Cellular Booster For Home Nikrans LCD-300 GW

in United Kingdom this booster works with:

Indoor coverage: 3300 ft2
2 Band
Calls / GSM 3G

Cellular Booster For Home Nikrans LCD-300 GW

  • LCD300 GW dual band amplifier,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual

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Nikrans LCD-300GW Overview

Nikrans LCD-300 GW is a new model with LCD screen displaying most important information: outdoor and indoor signal level, setup and error hints and others. It is used for effective amplification of low GSM and 3G signals at a time. This dual band cellular booster for home Nikrans LCD 300 GW is predominantly effective for middle-sized areas such as houses with underground floors or offices up to 300 m(3200 ft2). LCD 300 GW works perfectly with the majority of European and other providers all over the world.

Due to dual band characteristics of the amplifier you'll be provided not only with reliable voice communication but also stable 3G Internet access on your mobile phone.

Among major features of the LCD-300GW booster there are:

  • LCD display.Even if you do not have technical skills, you'll easily manage this booster as the LCD screen shows recommendations for installation, error notifications, indoor and outdoor signal level helping to adjust the antennas position.
  • Automatic Gain and Signal Control. The smart system will adjust its gain basing on the incoming signal level. This helps work effectively and without interference. In case of a problem, a booster shows error notification and turns down automatically if needed.
  • Energy saving mode. The peculiarity of LCD300 GW is sleep mode that activates where there are no incoming and outgoing calls or 3G data current. This function helps you save energy.
  • Compact lightweight design. The device suits any office or home interior thanks to its hi-tech design and LCD screen. It also works in any environmental conditions.

LCD-300 GW cellular booster for home has CE and RoHS certificates, which guarantees that the device is safe for human health.

Buy this dual band amplifier now and get rid of problems with a signal once for all!

Dual band amplifier Nikrans LCD300 GW system comes complete with all the necessary instruments for functioning. The device installation is quick and easy. It takes 15-20 minutes of the amplifier doesn´t require any additional technical knowledge. The signal gets amplified in 5 seconds after the booster is turned on. So that if you install the amplifier properly you will be sure to enjoy stable communication on the phone as well as internet 3G in your place immediately.

Any mobile phone amplifier doesn´t influence human health negatively. What is more, the device reduces the level of radiation as any cell phone emits heavily when GSM and 3G signals are low or absent.

Nikrans LCD 300 GW cellular booster for home will boost internet 3G and voice connections in any small location effectively!

Our Professional Support Team is always ready to answer all your questions.

Nikrans LCD-300GW Specification

Coverage: 3300 ft2
Up-link freq: 890-915 & 1920-1980
Down-link freq: 935-960 & 2110-2170
Up-link Gain: 65 dB
Down-link Gain: 70 dB
Power Output: 15 dBm
Working t °C: -25 - +55 °C
Humidity: 5-95%
Size (mm): 225*140* 32mm
Booster Weight: 1.2 kg
Power supply: AC 110~220V, DC5V/2A, 7W
Model Year: 2017



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Customer Stories

Have Airtel signal problems? - No, I don't!

Unlike a lot of people in Congo, I earn my living by working online and being a freelancer. That is why a great Internet connection is crucial not only for me, but also for the well-being of my family, as, literally, my salary depends on it. If having not to worry about the quality of the calls is included – it would be a great bonus for me as well.

Denis Makanza · Congo, Owando

Product: LCD-300GW

I am so thankful to MyAmplifiers for LCD-300GW! Finally free of Roshan signal problems!

I know that for people living in big cities with excellent infrastructure it may sound strange but we really didn’t have any mobile signal at home at all. Yes, in theory our mobile services provider transmitted the signal across our village but something was wrong with the infrastructure (or maybe there were other reasons like landscape which is rather specific in Afghanistan).

Farah Nabizada · Afghanistan, Zurmat

Product: LCD-300GW

Our experience with Tigo signal problems.

Tigo poor coverage is not a problem for my family! Now we can enjoy our mobile communication, call our friends and relatives, send messages to them. We have already recommended this web site to some people and one of them has already made an order. Hopefully, my review will help somebody to take a decision!

Lumusi Gyepi · Ghana, Agogo

Product: LCD-300GW

Customer Reviews*

(Belgium)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  12-10-2018

The device is the best solution to mobile signal problems. I used to suffer from poor mobile coverage in my countryside house which was located in the village. But hardly had I installed the amplifier when all the signal issues disappeared. Immediately after the set up my mobile phone showed five bars and the quality of 3G connection became much better.

(Portugal)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  11-06-2018

Hi there! In my opinion the price for the amplifier is more than adequate, especially taking into account that it improves 3G connection and voice calls. It gives perfect coverage in 3 floors of our house. I´d recommend it to my friends and neighbors with the same problem.

in the review above

absolutely nothing

(Spain)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  28-05-2018

This repeater is exactly what our family needed to be fully happy, jeje... Well, it functions precisely as we expected - it gives good coverage in the entire house. And what is not less important, it suits for all our providers, both for calls and 3g. I´m also grateful to amicable and professional service.

I see lots of advantages in the acquired repeater, for example, the support of 3g, perfect quality of calls, excellent coverage, simple functioning, quick instalation.

(Andorra)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  08-03-2018

I am totally satisfied with the result of the amplifier’s work. This device can do miracles! I have been using it for three months already and I have forgotten what poor mobile coverage and 3G signal problems are. I have installed it in my house and now everyone in my family takes advantage of perfect mobile signal.

(Czech Republic)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  18-01-2018

The mobile signal booster which I purchased at MyAmplifiers is very effective. I bought it for business reasons. I mean that I needed to improve poor coverage in the office. The device works without any problems. There are no disconnections now, although there used to be constant interruptions and drops before.

(Greece)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  13-11-2017

I decided to buy a mobile signal repeater because I was fed up with the quality of mobile connection and 3G Internet in my house. I used to go from one room to another in an effort to catch at least more or less satisfactory signal. But now I can make and receive calls from any place in the house and 3G is stable as the reception in good in all the rooms.

(the UAE)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  17-07-2017

The mobile phone signal booster I have bought at MyAmplifiers is one of the best bargains I have ever made. It perfectly improves poor signal and ensures stable mobile connection in the house. The device is compact on the one hand, and very effective on the other. It helped me get rid of all troubles caused by weak coverage.

(Mexico)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD300GW  ·  09-04-2017

I´ve recently installed my dualband amplifier. I’m new to the topic but the installation was quite easy even for me. I’m delighted with the machine as it it’s powerful, swift, compact, good-looking. But of course, the best thing is the signal quality it gives: 4-5 bars for phone calls, 3G at high speed. Perfect model for a house!

(France)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD300GW  ·  07-11-2016

Thanks for your support. I am very satisfied.

Client service is very quick and excellent

(Spain)  ·  Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW  ·  28-03-2016

I shall say that this repeater is the only device that have supplied us with good coverage throughout the house. We have tried several antennas and DIY devices... and nothing. But this repeater improves the signals of Movistar and Vodafone that we use, and it also gives us stable 3G Internet connection. Economic, of compact size, easy to use, really durable and of incredible power. For me and my husband it´s also important that it doesn´t affect our health negatively.

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages.

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