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Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I received my repeater very quickly and in full set – two antennas with cables, a booster box and all necessary mountings. Plus the company sent me a user’s manual and provided a three-year warranty for the product. It works without any problems. The installation didn’t cause any issues. I would like to thank MyAmplifiers for caring approach to their clients and great work!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

I have 3-4 bars outside the building. Before this unit, I had 1 bar inside with hesitations and drops. Moreover, the sound quality was awful. With the amplifier I have 3-4 bars inside. No drops and calls sound great. This product was an unknown, but buying through Myamplifiers, you can study the reviews. Moreover, there is a good return policy here. I'm glad I took the chance and ordered it.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

We are using this on a farm to increase our phone and internet signal in one of our buildings. The buildings' walls are sheet metal, which are hard for the cell signals to penetrate. Therefore, we bought this device to give it a try. It did the job and now we have a very strong number of bars of signal in the building. If you have a strong signal outside of the building, this device will help.

Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

I bought a mobile signal booster for my house on my friend’s advice and I really don’t regret it. The device is very effective and it improves poor mobile coverage around the house perfectly. The quality of mobile connection has changed for the better. There are no more disconnections during the conversation and the internet speed is much faster now.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-150 3G

This booster was the first purchase I and my friend made after renting an apartment. We now study in Copenhagen Business School! We asked our friend to install it for us (as I never believed that girls can do such stuff). It was 6 days ago, and I cannot say anything negative about this booster.

  • friend said it was easy to set up though it was his first experience with a amplifier. Good mobile quality.
  • it does not have any :)
Purchased Nikrans NS-GDW-Boats

I am very content with the repeater. Worthy funcioning, impressive coverage, adequate price. Provides stable 3G connection and voice in the entire boat.

  • Very suitable for everyday use. I´d recommend to my friend.
Purchased Nikrans NS-150GD

I bought this device without believing a lot in its efficiency. But having in mind its economic price and the money-back guarantee I took it... The truth is the repeater has met my best expectations. It's been operating without problems for over a month and covers my 100m2 apartment completely. I recommend it!

  • Economic price, 3 years of warranty, the coverage it has
Purchased Nikrans NS250

I have it for 2 floors house, and my entire family with Apple, Samsung, 2 tablets appreciated the result it gives. The signal strength rose from 2 to 5, in the farthest spots to 4 bars.

  • great range, nice design, compact size, no dropouts
Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW

I had a problem with getting an invoice, but Julie was very helpful and very nice to talk to.

  • support in French, good manager Julie
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G PRO

Installed at my lake house, cell signal before I installed was spotty at best. Now I have a very good and reliable GSM/4G signal. Works excellent whereas before had no service. Everything you need is right in the box. This device boosted my signal from one bar to 3-4 bars. Have recommended it to others, now 2 other family members also purchased and have had the same results.

Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Smart

This is a plug-and-go kit with everything you need to get started. Setting up and mounting the system is about as easy as it gets. It doesn't take up a lot of room. I had the device up and running in no time. I put this at my camp. After installation I had 3-4 bars of service inside my camper. It has been solid and I have not had any problems with this device.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G PRO

The home mobile signal booster does what it says it will do. We went from barely one as at a single window to full signal all over. Our house is insulated concrete forms with metal roofing. I am very impressed. Has been working great. I am able to stream data and make a phone call. Wonderful to have if you work remotely and are in poor coverage areas.

  • Makes the signal stronger and more reliable.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

I have a metal roof, therefore the cell phone reception inside my house was horrible! Since installing this device in the house I have had no problems with mobile phone service in my house at all! Haven't had a dropped call since. Great buy! I highly recommend this signal repeater!

  • good item, solved my problems
  • no issues
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

I ordered LCD-1200 a month ago or a little more. Did not manage to install correctly from the first attempt. Called tech support immediately, and they helped me a lot - the reason was in the wrong installation. Now it works at its best - 10 out of 10 from me!

  • One of few companies where support is easy to get in touch with plus good people.
  • Difficult installation
Purchased Nikrans NS-EDWLL-Boats-L

Very high quality at adequate price. Powerful booster with large coverage. Great for everyday use - Internet surfing, online games - everything smooth and fast.

  • Brilliant functioning, economic device, fast dlivery, simply setup.
  • It´d be perfect to have real fotos of the installation process.
Purchased Nikrans NS-3000-Voice, 3G & 4G

I already bought an amplifier for my 4G phone! The device is durable and of good quality. Basically, I was afraid to be wrong to choose a model with a small coverage area. But no, everything works fine! :)

  • The service is very helpful. They helped to find which model suits for the phone. In addition, they also gave me a detailed description of equipment and expert assistance.
Purchased Nikrans MA150D

I’d been using my old 900Mhz Nikrans booster for 5 years until my provider switched to another GSM frequency. After suffering from horrible signal over a month, I decided to buy this Nikrans. It is performing adequately for my needs and is very easy to setup if you read the manual beforehand. The price seemed reasonable to me. The delivery took 5 days. Thanks to Ana S. for help in choosing this model. Highly recommended!

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I live in the country but my office is situated in town. So every day I have to drive a long way before I reach my working place. In addition, the coverage of the operator is disgusting on the way to town. Fortunately, I no longer face this problem, as I have bought a car amplifier which perfectly struggles with poor coverage and ensures a stable reception.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

Fabulous product! I work in the middle of a plant. Normally I have no signal at all. I was skeptical at first about how well this would work in my office. The point is to place the antenna and transmitter in the right locations. Instructions are easy to follow. I now have a solid 5 bars, great GSM and 3G coverage. I would highly recommend this product.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Hi, I purchased the LCD-150D, I was very impressed with Ana's knowledge and advice. I spent two weeks emailing Ana with various different questions with regards the boosters/antennas etc. She always replied promptly. So very big Thank You to Ana. You were great to deal with. I hope your aftersales is as good

Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Good device!

  • Everything is ok
Purchased Nikrans MA300

The Bottom Line is MA300 amplifier is a real performer. Love this device. I bet you cannot beat performance and range for the money.

  • - affordable price - perfect range - cool performance there are other more powerful models of Nikrans boosters but this one is the best by price-quality ratio
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250AWS

Hello! We live in the suburbs of Mar de Plata and rather far from the BTS of Movistar. We really tried to get used to bad mobile connection in our house, but finally lost patience and bought the booster. The installation seemed simple to me and took about 30min only. In the result we got signal boos from 2 to 4-5 bars.

  • signal boost in every room of the house
  • quite high price for us
Purchased Nikrans MA1000GDW

well, the truth is this repeater is the best among all I tried, and I tried several for the last years. Large coverage, high gain, stable work of internet and phone, easy set-up, adequate price.

Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

I bought this device for my daughter’s new 3-story home. She was able to get good reception on the 3rd floor, spotty reception on the second floor and no reception on the first floor. After installing the device on the 3rd floor, she is able to call me right away on the 1st floor and the call quality was excellent. She now gets 2-3 bars and perfect 4G Internet where she was getting none, so this device works as advertised.

Purchased Nikrans MA400D

Last summer we bought a house in the village. Though the nearest mobile station (my family use VOXmobile) is only 5 km away, the mobile signal is terrible. As technical support on explained me the reason is in the hilly landscape in the area. I decided to buy MA400D amplifier as I do not need large coverage in our house has only four rooms.

  • I am pleased with how it works. Thanks to technical support (it was a girl who talked with me).
  • the installation was troublesome for me as I could not understand anything in Figures 1, 2 and 3 of the manual. Besides, I forgot about 2 meters height for indoor antenna first and had to redo everything as the reception did not improve.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

It was easy to install the device and it worked great when complete. The instructions were simple and the parts are minimal. Moreover, the results were above expectations. This unit brought us from original one or two bars of available service up to very satisfactory three and four bars of service. We now get a usable signal in all rooms of our modest single story 1000 sq ft home.

Purchased Nikrans NS2500GW

This is my best purchase. Finally I resolved the problem of bad audibility during phone calls and constant interruptions in mobile Internet. The device has multiple advantages. The price seems quite high to me, but we you really want to resolve the problem, you don't even doubt.

  • Small device for Internet and calls. Express shipping to the house directly. Perfect coverage.
  • maybe just the price
Purchased Nikrans NS2500-GSM+4G

That is the webs store you can really trust. Quick delivery, polite support and good product! For half a year all our company was suffering from the slowliest internet in the world and after installation of a booster w can finally download everything quickly and work with clients effectively!

  • large range, high gain
  • it was not that easy to install outdoor antenna on the roof
Purchased Nikrans NS1100GW

This is a great system if you just want to plug it in and forget about it. Overall, the coverage is the best I've ever experienced. In my 4 level house, I get nearly full bars from the farthest point. Strongly recommended!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

It is very important for me to be always in touch when I am at work. Unfortunately, from time to time mobile coverage in my office became so weak, that it was impossible to make and receive calls as well as to use mobile internet inside the building. Gladly, I managed to solve this problem by the installation of a signal booster.

Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

I have the signal booster in my house. I was only getting 2 bars in the living room and only one bar in the rest of the house. Since I got this booster, I am getting 4G for data and 4 or 5 bars in the entire house! I'm so glad it worked!

  • Anyone can easily install this unit. It's that simple! Calls are much more reliable and clear.
  • Rather expensive device.