Rekommendationer från våra kunder

Vi bryr oss verkligen om kunders tillfredsställelse och får gärna vilka idéer som helst för att förbättra tjänster och produkter av Myamplifiers! Här är du välkommen att läsa kunders testimonialer om vår service och upplevelseк med signalförstärkare.

Du kan också skicka oss din feedback eller recension för att dela din egen synvinkel med människor.

* Recensionerär ursprungligen publicerade på författarnas inhemska språk. För kundernas bekvämlighet översätter vi dem till stora europeiska språk.

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

Works great! We work in a metal building and had a hard time getting a signal until we installed this signal booster. We used to have to go outside to talk on cell phone, not to mention 4G. Now after installing the system, we are getting steady 4-5 bars and crystal clear call quality and excellent 4G Internet. It was well worth the price!!

  • Very pleased with performance. Good price and fast service!
Purchased Anytone AT600

I've had AnyTone repeater before, but another model - AT400. Now it's not enough for me as we attached several apartments to our house. And after reading forums and specialized websites I set my choice on AT600. I installed this model and cannot say anything bad about performance of the device yet. And I want to believe I will not. I can say that it completely meets the needs of my family.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500AWS

Nikrans LCD-500AWS is my third attempt. The previous two were disabled by lightning. I could have saved so much money if I had known the reason earlier!!! I tried to get in touch with the companies where I bought the indoor booster (I was stupid enough to mix up with unreliable companies who disappeared immediately after selling me the tool), but 90 percent I failed to get in touch with them. Enough for me!!! Thanks to, notably their support team as they were the only people who explained me how to avoid the problem. Thanks a lot, guys :):):)

  • nice, competent and well-wishing people in a company are always a sign of trusted and customer-oriented organization.
  • the new LCD-500AWS works well for 3 months already, and no failures and faults have been found, to my great happiness.
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

I live in a rural area surrounded by trees. I could barely use my cell phone for calls or 4G internet. I bought this thing. It was much easier to install than I thought it would be. Finally, I have a cell signal! I have four bars near the internal antenna. I can make calls and receive calls without worrying about dropping calls. This amplifier was life changing. Overall, worth the investment!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

I bought a repeater at MyAmplifiers three months ago. For so long the device has been working without errors. It is very powerful and effective. I use it to raise the level of mobile reception in my hotel in order to make the stay of my guests more comfortable. Thanks to MyAmplifiers I have no negative reviews!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

I realized that I needed a signal amplifier when visitors to my café started to complain about poor coverage in the building. I was afraid that people would start going to other cafes in the city, therefore I installed a signal repeater. The level of mobile coverage has become much better now and I hear no more complaints regarding the reception.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

My father was having many problems with his cell phone. He tried many different cell phone providers. He was spending money and getting no results because of the location. He asked me to order this device for him and he installed it today. He has 5 bars and 3G. No more dropped calls and he has great internet service now too. Very happy customer!

Purchased Nikrans NS-300GW

We work in a VERY rural environment in Uganda and purchased three units in all. The purchase process was quite smooth. in one location we put in the Nikrans NS300 and in the the other two locations we put in the 450 model which work great. After a short time the NS300 simply stopped working. So upon our return home I made contact with Julia who was very understanding and quite professional. The unit was eventually diagnosed and replaced without fuss. I reply appreciate the professionalism at MyAmplifiers and plan to purchase other units in the future.

Purchased Nikrans NS-150

Our area cell coverage is unreliable. Our house also has a metal roof and is surrounded by mountains. The best signal outside was 1 bar before we purchase this amplifier. We most of the time would drop the call. We decided to try this unit and see what happened. The installation went smoothly. I did the whole job in 2 hours. I would highly recommend this product if you have spotty reception.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

I live in a rural area with spotty cell phone reception. I bought this unit hoping I wouldn't be one of the dissatisfied customers. I had no reception inside, and 2 to 3 bars on the roof. So I decided to give it a try. The installation process is easy; I tried to follow other reviewers’ pieces of advice. The result was great. I have 3-4 bars almost everywhere in my 2600 sq ft split-level house.

Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

I live in the country several miles from the nearest cell tower for any mobile phone carrier. I can barely use my phone for calls and 4G Internet. Once I installed the signal amplifier I was able to get a solid 3-4 bars and now have no signal issues. I have the outside antenna mounted on top of the house at about 30 feet and the inside antenna in the living room. I am very pleased with the device.

Purchased Nikrans MA2000 WF

Easy to connect to WiFi router, no bandwidth issues, no firmware updates are needed, looks nice and modern to me:)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GW

I like everything about MyAmplifiers! The support was really helpful and attentive and the amplifiers is the device I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

  • very good service and the device!
  • the price :(
Purchased Nikrans LCD-350 3G

the best purchase of my life, exactly as advertised, at very low price, affordable for anyone.

  • economic, durable, simple, small, no tech maintenance is needed
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

The booster is what we were looking forward to! We live 30 km from Stockholm and to make a call we have to come out of the house each time. First after installation the signal was better only close to the device, so we were dissappointed. I contacted managers from MyAmpliifers and they advised to change the position of the outdoor antenna. Well, it helped, now the system works as it should be.

  • good signal for reasonable price
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

I think this is a very good purchase. Functions correctly for 2 weeks already, and now I'm thinking of ordering a booster for 3G. The connection has improved from 2 to 4-5 bars. valid for all networks of Portugal. The only thing I'd prefer is to have a manual in Portuguese.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

The nearest base station is located 3 km in the forest. Without the amplifier I had no signal at all, sometimes 1 bar. I was tired of inability to make a call, and all my messages stayed undelivered. With the repeater I have 4-5 bars, stable connection, and speedy internet. The booster really affects positively on the mobile coverage.

Purchased MA1000 GDW

I couldn´t understand what is what at first..which antenna is for what..The manual is not very clear. After that I contacted MyMaplifiers manager via chat and they explained everything thoroughly. The installation was pretty easy. Now the signal is amplified and internet as well - ok.

  • the triband improves calls and internet
Purchased Nikrans NS-150GD

I thought long and hard about purchasing this device because it was too expensive. I have a metal roof and I was lucky to get one bar on my smartphone. I took the plunge and purchased this amplifier and could not be happier. I am able to make calls with a good strong signal. I get full bars in a couple of rooms in my house and in other rooms I get 2 to 3 bars but the connection is good and solid.

Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

It goes even better than advertized. It’s just the best booster for a café of average size. Now our visitors feel relaxed and happy with good 3G connection. Now I’m going to buy a WiFi boster, and I will definitely choose Myamplifiers.

  • Excellent coverage, signal access everywhere. The company staff provided me with very helpful support.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

There is nothing more annoying than poor mobile signal, especially when you are at work, speaking on the phone with your partners or customers. Believe it or not, but signal problems may damage your reputation and put your business at risk. Therefore, when I started to suffer from signal loss, I immediately installed a signal booster to improve the situation and ensure my business.

Purchased Nikrans MA-130

I'm using it for 4 months already and I really like it! Functioning is fast. But what I appreciated the most, is that this booster saves the battery of my Samsung. Installation was simple and didn't take much time.

  • Extends battery's life
  • Incompatible with Orange in my region
Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I first noticed a car repeater in my friend’s vehicle. He explained me that the device perfectly improves poor signal coverage in areas where there is practically no connection at all. A friend of mine advised me to buy one for myself, so I followed his advice. Now I can boast a good quality signal in my car regardless of my location. The design is very compact and nice. Recommended!

Purchased Nikrans NS-150GD

I bought this device without believing a lot in its efficiency. But having in mind its economic price and the money-back guarantee I took it... The truth is the repeater has met my best expectations. It's been operating without problems for over a month and covers my 100m2 apartment completely. I recommend it!

  • Economic price, 3 years of warranty, the coverage it has
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

I set up the booster and its antennas according to the manual but the indicator did not turn on. But I noticed that at the same time Internet started to work much better, I contacted support rep, and we found out that the indicator was damaged during transportation. They offered me to change it, but I don´t want, the booster works and gives perfect result, and this is all I need.

  • the booster works and I can surf the Internet easily, just perfect!
  • a bit confusing situation with the indicator, it doesn´t turn on though the device works
Purchased Nikrans NS150 3G

good product for the money, elemental installation for those who find time to read the manual and the information offered on, good coverage zone, saves battery life (personally tested), good delivery within EU countries (cannot say about other corners of the planet though)

Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

Really a booster, works as expected. From one bar and dropped calls to 3-4 bars and excellent quality of calls! This is such a great product. It only takes around 35 minutes to setup, and everything needed is in the box. Very easy to install and gave us signal coverage in all areas of our building. If you have a situation as similar to us, I would definitely recommend it!!

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

Installed according to installation guideline. There was a piece missing in box. A return was accepted and full refund made anyhow! When finished gained two bars more than I had before. Moved the direction of the outside antenna and now have 5 bars anywhere in my house. Works for multiple carriers. This thing is rather expensive, but I'm satisfied. I would recommend this product.

Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

My first impression of this booster was great: it is an excellent amplifier for a reasonable price. Finally my phone can catch 4-5 bars of signal. I also liked an easy installation, it took me only 1 hour. The most important is to read the user guide first. I found a right place and fixed the outdoor antenna so it was as high as possible. I've heard that many people suffer from lightning damage of outdoor antennas, so I decided to put a lightning conductor close to my antenna. In general, i would recommend this amplifier to everyone who suffers from very pour signal in the house.

  • As I mentioned, reasonable price, easy installation, great function, detailed and useful user guide. As a huge plus, an amplifier reduces radiation emitted by your cellphone.
  • Outdoor antenna can be damaged by a lightning.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

I love it! Great result in just a few seconds after the installation. No problems with poor signal or insufficient coverage any more. The operational principle is very simple and understandable as well as the installation. I needed no technical support in order to carry out the set up. Just read the instructions provided and voila!

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I ordered LCD250-GSM+4G four weeks ago. A week ago the device came. After the day of abortive attempts to install this I quitted and phoned to support on To my huge relief, they helped me to install it correctly, as I was about to demand my money back.

  • I got professional support which helped me with the installation.
  • The installatin took quite much time :(
Purchased Nikrans NS1100GD

My year of living with the Nikrans repeater has been almost a complete joy. And now I can honestly say that this is my best purchase of the year. What's so great about it? I'll be succinct, but here are the top points: 1. I can finally talk on the phone in every room of the house with no fear to lose a phone call. The improved signal is also sufficient for 2G internet. 2. Without expecting this, I got perfect 4G!! It´s turned out that my operator has launched 4G at 1800 band. So great surprise and bonus! 3. No technical maintenance is required. Once mounted no adjustments or any other concerns. 4. I tested and read a lot about safety, and the repeater proved to be absolutely harmless for us, our kids and pets. All in all, Nikrans repeater gives me comfortable mobile connection – nothing more can be desired.