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Harry (United Kingdom)

This device is a "must have" for me, I live in the mountain areas where 4G reception is very spotty. I haven't had a 4G/Call dropped since installing. This was a replacement for a 6 y.o. signal booster. This was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. Takes a weak signal and boosts it to be very reliable. I'm quite impressed with this gadget.

Hugo (Denmark)

Installed at my lake house, cell signal before I installed was spotty at best. Now I have a very good and reliable GSM/4G signal. Works excellent whereas before had no service. Everything you need is right in the box. This device boosted my signal from one bar to 3-4 bars. Have recommended it to others, now 2 other family members also purchased and have had the same results.

Liam (Belgium)

Was given information on this product from a friend. What can I say? It’s an excellent product! Installation was a breeze and we now have great signal in our office. I have a sub office I plan on ordering this device for the office as well now. This amplifier is really strong. Immensely better than the model we had before. Made everyone extremely happy.

Francois (France)

I mounted this thing in my RV. The external antenna is on the back of the RV, the inside antenna is in the front of the RV. The outside antenna points east and the inside antenna points north. The signal amplifier does boost the signal. Awesome product!!! I now have cell service inside my RV. Data is pretty fast too.

Gets the job done, but costs too much.

Alba (Spain)

This booster has done a great job at increasing our cell phone signal to a level that is quite usable. As it states in the instructions, it can only do so well when it receives a low signal. Went from 1 bar to 4 and no gaps in 4G service. You need to do a proper installation for the booster to work, but if you do you will be rewarded with a solid signal.

Nice product.

Expensive, but worth it.

Marcus (Italy)

The home mobile signal booster does what it says it will do. We went from barely one as at a single window to full signal all over. Our house is insulated concrete forms with metal roofing. I am very impressed. Has been working great. I am able to stream data and make a phone call. Wonderful to have if you work remotely and are in poor coverage areas.

Makes the signal stronger and more reliable.

Arthur (Norway)

I thought long and hard about purchasing this device because it was too expensive. I have a metal roof and I was lucky to get one bar on my smartphone. I took the plunge and purchased this amplifier and could not be happier. I am able to make calls with a good strong signal. I get full bars in a couple of rooms in my house and in other rooms I get 2 to 3 bars but the connection is good and solid.

Mark (Ireland)

I have 10,000 sq.ft. shop, metal building with no signal inside. Went from 1- no bars to 4-5 bars. There was significant improvement. No more dropped calls. Calls are now clear, not broken. Speed is fast using data with multiple phones using it. The device is great! Highly recommend!!! Getting another one for the other shop.

This product works great. The unit is packaged well.

Rasmus (Estonia)

Works great! We work in a metal building and had a hard time getting a signal until we installed this signal booster. We used to have to go outside to talk on cell phone, not to mention 4G. Now after installing the system, we are getting steady 4-5 bars and crystal clear call quality and excellent 4G Internet. It was well worth the price!!

Very pleased with performance. Good price and fast service!

Margarita (Spain)

In the building where I live there is little signal no matter who your carrier is. Near the window I'm lucky to have 2 bars. I bought this trying to get up to three bars. Now I have 3-4 bars + stable 4G Internet. Calls are easier to make, no lags in 4G connection.

High-quality product at a reasonable price.

The angle bracket should be made stronger. I saw the antenna vibrating in the wind of about 10 mph.

Nikolaos (Cyprus)

We had one to two bars outside. Boost our cell signal in a mobile home to 3, sometimes 4 bars 4G. Very handy! I installed the signal booster in middle of the trailer and mounted the antenna on 10 ft. pole on back porch. Well worth the money. Works great for us and reception is great.

Very well designed, good quality of materials. Exactly what the description states.

Delay in delivery.

Uwe (Switzerland)

I purchased this unit for my parents’ house. The location is right over the top of a mountain, where service barely reaches them.Typically, they receive only 1 to 2 bars of 4G service, frequently dropping connection completely. After installing the kit above the 2nd story roof, I was able to mount the antenna roughly 5 feet above the roof line. The service now is 3 to 5 bars of full LTE service.

Sebastien (France)

Constant dropped calls in a rural location. Lucky if I had the ability to make calls. Installed and ran my own cable due to distance to amplifier location. Strong 3-4 bar signal now vs. 1 bar. No dropped calls and it will pay for itself. Also noted 4G access which has been awesome during bad weather as satellite is unreliable.

Excellent product. Brings cell signal inside the building.

Omar (United Arab Emirates)

Really a booster, works as expected. From one bar and dropped calls to 3-4 bars and excellent quality of calls! This is such a great product. It only takes around 35 minutes to setup, and everything needed is in the box. Very easy to install and gave us signal coverage in all areas of our building. If you have a situation as similar to us, I would definitely recommend it!!

Alex (Denmark)

Had little signal, if any. Now I have a signal and my cell phone works great. The amplifier does what it said. Finally, I have excellent reception at home. Went from no signal inside and 1 bar outside, to 3 bars inside. Great investment. Highly recommend it.

Shipped on time, looks and works good. Outstanding for rural area with weak signal.

It's expensive, but it's worth it.

Aurelien (France)

I live in a very marginal area for cell phone reception. I had a poor signal. I usually could not make a call or use 4G without walking around trying to find some signal. This mobile signal booster kit made, and is still making a great improvement in the use of cell and smart phones. I followed the instructions, the installation process is simple. Why didn't I buy this thing earlier?

Ingo (Switzerland)

I want to thank the team of MyAmplifiers and wish them further prosperity and success. I really appreciated their customer oriented approach and the high quality of their products. I bought a signal booster for my flat, because mobile coverage there left much to be desired. And I am so pleased with the result, that I’m going to purchase another one for my office.

Veronica (Bulgaria)

I am satisfied with my booster very much! When my wife and I moved to the country, we noticed that the mobile signal there was awful. It was completely impossible to speak on the phone or 4G and stay calm. So we decided to order a booster at MyAmplifiers. The order came three days later, everything was as described. The result is very good – no more signal problems, no more spoilt nerves.

Richard (South Africa)

Guys, thank you very much! The repeater came in time, I installed it easily and now I’m enjoying perfect connection in my cottage. Special thanks to the support team! The manager on the phone cleared up all the details regarding the set up and the components of the amplifying system. Informative, polite and friendly treatment is the priority of the team. Liked them very much!

Abraham (United Arab Emirates)

Great company! Great staff! Great support team! I’ve been their client for more than four years and every time I received good quality products and was fully satisfied with the services. I have never met such a team and such an attitude. I wish all the best to MyAmplifiers. Keep on doing like that!

José Ramón (Spain)

I received my repeater very quickly and in full set – two antennas with cables, a booster box and all necessary mountings. Plus the company sent me a user’s manual and provided a three-year warranty for the product. It works without any problems. The installation didn’t cause any issues. I would like to thank MyAmplifiers for caring approach to their clients and great work!

Benjamin (Luxembourg)

Initially, I had some problems with the installation, as I couldn’t understand how the booster works. So I decided to call the support team for consultation. The manager was very polite and explained everything in detail. Thanks to him, I managed to work out how the device functioned and finished the installation successfully.

Olivia (Germany)

Ordered a signal repeater at MyAmplifiers to improve poor signal in my restaurant. The shipment took five days. I installed the device by myself. As soon as I plugged it in, the repeater started to boost signal and the mobile coverage in the restaurant became significantly better. The model is compatible not only with my operator but with others as well.

Stuart (Portugal)

I recommend this device to anyone who has problems with mobile internet! You have no idea what this amplifier is capable of! With it, I can keep my nerves and I do not have to reload one and the same page in the mobile browser a hundred times! As for the shortcomings, then maybe the price. But believe me, nerves are more important!

Victor (Spain)

The device really increases the mobile signal level and helps to better poor coverage. This means that the voice connection becomes stable and the speed is growing. Thanks to the amplifier, I moved from 2G to 3G. Moreover, the model is nice and doesn’t take much room in the house. My guests even didn’t notice it, they only paid attention to the change in coverage!

Josef (Israel)

The nearest base station is located 3 km in the forest. Without the amplifier I had no signal at all, sometimes 1 bar. I was tired of inability to make a call, and all my messages stayed undelivered. With the repeater I have 4-5 bars, stable connection, and speedy internet. The booster really affects positively on the mobile coverage.

Donald (United Kingdom)

I didn’t believe that this device would help. I bought it in despair because it was impossible to use mobile phone inside my office. There were 1-2 bars maximum, and from time to time mobile reception disappeared at all. How happy I was to find out that the booster is really effective and that it could improve the signal up to 4, and sometimes even 5 bars.

Pete (France)

Perhaps I underestimated the power of this device. Before the installation, the signal in the house was practically absent and I thought that after I purchased the repeater, the connection would improve by a maximum of one - two points. However, I was wrong. After the set up my mobile device has shown three-four bars stable.

Adam (Switzerland)

The booster strengthens the signal where it is practically nonexistent. I’ve tested, indeed. The cables in the set are long enough, which is quite convenient if the booster box is not close to the antennas and the system unit. Another important issue is that the price is acceptable and does not repel the potential buyer.

Adam (Switzerland)

The booster strengthens the signal where it is practically nonexistent. I’ve tested, indeed. The cables in the set are long enough, which is quite convenient if the booster box is not close to the antennas and the system unit. Another important issue is that the price is acceptable and does not repel the potential buyer.

Jorgen (Sweden)

I live in the country but my office is situated in town. So every day I have to drive a long way before I reach my working place. In addition, the coverage of the operator is disgusting on the way to town. Fortunately, I no longer face this problem, as I have bought a car amplifier which perfectly struggles with poor coverage and ensures a stable reception.

Philippe (Belgium)

What I like most about this car booster model is that it can amplify GSM connection and internet simultaneously. It becomes possible thanks to the variety of frequencies supported by the repeater. There are no limitations concerning the number of users, so anyone who is in the car can use it.

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