Return Policy

Please, note that every seller has a different return policy. Find out what the seller's policy is before you buy. Note that these policies may change during promotions and for items on sale.

There is no law that says all sellers must take back an item. But our company guarantees that you can return your order and get a refund. We really care about our customer’s satisfaction. If there is something you don`t like about the purchased items, just let us know to arrange the return or exchange.

We allow you to bring goods back but only if you fulfill the set of conditions:

In case the item you received was damaged or defected, than you will receive a free replacement. After we receive the damaged item back, we will send the replacement to you free of charge as soon as it is available.

We provide our products with 2-year warranty. Your return order will be proceed in 2-3 weeks terms.

Important! We kindly ask you to check the external state, the whole kit and manual availability of the required equipment within a week after the product acceptance. In case you find some inconformity to the ordered kit or any external damages of the equipment you're welcome to contact our client support service in order to change the equipment  or find any other solution to the issue.  

If a client appeals to the client support service concerning incomplete kit or exterior damages within more than 1-week period the client support service has the right to deny free change of the equipment or part of it. Such a condition is valid in case the doubts appeared that the product was damaged  (or part of the kit was lost) after the order acceptance by the client. 


or simply contact us:, +(44)2037691854 (Sales), Sales Chat