are planning to buy a booster, also pay attention to the length of cables that will be suitable in your case.

Purchased Nikrans NS-500GD

Many thanks, MyAmplifiers! It looks good and works well.

  • The installation is not as difficult as it may seem.
  • The price is not low.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

I like that the booster works with the quality of calls and the mobile internet simultaneously.

  • The booster has helped me to solve the problems with a mobile signal.
  • As I see many users like the guide but personally I haven’t found it very useful.
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G

The amplifier demonstrates amazing stability of functioning. I haven’t expected to see such results.

  • Everything is okay.
  • The device has a display but I do not know how to use the shown data.
Purchased Nikrans NS-GSM-Drive

Being a courier, I spend many hours per day driving and it was quite unpleasant to lose the connection due to poor mobile coverage. I bought the NS-GSM-Drive model to improve the situation. And I have reached my goal:) Thanks!

Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Multi

We installed it in our office building to help our employees and guests have a stable connection during working days. Anna, the sales manager at MyAmplifiers, is an amazing specialist. Thanks!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW

That’s a very good device. Though it was not very easy to choose an appropriate model, I think that we’ve coped with this task perfectly with the help of Alex who was our online assistant.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

MyAmplifiers offers the best prices! Actually, I expected that I would pay much more for this booster. The device is really worth its money and I am not sure that somebody else on the internet can guarantee such a quality of support services.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-400D

If you are looking for a booster for calls, I can recommend buying this one. I found the installation to be rather simple and I think that if you read the instructions you will easily cope with it.

Purchased Nikrans BD-5000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

It is a perfect variant for our farm. We like nature but living in full isolation due to our awful connection was real torture. Thank you, MyAmplifiers, for help in making choice

Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Smart

The best device for our office that is partially situated on the underground floor. For us, the quality of our connection is a crucial issue as we need to stay in touch with our clients. It was delivered very fast and we managed to install it on our own. I can really recommend this device.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

I work in a metal building out in the country. I have no cell phone signal at all in the building. Outside the best I can get is two to three bars. Most of the time the signal is weak and calls are difficult to complete without interruption. Slow 3G and LTE in most apartments. I decided to try this amplifier. It was a good choice. I installed the repeater on an interior wall of the building with the external antenna mounted outside the building.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

Anytone booster is my second attempt to improve my phone coverage. The kit delivers perfect signal quality and range, and no interruptions like in the first case with Wilson. Large capacity permits to cover the houses of 2 floors and 6 rooms.

  • Large coverage capacity, perfect functioning
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

Thank you for this reliable booster. With it, I’ve finally forgotten about those terrible signal problems. Now my connection is 100% stable and strong. I can make calls, use my mobile internet and fully enjoy the services that my operator provides.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-GD-Boats

I’m working as a delivery man which implies driving the car most of the day seven days a week (well, sometimes less but that does not really change the issue). When dissatisfied clients started to complain that they can’t hear me well, the boss ordered LCD-GD-Boats mini mobile booster or, as you call it, signal extender. You know, I didn’t believe in gadgets like this but I definitely take my words back now. I love everything about it – design, dimensions, performance and every other characteristic of it.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

Worked great. Gave me reliable mobile service in a very remote location where I was 8 miles from the nearest cell tower. I was getting 4 and 5 bars in any location of the apartment. The price was great either.

  • the unit worked as expected, solved my issues
  • long delivery time, I expected it'd be faster
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+4G

It was pure luck that I found this website but I am extremely happy. Thanks for your professional assistance, valuable recommendations and fast delivery.

  • Quality and reliability of the device, fast delivery, fair price.
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-PRO

This booster is installed in the restaurant where I work. Now I am even thinking of buying a similar device for my parents. The booster is able to cover a really wide area with the improved signal and to support multiple connections. For us it is very important.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-D

When I moved into my new home, there was no phone service inside the house. I had to go outside to make a call, and even then, I often lost 4G signal. I purchased the signal booster. Now, I never miss a call and can actually talk to friends as long as my cell phone battery holds up. It's great! Had small problem, customer service was even greater!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000D

I installed the booster and antennas according to the manual, put the power supply into the socket but the indicator light hasn't turned on. But internet pages are downloaded rather fast..The support managers said the indicator must have been damaged while transportation..I agree, it works.

  • the booster works so that you surf the web free - excellent!
  • a bit confusing situation with the indicator - it doesn't turn green thought the booster works!
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-PRO

The best device for our office. Good connection, stable signal, low energy consumption. Just great! Thanks!

Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I’ve bought this booster for our hotel. Our family owns a hotel that’s why visitors' satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Nevertheless, due to the mountains located nearby, the mobile connection is awful. But LCD800-GSM+4G is just what we always needed.

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