Accessories for Cell Phone Repeaters

If you are already a happy owner of the mobile repeater but still need some extra parts or accessories, you will find every necessary detail on this page. Ordering additional accessories allows you to upgrade the whole equipment and adjust it to your personal needs. If you’re not sure which accessory to choose, contact our Support Managers for more information on repeater accessories. 

If you haven’t purchased a mobile repeater yet and have some hesitation regarding the right model, our Search form is at your disposal. This is a convenient program that will select the appropriate repeater model automatically according to the inserted data.

​At MyAmplifiers you can order the following accessories:

  • Antennas – If your booster is not able to boost a GSM​/3G/4G​ signal within the necessary area, you may need more powerful antennas suitable for better signal amplification. Provided antennas can be used with ​​​​Nikrans​ and ​Anytone ​mobile signal​ repeaters.
  • Splitters – In case you’re you eager to amplify the signal in more than one room these accessories will suit your needs. Splitters are able to distribute the signal effectively providing full coverage in any part of the accommodation. They’re compatible with all Nikrans​ and ​Anytone repeaters.
  • Cables – If you’ve obtained the necessary accessories for your booster you may need additional cables for their proper installation. One of these cables may also be useful if your area surface for signal amplification requires longer cables than they are in the kit. If you need a cable of not standard ​​length, please, contact our Support Managers
  • Lightning protection - Most often an outside antenna of the booster is placed high on the roof of a building that makes it a possible target for the lightning strike. In order to avoid a breakdown of any of signal booster components it is advisable to use lightning protection.

Note: Cables exceeding in length those ones which are included into the kit may deteriorate the amplification ability of the repeater. 

Indoor Antennas


Indoor Whip Antenna NS-WA-3D

In order to effectively boost the signal inside a large location, you are likely to need extra indoor antenna. Designed for indoor application, The antenna features omnidirectional design, has 3dBi gain and distributes GSM, 3G and 4G signal within 698-960Mhz and 1710-2690Mhz frequency bands. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. The antenna can be used with all Nikrans GSM/ 3G and 4G repeaters.The antenna is normally used without cable.


Indoor Ceiling Antenna NS-CA-3D

The best solution to increasing the range of signal boosting is the extra antenna. It is an omnidirectional indoor antenna for ceiling mounting. It works in a frequency range of 698-960Mhz and 1710-2690Mhz, and is compatible with every GSM/ 3G/ 4G mobile repeater from Nikrans. The antenna gain equals 3dBi. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55.  A 5m cable is included.


Indoor Panel Antenna NS-IPA-8D

Amplification of the low mobile signal can be easily performed with the help of the indoor panel antenna 8dbi. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. This antenna works in a frequency range of within 698-960Mhz and 1710-2690Mhz bands. That allows to transmit all GSM/3G and 4G signals. It has directional design and is supposed to be mounted on the wall. Suits for all Nikrans repeaters.  Cable is included.


Outdoor Antennas


Outdoor Beautification Yagi Antenna NS-BY-9D

Designed specifically for outdoor use, the directional outdoor antenna is a professional solution to the low signal issue. It can work at GSM, 3G and 4G frequencies effectively boosting signals within 698-960 MHz and 1710-2690 MHz bands. The gain level of Yagi antenna is 9.5dBi. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. Suits for all Nikrans booster models. A 5m cable is included.


Outdoor Panel Antenna NS-OPA-8D

The outdoor panel antenna is one of the most powerful and effective antennas for amplification of the low mobile signal. Its gain equals 8dbi. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. The uniqueness of this antenna consists in its Dual-Band mode that allows amplifying the signal both within 698-960 MHz and 1710-2690 MHz bands. This antenna has directional design. Suits for all Nikrans cell phone repeaters. A​ 5m​ cable is included.




Two-Way Splitter NS-WS-2W

A two-way splitter is an irreplaceable accessory for you if your mobile repeater is meant for two or more rooms. It can operate at the frequency range of 698-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz providing all the house, office building or store with an improved signal. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. 3m cable is included. Compatible with all Nikrans mobile repeaters.


Three-Way Splitter NS-WS-3W

So that to take maximum advantage of your powerful mobile repeater, you will need a splitter that distributes the improved signal to three or more different rooms. This option is widely used in stores, office buildings and private houses. This three-way splitter works in 698-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz frequency bands. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. The splitter is delivered with 3 m cable.


Four-Way Splitter NS-WS-4W

The most effective splitter for a large location is a four-way splitter that permits distributing the signal to four different directions simultaneously. The supported frequency range is from 698-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. The kit contains 3 m cable. All cell phone repeaters from Nikrans can be used with this splitter.




15m Cable for GSM, 3G and 4G COAX5D-FB-15M

Suitable both for indoor and outdoor application, this coaxial cable can be used with any booster at Myamplifier that work at standard frequency bands - GSM, 3G, LTE, Single, Dual and Tri bands. This cable has a 15-meter length and features excellent shielding effectiveness and insulation resistance. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55.


10m Cable for GSM, 3G and 4G COAX5D-FB-10M

This universal and high-quality coaxial cable has 10 meters of length. It suits for mounting amplifiers that work at 900MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (DCS), 1900 MHz (PCS), 2100 MHz (3G), 4G LTE and with all Single, Dual Bands and TriBands. The cable features 73 kg of tensile strength and 50 ohm of characteristic impedance. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55.


5m Cable for GSM, 3G, 4G/ LTE COAX5D-FB-5M

This universal and high-quality coaxial cable has 5 meters of length. It suits for mounting amplifiers that work at 900MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (DCS), 1900 MHz (PCS), 2100 MHz (3G), 4G LTE and with all Dual Bands and TriBands. The cable features 73 kg of tensile strength and 50 ohm of characteristic impedance. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55.


20m Cable for GSM, 3G, 4G/ LTE COAX5D-FB-20M

This cable is a physical foam coaxial cable that is mainly used for radio communication, broadcasting, network, etc. Its impedance is 50ohm. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. And it is compatible with all our amplifiers that work at GSM, 3G/ 4G or several frequency bands. . It's recommended to use long cables only with advanced powerful boosters, not with the basic ones for better efficiency. 20m​ is also mostly used for outdoor application.


Lightning protection


Lightning Surge Protector NS-LSP

A lightning surge protector is a device designed to prevent the signal booster system from being damaged in the case if lightning strikes the outside antenna. If you live in a region prone to thunderstorms that will be a good idea to use a lightning protector between the outside antenna and the booster in order to protect it from a breakdown. A grounding wire is shipped with the device. The Ingress Protection Code is IP55. Read more on the installation tips of a lightning protector.

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