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Cell Phone Booster for Car

Driving a car we can often face the problem of unstable mobile 3G or GSM signal. Such a difficulty may arise when you are on the way because of natural loss of power in wireless transmissions, differing environmental conditions, shadow effects from buildings and many other reasons.

This problem can be easily solved by cell phone booster for car. They will release you from loss of many business opportunities, or important family calls, especially when you are going from one destination to another.

If when driving a car you experience the same inconveniences with mobile coverage you’re welcome to choose the most appropriate mobile signal booster for you. In different countries mobile providers function at different frequencies. To choose the car cell phone signal booster you need you can use our Search form. That is an automatic application able to choose a suitable mobile booster according to your country, mobile provider and signal coverage area. Providing you’re aware of the frequency of your mobile provider you can also make a choice of the booster with the help of the catalogue below. 

All our cell phone GSM boosters for car are convenient to use and install. The device comes complete with everything necessary for installation of a system, so it´s easy to fix it on your own in 15-20 minutes. After the installation the booster will start improving signals automatically in 5-7 seconds and you could use your cell phone freely when you’re on the go. To get more information about the installation of the boosters have a look at the manual on the pages with corresponding booster models or visit our webpage “How to install”.

All our boosters for car are active amplifiers based on an advanced power amplification technology. Their quality is proved and guaranteed by the international RoHS and CE certifications.

If you’d like to answer some questions or get additional information of cell phone booster for car you’re welcome to contact us.

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