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Vi bryr oss verkligen om kunders tillfredsställelse och får gärna vilka idéer som helst för att förbättra tjänster och produkter av Myamplifiers! Här är du välkommen att läsa kunders testimonialer om vår service och upplevelseк med signalförstärkare.

Du kan också skicka oss din feedback eller recension för att dela din egen synvinkel med människor.

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Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I live in a very marginal area for cell phone reception. I had a poor signal. I usually could not make a call or use 4G without walking around trying to find some signal. This mobile signal booster kit made, and is still making a great improvement in the use of cell and smart phones. I followed the instructions, the installation process is simple. Why didn't I buy this thing earlier?

Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Initially, I had some problems with the installation, as I couldn’t understand how the booster works. So I decided to call the support team for consultation. The manager was very polite and explained everything in detail. Thanks to him, I managed to work out how the device functioned and finished the installation successfully.

Purchased Nikrans MA500

It was coming for more than two weeks, but after installation I managed to get 5 bars. Thanks!

  • small and amplifies signals well
  • longer delivery than promised
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

I set up the booster and its antennas according to the manual but the indicator did not turn on. But I noticed that at the same time Internet started to work much better, I contacted support rep, and we found out that the indicator was damaged during transportation. They offered me to change it, but I don´t want, the booster works and gives perfect result, and this is all I need.

  • the booster works and I can surf the Internet easily, just perfect!
  • a bit confusing situation with the indicator, it doesn´t turn on though the device works
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

My family lives in a poor signal territory but I always need to stay in touch. I used to have some problems as I’m allowed to work at home sometimes but I could not receive and make calls on the company cell phone or send an email. I can assure you that this Nikrans booster works perfectly! No matter what the weather is, I have perfect connection!

  • LCD250-4G-D turned out an effective device. Can’t say about installation but my husband didn’t curse the world, which means it was quite easy))
  • can’t think of any, luckily
Purchased Nikrans NS350-GSM+4G

When I first heard about this device, I couldn’t believe that it would be effective enough to better the reception in the underground parking. Nevertheless, I was surprised to discover the opposite. The amplifier is powerful enough to ensure full coverage of the parking and to spread boosted signal around the area.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GD

I believe that everyone, who has faced poor quality of mobile communication in the house or at work, should acquire a signal amplifier. And the best supplier of these devices is MyAmplifiers. They offer a wide range of models suitable for large and small buildings. Personally I ordered a booster for my house and I am very happy with it.

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I live in a mobile home. I couldn’t make a call from my bedroom as for some reason the signal was choppy there. I mounted the outdoor antenna as directed in the instructions. Now I can get signal all through my home. I don't get five bars, and wasn't expecting to. But I do get 3-4 bars throughout most of my home and that's more than good enough. I would highly recommend this item.

Purchased Nikrans MA-130

Our indoor reception was almost non-existant. We installed the outdoor antenna on the attic and the amplifier in our living room and since that moment we forgot about this problem. Just a little advise for everyone who will install this equipment : find a place with the best signal outside your house to place the outdoor antenne there.

  • Installation plug and and play. Good compatibility with Vodafone and Movistar
Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I first noticed a car repeater in my friend’s vehicle. He explained me that the device perfectly improves poor signal coverage in areas where there is practically no connection at all. A friend of mine advised me to buy one for myself, so I followed his advice. Now I can boast a good quality signal in my car regardless of my location. The design is very compact and nice. Recommended!

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I would never have thought that there are such devices which can improve insufficient coverage in the car, but now when I know it, I will advise this car booster to anyone who would like to better poor signal inside the vehicle. It easily boosts the signal in the car and all the passengers can take advantage of stable mobile connection.

Purchased Nikrans MA-600GDW

I bought Nikrans MA-600GDW amplifier from the company. I am totally satisfied with the customer service. My helpdesk agent was Ana S, who made a remarkable job. She was helpful, always wrote answers immediately. She was helpful with my issue of the payment too. I can just offer this company for amplifier services.

Purchased Nikrans NS-2500

My family lives in a house 70 km from a big city and cellular reception there is close to nonexistent. For a while we waited for improvement but then decided to buy amplifier for the whole neighbourhood. It was delivered within 5 days after ordering, it works great (no more dropped calls and the quality of the sound is much better) as it was installed by a professional. We have yet to find any issues with this device.

  • signal is perfect now!
  • I would never rescue to install it on my own
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

I normally don’t write reviews, but this thing deserves one. When building my cabin I had poor reception with my mobile service until the metal roof went on and then the cell phone was useless. I bought the amplifier, mounted the antenna on the gable of the cabin, and my mobile and Internet started working. I highly recommend this product.

Purchased Nikrans NS-150

When I bought the repeater I immediately got down to its installation. By the way, the whole process took less than half an hour and the result was amazing. I had a stables mobile connection as soon as I turned the device on. As for any minuses – the shipping took about one week, but it was ok for me.

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I first noticed a car repeater in my friend’s vehicle. He explained me that the device perfectly improves poor signal coverage in areas where there is practically no connection at all. A friend of mine advised me to buy one for myself, so I followed his advice. Now I can boast a good quality signal in my car regardless of my location. The design is very compact and nice. Recommended!

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Bought this device after a more expensive one failed. Setup was a breeze. My apartment is just below ground level. The window has metal bars covering it, adding to the challenge. I put the antenna inside the window, above ground level, where my cell phone gets two bars and my 4G is crappy. Now, inside my apartment, I have 3-4bars almost everywhere plus stable 4G with high speeds and no lags.

  • attractive price, nice design
Purchased Nikrans BD-3000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

I purchased the amplificatore for my supermarket. People using different mobile operatori come to my shop, so BD-3000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO is just like for me. Unfortunately, the booster improves segnale not in all corners, there some places where non present.

  • my amplificatore works well, before there was no segnale in my shop at all
  • there some places where connection non present
Purchased Nikrans NS150 3G

Tried a lot of different antennas and never got any signal . With the NS 150 on the first time I had 4 bars. The kit is great . I recommend to any one who has low signal problems

Purchased Nikrans NS150

I bought the cell phone repeater NS150 to replace the old booster that was not powerful enough. The coverage area has expanded greatly with this new booster. I also like the fact that the wireless amplifier boosts the mobile signal in all rooms on two floors in our country house. Of course, cell phone signal in the apartment where the wireless amplifier is installed has better quality if you compare it with mobile signal around the house, but I do not expect super miracles from the device. In addition, I see a big difference with my previous wireless amplifier that was able to ensure good reception in two underground rooms only.

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

I bought my car booster about a month ago and since then it has been helping me daily to deal with poor signal on the way from my house to my office. The device is very effective, although it’s rather compact. I was glad that the company had sent me the full set, which included user’s manual and warranty as well.

Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

When I told my wife that I had signal problems in the office, she said – change the operator. This is easier said than done! How could I change it when I was fully satisfied with it? You know, women are always quick when making a decision. Good for me, that I didn’t listen to her and purchased a signal repeater to better the level of mobile signal in the office. Now I have no problems with mobile coverage.

Purchased Nikrans NS2500

I loved this amplifier! It's genius, with large coverage, great characteristics, perfect price. Highly recommended at such a perfect price!

  • It is compact and effective.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

Powerful enough to cover our offices located on 2 floors. Great product and service. received the package after a week of expectation in perfect conditions, with all the accessories. A bit later we decided to mount additional antenna on the 2nd floor so we ordered it separately. Everything works perfectly! Now thinking about upgrading to 3g network as well. Thanks!

Purchased Nikrans NS150GD

I give positive feedback as purchased LCD-300GD and the connection is good now. Thumb up!

  • good functionality
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250C+4G

The service impressed me! Very attentive and competent advices from managers. I won't install the repeater without them. Thank you, the booster functions well now and I can call from any point of the house.

  • perfect support, device is OK
Purchased Nikrans LCD500GW

This is the second booster I have had from Myamplifiers, an additional one for our offices, and the first one is already installed in my house and functions at its best! The service at Myamplifiers has always been excellent and delivery is speedy. More than that they have an amazing help line and access to an engineer who can always make up a personal solution by your requirements. Never thought of buying this new system from anywhere else! PS. The dualband booster is an exceptional model for 3g and phone calls and of large coverage. I recommend it to anyone who needs all-in-one solution.

Purchased Nikrans NS1100GW

This is a great system if you just want to plug it in and forget about it. Overall, the coverage is the best I've ever experienced. In my 4 level house, I get nearly full bars from the farthest point. Strongly recommended!

Purchased Nikrans NS-150GD

The home mobile signal booster does what it says it will do. We went from barely one as at a single window to full signal all over. Our house is insulated concrete forms with metal roofing. I am very impressed. Has been working great. I am able to stream data and make a phone call. Wonderful to have if you work remotely and are in poor coverage areas.

  • Makes the signal stronger and more reliable.
Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

Thanks for all MyAmplifiers' team for your help in choosing the right booster for me. I like everything, functioning, attractive price, quick installation and fast delivery. This repeater works well with our provider MEO and covers two floors of our small house. Also it supports 5 mobile phones in the same time without any interference.

  • Reliable, economic, high quality and performance
  • The delivery was delayed for 2 days
Purchased Nikrans MA300

We got a new MA300 amplifier for boosting mobile signal reception in our family cottage house near Clermont. Husband says he had no troubles setting up the unit - while he was installing the booster and antennas, I was checking mobile signal reception. I also love the low cost of the unit.

  • Relatively easy setup. Low cost.
  • Waited for extra week for the package to come.
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

Your customer service representative can hardly be better. I am very impressed how committed Yana is and how safe and complete she has followed me throughout this difficult process.

  • Wide choice of boosters
  • Technically I could wished me better choice in cable lengths and cable selection should have been thinner leaders.