Asiakkaiden suositukset

Me todella välitämme asiakkaiden tyytyväisyydestä ja mielellämme saamme ideoita Myamplifiers-palvelun ja -tuotteiden parantamiseksi! Täältä kannattaa lukea asiakkaiden suosittelut palveluistamme ja signaalin tehostajista.

Voit myös lähettää meille palautetta tai arvostelusi jakamalla omat näkemyksesi ihmisten kanssa.

* Arvosteluja lähetetään alun perin kirjoittajien äidinkielissä. Kuitenkin asiakkaiden mukavuuden vuoksi kääntäämme ne tärkeimpiin eurooppalaisiin kieliin.

Osti Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Erittäin siisti laite!

  • Signaalit parantuivat välittömästi heti kun tehostin kytkettiin päälle.
  • Tarvitsin asennukseen enemmän aikaa kuin ennustin.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

I no longer have to go outside to make a call! I had dropped calls for way too long. I did some research and found out that aluminum siding reduces cell signal. I saw this booster on Myamplifiers and bought it. It is worth every penny. I mounted the antenna at the peak of my house and followed the very simple installation instructions. I have gone from 1 signal bar to 4 bars on my phone.

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G PRO

I mounted this thing in my RV. The external antenna is on the back of the RV, the inside antenna is in the front of the RV. The outside antenna points east and the inside antenna points north. The signal amplifier does boost the signal. Awesome product!!! I now have cell service inside my RV. Data is pretty fast too.

  • Gets the job done, but cost too much.
Purchased Nikrans NS5000GD

Just want to put out there that my Nikrans booster has been working fine on both frequencies. Perfect in all aspects with incredibly great range. I also want to mention the company service, because on the one hand the package was shipped out from Hong Kong and I expected it to arrive from the EU, but on the other hand, the company compensated me the customs fee, which is a plus to their service. All in all, feel satisfied with the purchase.

  • 2 bands, great range, Myamplifiers service
  • was delivered from Hong Kong, not Europe, though the company compensated the customs fee
Purchased Nikrans NS150 GW

There was no internet and no opportunity to make calls in the office situated in four-storeyed business building we moved to. So embarassaing! This dual band booster turned out to be the solution. Thank you!

  • the dual band booster improves both voice and internet connection just as it was promised
  • I didn't notice any yet
Purchased Nikrans NS500-GSM+4G PRO

My house is on the edge of mobile phone coverage. The house has a metal roof. I had to stand next to a window on one side of the house to use my cell phone. The rest of the house had no service at all. I bought this 4g signal amplifier. It took half an hour to install. I mounted the outside antenna on a pole on the roof where I received best signal. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

I set up the booster and its antennas according to the manual but the indicator did not turn on. But I noticed that at the same time Internet started to work much better, I contacted support rep, and we found out that the indicator was damaged during transportation. They offered me to change it, but I don´t want, the booster works and gives perfect result, and this is all I need.

  • the booster works and I can surf the Internet easily, just perfect!
  • a bit confusing situation with the indicator, it doesn´t turn on though the device works
Osti Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Nyt en tiedä kuinka onnistuin elämään ilman vakaa matkapuhelinyhteyttä kotona. Tämän tehostimen avulla voin lopuksi käyttää matkapuhelininternettiä ilman tarvetta maksaa WiFi-palveluntarjoajalle. Vaikka laite ei ole kovin halpa, voin silti säästää rahaa.

Purchased Nikrans NS-150

Our area cell coverage is unreliable. Our house also has a metal roof and is surrounded by mountains. The best signal outside was 1 bar before we purchase this amplifier. We most of the time would drop the call. We decided to try this unit and see what happened. The installation went smoothly. I did the whole job in 2 hours. I would highly recommend this product if you have spotty reception.

Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Ana helped me out within a second every time I asked something via e-mail. So everything was alright about the order, hope the product will also be working well in the building. (I am sure it will)

  • Wide choice of boosters
Purchased Nikrans MA-250GW

Thank you very much for you services. I bought this model and installed it yesterday. It works perfectly. I even can not believe that it gives me such a good result for a low price. Installation wasn't complicate and the coverage capacity is enough to cover my entire house.

Osti Nikrans NS-5000GDW

Hei kaverit! Kiitos verkkosivustanne ja työstänne. Pidän todella siitä, kuinka kaikki tiedot esitetään verkossa ja kuinka tarkkaavainen olette asiakkaidesi suhteen. Tilasimme tämän toistimen toimistollemme, emmekä ole havainneet mitään ongelmia tai haittoja kahden kuukauden käytön jälkeen.

  • Vakaa ja vahva yhteys
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

This is pricey but does exactly what it advertised to do. I live in a rural area with spotty mobile phone service. The booster has amplified the bars on my phone. Moreover, you don’t need to be a handyman to install this device. Working great. Good item! I recommend this repeater to my family and friends that don’t have good reception either.

Purchased Nikrans NS-150

It’s hard to believe, but thanks to MyAmplifiers I started to save money and time. Since I bought a mobile booster at their website I haven’t been spending money on endless call backs caused by drops. I don’t have to ask the person on the other side of the line to repeat one and the same thing twice. It’s a great device. I like it!

Purchased Nikrans NS-GD-Drive

This car booster is one of the most useful purchases I have ever made! Quick and easy installation, understandable working principle, attentive attitude of the company’s staff. I really liked it! I’m using it constantly when I am on the move, and thanks to it, I can enjoy great quality of mobile coverage inside the car, no matter where I go.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500AWS

Unlike most people describe here I do not live in suburbs or in the countryside, but I bought LCD-500AWS two weeks ago. I opened my own hairdresser's in the dense city area (I think it will be beneficial for my business) and to my enormous surprise, my Sony Ericson has only 1 bar on it most of time. The AT6200P I've bought works well, I can see 4 bars on my cell phone now. So I have nothing bad to say now, let's wait and see.

  • I finally have stable reception. Besides, they say that the LCD-500AWS reduces the radiation output from the cell phone as it provides stronger signal.
  • Not all my clients have modern mobile phones, and some of them still complain about quality (they have maximum 3 bars). However, it might be their antique cells with weak batteries, I can't say for sure.
Osti Nikrans LCD-1000GDW

Ostimme tämän laitteen ostoskeskuksemme. Olin vaikuttunut tämän tehostimen kattavuudesta. Se on hienoa, että siinä on kaksi sisäkattoantennia, ja jos sinulla on iso rakennus, riittää, että ostat vain yhden laitteen kahden tai kolmen sijaan.

Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Smart

I've been using boosters in my house for several years now and the technology has come a long way in that time! In my case, I have a radiant barrier in the attic that kills my indoor cell signal. Without the booster, I was lucky to have any signal at all in the house, even though there were 4-5 bars in the yard. I have a 2-story home and this booster covers the entire house with a solid 5-bar signal!

Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I received my repeater very quickly and in full set – two antennas with cables, a booster box and all necessary mountings. Plus the company sent me a user’s manual and provided a three-year warranty for the product. It works without any problems. The installation didn’t cause any issues. I would like to thank MyAmplifiers for caring approach to their clients and great work!

Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I purchased this for my parents who live on a farm. To use their mobile phone they had to go outside or lean against a window in the corner of the house. We installed the antenna at the highest point we could reach on their roof. Once we powered the unit, cell service was immediately available on everyone's phones. 4G was a bonus for me, as I cannot live a day without the Internet. Very easy to install and highly recommended.

Purchased Nikrans NS-3G-A

It was my husband who insisted on buying this repeater. I opposed at first. Anyway, now we cannot do without it, this booster is awesome!! We travel a lot and there are situations when we badly need Internet (when we get lost or want to find any sights on the way). We tried it last weekend when we went to Chateau de Chenonceau . This summer we are thinking of travelling around Europe, and NS-3G-A will hopefully help us.

  • It made our trips less troublesome. It is a perfect device for the money!
Purchased Nikrans NS500GD

Hello, I ordered the repeater because I got tired of poor audibility of phone calls. It was pleasant to receive a discount coupon for Xmas, It persuaded me to buy the repeater finally. Recommend it to everyone with similar connection problems.

  • Durability. Small size and weigh. Discount. Comaptibility with T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone.
  • I found the installation a bit difficult, though my brother did it on half an hour.
Purchased Nikrans LCD-250C+3G+4G

I just wanna say HUGE thanks to the guy i chatted with. The dual band extender is AWESOME!!! I’ve got 6 bars and don’t think it’s pricey, high cost for superb performance, so stop complaining and decide what you want in fact!

  • just like it’s described – 100 % worthy device
  • did you really expect me to write smth?? )))
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

This device proved to be an absolute game changer. We live on the outskirts of a small town. You can hardly make a voice phone call or send a text without putting your phone in the window sill there. Most places in the house were a complete dead zone until we installed this signal amplifier. The indoor antenna doesn’t cover the entire house, but now we can get 4G LTE speeds in main rooms.

Osti Nikrans MA-300GDW

The booster is very comfortable to use. I didn’t install any software and didn’t buy any mountings for the set up. All necessary accessories were sent together with the amplifier and the antennas and I managed to install the device on my own guided by the instructions given. Works perfectly, without any complaints.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

I cannot be without a mobile signal booster. The one that I installed 10 years ago died and this one is a close, direct replacement, just improved. The new system has a stronger signal than the first unit does. This booster is great! Works as advertised.

  • Powerful and top-notch device, courteous customer service
Osti Nikrans LCD-300GDW

Hyvä laite, mutta asennus on hieman hankalaa.

  • Vakaa työ!
  • Minulle oli vaikea asentaa ulkoantennia.
Osti Nikrans NS-5000GDW

Ei ongelmia. Erinomainen laite. Kiitos. P.S. Anteeksi, en ole kovin hyvä kirjoittamaan arvosteluja ja kommentteja :) Mutta uskokaa minua: ostamalla tämän tehostimen saat kaiken mitä verkkosivustolla on kuvattu.

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

When I moved into my new home, there was no phone service inside the house. I had to go outside to make a call, and even then, I often lost 4G signal. I purchased the signal booster. Now, I never miss a call and can actually talk to friends as long as my cell phone battery holds up. It's great! Had small problem, customer service was even greater!

Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

I was skeptical but I need mobile service in my apartment. My apartment is a dead zone, 1-2 bars at best, cracking reception and dropped calls. I bought the device and plugged it in (surprisingly easy) and it works for me. After setting this unit up I made calls all over my apartment. Highly recommend it!

Osti Nikrans LCD-1200GD

Hyvä laite, joka on rahansa arvoinen.

  • Lukuisten yhteyksien tuki ilman signaalin laadun heikkenemistä
  • Ensi silmäyksellä saattaa tuntua siltä, että asennus vie tunteja (pelkäsin aloittaa), mutta kaikki oli kunnossa :)
Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

My operator is respected by millions of people thanks to reliability and trustworthiness. Nevertheless, as well as many other subscribers, I suffer from signal issues which appear in the rural areas. Actually, my parents live in the village and I had to deal with poor coverage every time I went to visit them. But thanks to MyAmplifiers, the situation changed and they have a strong and stable connection at their place.