GSM LTE tehostin Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G lisäantenni

Toimii Maassa Finland seuraavilla:

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kantavuus sisätiloissa: 800 m²
2 BandPuhelut/GSM4G/LTE
GSM LTE tehostin Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G
Kit includes:
  • LCD800-GSM+4G LTE-signaalin toistin,
  • sis√§antenni + kaapeli 5m,
  • antenni ulkok√§ytt√∂√∂n + kaapeli 20m,
  • virtal√§hde,
  • k√§ytt√∂opas.

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Toimitusaika: 3‚Äď7 ty√∂p√§iv√§√§
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30 päivän palautusoikeus
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LCD800-GSM+4G Tietoja

Nikrans LCD800-GSM + 4G-signaalin toistin on suunniteltu alhaisen GSM- ja 4G-liitännän vahvistamiseen. Laite takaa luotettavan GSM- ja Internet-laadun jatkuvilla puheluilla, täydellisellä video- ja äänilähteellä, kätevällä Internet-selaimella ja mobiilisovelluksilla ilman rajoituksia.

GSM LTE tehostin (4g lisäantenni) Nikrans LCD800-GSM + 4G on tehokas suurille alueille (esim. tilavat talot, toimistot, kaupat, pysäköintialueet, kahvilat jne.), jotka ovat noin 800 m2 (9000 ft2). Toistimen taajuusalue on 800 MHz 4G Internetille ja 900 MHz GSM-puheluille sekä 3G Internetille sillä edellytyksellä, että matkapuhelinoperaattori tukee 3G 900 MHz: n taajuusalueella.

Nikransilla on joukko erityispiirteitä tehokkaampaan ja luotettavampaan työhön:

  • LCD-n√§ytt√∂, jossa on j√§rjestelm√§n tiedot. LCD-n√§yt√∂ll√§ on n√§ytetty kaikki j√§rjestelm√§n t√§rkeimm√§t parametrit, kuten signaalinohjaus, teho, sis√§√§n- ja ulostulosignaali. Asennusprosessi on yht√§ yksinkertainen kuin koskaan koska n√§et n√§yt√∂ll√§ vinkkej√§.
  • Energians√§√§st√∂tila. Nikrans siirtyy lepotilaan, kun puheluja tai Internet-toimintoja ei suoriteta. Kun tehostin tunnistaa puhelun tai Internetin k√§yt√∂n, se siirtyy automaattisesti toimintatilaan.
  • Automaattinen toiminnanohjaus. LCD800-GSM + 4G -vahvistin voi s√§√§t√§√§ j√§rjestelm√§n vahvistusta ja signaalin voimakkuutta. Kaikki t√§m√§ auttaa v√§ltt√§m√§√§n itsens√§ eksitaatiota. Ongelman ilmetess√§ laite sammuu automaattisesti.

LCD800-GSM + 4G täyttää nykyaikaisten teknisten standardien vaatimukset, jotka voidaan todistaa kansainvälisten CE- ja RoHS-sertifikaattien ja kahden vuoden takuun avulla.

GSM+4G lisäantenni
Safety & Certification

Every Nikrans signal booster is confirmed to be 100% safe for its users, mobile devices and the environment. It also doesn’t emit radiation that can be dangerous for humans. On the contrary, improving mobile signal reception the booster decreases emissive power of mobile phones in poorly covered zones. It’s explained by the fact that mobile devices spread heavily when they’re looking for a stronger cellular signal. The absolute safety of Nikrans boosters is proven by the international safety certifications CE and RoHS. Read more about certification of Nikrans equipment here.

LCD800-GSM+4G Tekniset tiedot

Kantavuus:800 m²
Nousulinkin taajuus:831-861 & 890-915
Laskulinkin taajuus:791-821 & 935-960
Nousulinkin voimakku:75 dB
Laskulinkin voimakkuus:80 dB
Lähtöteho:23 dBm
Toimintal√§mp√∂tila ¬įC:-25/+55 ¬įC
Ilmankosteus:5 - 95 %
Koko  (mm):320*267*58mm
Vahvistimen paino:4.2 kg
--TRANSLATE THIS(weight)--:7
Virtalähde:Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A


Kuinka matkapuhelintoistin toimii?
Kuinka montaa samanaikaista 3G-yhteyttä matkapuhelintoistin tukee?
Mikä on suositeltu enimmäispituus ulkoantennin ja matkapuhelinsignaalin toistimen väliselle kaapelille?
Mikä on suositeltu enimmäispituus sisäantennin ja matkapuhelinsignaalin toistimen väliselle kaapelille?
Onko toistimen käyttö turvallista?
Kuinka montaa samanaikaista 3G-yhteyttä matkapuhelintoistin tukee?
In Finland FICORA determines which frequencies can radio equipment use for interference-free functioning. The main means of guiding spectrum use is a license that entitles its holder to possess and use a radio transmitter. Radio equipment requires a license from FICORA, unless the equipment is separately exempted from licensing. License-exempt radio equipment and the frequencies they use in Finland are listed in FICORA's Regulation No. 15.

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LCD800-GSM+4G Asiakkaiden tarinoita

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal.
We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal.

Ing. Pablo Colmenarez (Barcelona, Spain)

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal. Now the signal level has risen significantly, and we have wide coverage zone at our working sites.

My one regret is that I didn’t get one of these years ago.

In recent weeks I purchased two units from - in hindsight I did not need to do this since one unit would have sufficed but that was a mistake on my part. One unit was to boost my Mobile Phone signal. I have lived in my present home since 2009 and have not been able to use my mobile phone indoors. This, as you can imagine, has been very frustrating.

My cellar is a real bunker! NS-300GD
My cellar is a real bunker! NS-300GD

Delpart Nicolas (Gembloux, Belgium)

I compared your items and your prices with those from other sites. But what convinced me was your short video presentation.

Now I can phone from my office with no problem at all.

I've bought from your website because your tariffs comparing with others are better. I find this site simple and well made.

LCD800-GSM+4G Asiakkaiden arviot*

A (Denmark)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Had little signal, if any. Now I have a signal and my cell phone works great. The amplifier does what it said. Finally, I have excellent reception at home. Went from no signal inside and 1 bar outside, to 3 bars inside. Great investment. Highly recommend it.

Shipped on time, looks and works good. Outstanding for rural area with weak signal. It's expensive, but it's worth it.

A (France)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I live in a very marginal area for cell phone reception. I had a poor signal. I usually could not make a call or use 4G without walking around trying to find some signal. This mobile signal booster kit made, and is still making a great improvement in the use of cell and smart phones. I followed the instructions, the installation process is simple. Why didn't I buy this thing earlier?

I (Switzerland)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I want to thank the team of MyAmplifiers and wish them further prosperity and success. I really appreciated their customer oriented approach and the high quality of their products. I bought a signal booster for my flat, because mobile coverage there left much to be desired. And I am so pleased with the result, that I’m going to purchase another one for my office.

V (Bulgaria)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I am satisfied with my booster very much! When my wife and I moved to the country, we noticed that the mobile signal there was awful. It was completely impossible to speak on the phone or 4G and stay calm. So we decided to order a booster at MyAmplifiers. The order came three days later, everything was as described. The result is very good ‚Äď no more signal problems, no more spoilt nerves.

R (South Africa)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Guys, thank you very much! The repeater came in time, I installed it easily and now I’m enjoying perfect connection in my cottage. Special thanks to the support team! The manager on the phone cleared up all the details regarding the set up and the components of the amplifying system. Informative, polite and friendly treatment is the priority of the team. Liked them very much!

A (United Arab Emirates)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Great company! Great staff! Great support team! I’ve been their client for more than four years and every time I received good quality products and was fully satisfied with the services. I have never met such a team and such an attitude. I wish all the best to MyAmplifiers. Keep on doing like that!

J (Spain)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I received my repeater very quickly and in full set ‚Äď two antennas with cables, a booster box and all necessary mountings. Plus the company sent me a user‚Äôs manual and provided a three-year warranty for the product. It works without any problems. The installation didn‚Äôt cause any issues. I would like to thank MyAmplifiers for caring approach to their clients and great work!

B (Luxembourg)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Initially, I had some problems with the installation, as I couldn’t understand how the booster works. So I decided to call the support team for consultation. The manager was very polite and explained everything in detail. Thanks to him, I managed to work out how the device functioned and finished the installation successfully.

K (the Switzerland)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I bet this GSM+LTE amplifier works outstanding!!! We set it up for 2 hours (maybe a bit more, I do not remember exactly), and forgot about horrible mobile signal reception once and for all:):):)

outstanding mobile signal reception and good price Still have not found any...

R (Switzerland)
Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

Ana helped me out within a second every time I asked something via e-mail.So everything was alright about the order, hope the product will also be working well in the building. (I am sure it will)

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gsm lte tehostin nikrans lcd800-gsm+4g lisäantenni

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