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Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW

This is a fantastic device! It works on 3 frequencies at the same time and suits for ALL providers of Spain! Perfect coverage, easy installation. Also want to say thanks for friendly support.

  • Above I describe everything - I´m completely satisified!
  • Over 1 week waiting for delivery.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

I highly recommend the device for signal boosting in your house or small office. Earlier I was getting one or no signal bars in the house. After the installation my phone now gets 3-4 bars signal. I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase.

  • high-quality product, warranty
  • it's a bit pricey
Purchased Nikrans MA-130

Our indoor reception was almost non-existant. We installed the outdoor antenna on the attic and the amplifier in our living room and since that moment we forgot about this problem. Just a little advise for everyone who will install this equipment : find a place with the best signal outside your house to place the outdoor antenne there.

  • Installation plug and and play. Good compatibility with Vodafone and Movistar
Purchased Nikrans MA-300GDW

It’s a great thing! Frankly speaking, I have never regretted the purchase. The booster is very helpful, especially at the cottage, where I have no mobile coverage at all. After the installation the signal has become better and more stable. The only minus is a little bit high price, but it’s worth it!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

I live in a so-called marginal signal area. Outside my house I might get 3 bars of signal at best. Inside I mostly see one or no bars. Dropped calls have become a rule. As for texting, it would take about 20 seconds for a text to send. I purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW. Plugged the system in and immediately saw 4 bars on my phone. If you're considering a signal repeater, I highly recommend this thing.

Purchased Nikrans MA-2500WF

My advice for those who are going to buy a anytone booster is to use service. This is the only place where I managed to get competent explanation and help as I could not verify the direction of the external antenna. I hope I did not bother you much :)

  • efficient device for small locations
  • manual contains only superficial information about installation.
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

I have never had any signal problems since I installed a mobile signal booster purchased at MyAmplifiers. I use the device to improve poor coverage in my café located on the underground floor. The visitors are always happy that they are online and I am always twice happy when my customer is satisfied!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

I am so pleased with my Nikrans triband. It is perfect for active people as me. So many features and easy to use. Thanks to the girl manager for suggesting it to me.

  • An option to adjust it by my needs, high gain and large coverage capacity.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

Words are not enough to describe what a great purchase it is. From dropped calls to stable connection. No more unsent and unreceived text messages. The setup was flawless and took about 20 minutes only. In a few words, I am more than happy with the result and can recommend the device to anyone with similar problems.

Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

I suffered from dropped phone calls and bad internet for almost a year until I finally decided to buy a professional device. it was a pleasure to talk to a manager who dedicated me much time and responded all my doubts. The repeater came yesterday, already installed. It gives perfect coverage! Thanks!

  • the repeater added 3 bars to my coverage
Purchased Nikrans LCD-GDW-Boats

Hi! I´m writing to say thanks to Ana for her friendly and professional service. She responded all my questions and dedicated really much time to me. When we got the booster and installed it, the signal increased and stabilized. Now traveling by boat is not a problem anymore!

  • Professional service, perfect booster, low price.
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I ordered NS500-GSM+4G four weeks ago. A week ago the device came. After the day of abortive attempts to install this I quitted and phoned to support on To my huge relief, they helped me to install it correctly, as I was about to demand my money back.

  • I got professional support which helped me with the installation.
  • The installatin took quite much time :(
Purchased Nikrans NS-EDWLL-Boats-L

Before I decided to go to the order I got very good help from Marina from the support.

  • Wide choice of boosters
Purchased Nikrans MA2000EDWLL

This small device is the simplest and the most powerful booster around. Easy setup. Good range. Compatibility with all networks – love to use it and get an excellent result. Thanks to Myamplifiers for helpful service and amazing equipment.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought a signal booster at MyAmplifiers to better mobile reception in the house. The cellular amplifier provides high-quality and efficient reception of mobile signal. It disseminates improved signal around the whole place and ensures stable connection during conversations.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

After three weeks of testing, I dare say that this repeater is the best one I have come across from devices of this kind. It efficiently solves signal problems of different origin and ensures stable mobile communication. The device improves the signal significantly and disseminates the refined signal among all the users in the area covered.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

I am happy with this performance. Works exactly as desired. I was very pleased with prompt delivery. I read the instructions and after that the installation process was extremely easy. My cell phone jumped to 4-5 bars. I'm so excited! This thing really works. Moreover, the price can't be beat either.

Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW

Super satisfied with the booster. Significantly improves phone calls audibility, 3G Internet quality. The delivery was fast, tracking option. The device is simple yet complete - you have all to set up the system and get perfect conection.

  • Quite low-priced for good quality. Perfect for those who needs a booster for small area but with all possible frequencies in one device.
  • Indoor antenna could be more powerful.
Purchased Nikrans NS2500GD

At first need to comment that I use phone calls a lot for work. I make 20 calls a day as minimum so good connection is essential for me. And it was a problem when I used to lose phone calls because of signal quality. With this dualband repeater I get the maximum from phone communication.

  • It's easy to use. Works with all networks.
Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G PRO

Many thanks to Julia who responded all my questions so fast

  • very efficient assistance
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I purchased this for my parents who live on a farm. To use their mobile phone they had to go outside or lean against a window in the corner of the house. We installed the antenna at the highest point we could reach on their roof. Once we powered the unit, cell service was immediately available on everyone's phones. 4G was a bonus for me, as I cannot live a day without the Internet. Very easy to install and highly recommended.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GW

I like everything about MyAmplifiers! The support was really helpful and attentive and the amplifiers is the device I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

  • very good service and the device!
  • the price :(
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Overall it’s a powerful machine that easily handles 10 mobile devices (among them Samsung on Android, Nokia on Windows and some Apple devices on iOS). We got signal improvement from -105dBm to -60dBm, in other words, from nothing to everything)) My only complaint is about installation, as we have no signal outside at all, we had to mount a mast on the roof at first, and then attach the repeater antenna together with a lightening protection on the top of it.

  • truly powerful, large coverage, secure, nice design
  • don’t expect to just plug in and use – 30min to 1h installation is required
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

I am very happy because now connection do not interrupt, internet is better - one bar earlier and now four. regards!

Purchased Nikrans BD-3000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

I have now purchased two boosters (one Christmas present and one for myself). The price was excellent, as there was the generous Christmas gift and express delivery. It's also great to be kept fully informed of the order status down to receiving notifications from Myamplifiers. I'd happily recommend to anyone.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

I no longer have to go outside to make a call! I had dropped calls for way too long. I did some research and found out that aluminum siding reduces cell signal. I saw this booster on Myamplifiers and bought it. It is worth every penny. I mounted the antenna at the peak of my house and followed the very simple installation instructions. I have gone from 1 signal bar to 4 bars on my phone.

Purchased Nikrans NS500GW

From my point of view, this is one of the best amplifiers on the market. The amplifier has multiple advantages that make it irreplaceable for those who suffer from bad mobile coverage. Also, it is certified, safe to use and durable. Works with 3G and phone calls of different operators.

  • quality, coverage, certificates, warranty
  • price
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

I have had signal issues with my service at my condo. I was recommended this signal amplifier by a good friend who got tired of me complaining about my service. It was super easy to set up, and was functioning immediately! Now I can actually call anyone and they don't have to worry about the signal. The effectiveness of this device was immediate. I highly recommend this signal booster.

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

I have a house in mountaneous area just of 450 m2 which is right for AT6100. But support explained me that the signal can weakened by thick walls of the house and I need more powerful. In spite of the support I bought the more economic AT6100 model and I didn´t have good internet in all rooms! So I decided to get the amplifier LCD1200-GSM+4G with extra payment and I have no problem with internet and calls now! You were right!

  • good function of amplifier
  • quite expensive but worth it
Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

We had very little or no signal in the office. This item works great. Now we have three-four bars of mobile service. The unit was extremely easy to install, you just need to follow the instructions exactly.

  • trendy design, good performance, easy installation, prompt customer service
  • no complaints
Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

I bought Nikrans LCD-130 three weeks ago, and finally I have time to express my impressions. You know it was extremely troublesome to set up the antennas and connect wires (the one was too long and the other was short). The manual is badly written - no detailed explanation, no description of each detail of the equipment!

  • the indoor booster works as it was advertized, no issues so far
  • the manual is difficult to understand, maybe that is why the installation of booster was not easy for me
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

I came across this online shop when searching for a trusted company selling boosters. I called them by Skype and got all the information I needed! My box came last week. And from then on I have no problems with Internet and calls – impressive speeds!

  • impressive coverage, fast delivery, professional help from support members
  • as I’m a student, I had some difficulty to earn the money for this gsm/4g signal booster, but it is worth the money!