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The cell phone communication system has brought considerable convenience to our everyday life. We can make calls to our friends, family, and business partners while being away from our home or office. Cell phones become especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In the case of an emergency, a timely call can save somebody’s life.

Unfortunately, there are still some places where people can find themselves “out of coverage”. Usually those places are either too far from the cell phone base station or located inside, or in underground, constructions. For example:

  • Parking lots, tunnels
  • Big stores, office buildings
  • Cars, boats etc.
  • House in remote areas

In order to keep the signal strong enough for comfortable usage of a cell phone, the cell phone amplifier was designed. It is a special device to intensify the signal that comes from the base station to the phone and vice versa. In other words, it generates a “copy” of a signal and transmits it to the cell phone. The distance from the station to an amplifier should be less than 35 km.

A regular cell phone amplifier consists of:

Cell phone amplifier improve your cell phone signal
  1. - An outdoor antenna (including 10 meters of standard coaxial cable)
  2. - An indoor omni antenna
  3. - 5 meters of standart coaxial cable
  4. - A power supply (DC 10V)
  5. - The cell phone amplifier

The outside antenna catches a weak signal from the mobile base station and transfers it to the cell phone amplifier through the connecting coaxial cable.

  • After the signal is received by the amplifier, the device amplifies it.
  • The amplified signal is then passed through the second connecting coaxial cable to the inside antenna.
  • Finally, the amplified signal is transmitted to the cell phone.
See Cell phone amplifier

All our cell phone signal boosters work in full duplex: they not only receive a weak signal from a mobile base station and send to mobile phones after amplification, they also receive signals from mobile phones, amplify them, and send them to the mobile base station.

The installation of the cell phone amplifier can be done manually, though some minor skills are required. Please, follow the guidelines in the manual carefully to safely install the amplifier. Note that for effective booster functioning the external antenna should be mounted in a place where signal reception is strong and stable enough — preferably 2-3 bars on the phone screen.

The installed cell phone amplifier lets you hold your conversations even in areas that were previously considered unreachable for a cell phone signal before.

The difference between amplifies is in its coverage and capacity.

Please, note that the coverage may differ depending on the building. The coverage can be expanded by installing a few amplifiers in different place of a building. Capacity influences the number of cell phones can be used simultaneously. The number varies from 5 to more than 100.

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