NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple

Lightning Surge Protector
Lightning Surge Protector
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NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple NS-2000-Smart+5G: Next-Generation Cellular Amplification Made Simple

In United Kingdom this booster works with:

EE O2 Vodafone Three BT Mobile Anywhere Asda CTExcel FreedomPop giffgaff iD Mobile Lebara Lycamobile Plusnet Tesco Mobile Vectone Mobile
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Indoor coverage: 21600 ft²
6 BandCalls/GSM 4G/LTE 3G 5G
151   77   597
5 ( 5 )
£1,010 You save: £195
  • NS-2000-Smart+5G cellular signal amplifier,
  • inside panel antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 10m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual 
Lightning protection NS-LSP
(£30 value)
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NS-2000-Smart+5G Overview

The innovative NS-2000-Smart+5G amplifier significantly improves signal strength, benefiting calls, 3G, 4G, and the latest 5G technologies, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and an exceptional mobile experience. Compatible with a wide range of frequencies, it efficiently amplifies signals for all mobile operators across Europe and providers of other countries over the globe.

Coverage area

It operates on the principles of amplification and signal processing, ensuring improved network coverage and call quality in areas with weak signals or signal interference. 

With an impressive coverage area of up to 2000 m² (~21600 ft²), the 5G signal booster NS-2000-Smart+5G is perfect for use in homes, offices, warehouses, and other large indoor spaces. Its powerful amplification capabilities eradicate dead zones, providing reliable signal strength throughout the designated area.

Signal types supported

The signal booster NS-2000-Smart+5G supports a wide range of signal types, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and the latest 5G frequencies. Compatible with all major operators, it ensures seamless connectivity regardless of your service provider. Moreover, it supports the crucial 700 MHz frequency band, optimizing 5G coverage in areas with poor signal reception.

Benefits and features
  • Renovated technology. Boosts cellular signal strength at numerous frequencies, including 700MHz, eliminating dropped calls and weak signal for data.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) option. Continuously monitors the strength of the incoming signal and adjusts the amplifier's output power accordingly. 
  • Adjustable smart system. Helps maintain a consistent and balanced signal strength, preventing signal overload or distortion.
  • Safety & Certification. 5G signal booster safety and security is proven by CE and RoHS certificates.

NS-2000-Smart+5G is a 5G/4G signal booster with an exceptional signal processing feature. It processes the signal to remove any noise or interference that may be present. Through sophisticated filtering techniques, unwanted signals, such as those from nearby electronic devices or radio frequencies, are eliminated. This results in a much clearer and more stable connection for users.

Kit contents and setup

The standard kit includes everything necessary for the installation: a 5G amplifying unit, antennas, cables, and mountings.

The setting up of the signal booster is effortless. Simply mount the external antenna in an optimal location to capture the existing signal, connect it to the booster using the provided coaxial cable, and place the internal antenna in the desired area for signal distribution. Once the kit is installed, the NS-2000-Smart+5G automatically starts amplifying the signal, providing immediate and consistent results. The device enhances coverage area, eliminating dead zones within the designated space. Smart technology detects and optimizes signal strength for maximum performance.

Operating rules

To ensure optimal signal boosting, proper antenna positioning is key. The donor antenna should point towards the nearest cell tower, while the coverage antenna should aim towards the area that requires improved signal strength. Ensure that the antennas are installed away from any obstacles like trees or buildings, which could obstruct the signal flow. Additionally, it is recommended to mount the antennas at an elevation for the most efficient signal reception and transmission.

To prevent any potential interference, keep the booster away from electronic devices such as routers, TVs, and cordless phones. Similarly, avoid installing the booster near any large metallic objects or power lines, as these can disrupt the signal quality and hinder the booster's effectiveness.

Kit includes:
  • NS-2000-Smart+5G signal booster.
  • External antenna to capture the existing signal.
  • Coaxial cable for connecting the antenna to the booster.
  • Internal antenna to distribute the boosted signal.
  • Power adapter for powering the booster.

It is possible to customize your order online or add some powerful antennas or low-loss cables by contacting our sales agents.

NS-2000-Smart+5G signal booster is a highly reliable and versatile solution for enhancing cellular connectivity. With its extensive coverage area, support for various signal types including 700MHz band, and easy installation process, it caters to the needs of all operators on a large scale. 

Say goodbye to spotty reception and embrace a seamless, uninterrupted connection with the NS-2000-Smart+5G booster.

Safety & Certification

Every Nikrans signal booster is confirmed to be 100% safe for its users, mobile devices and the environment. The absolute safety of devices is proven by the international safety certifications CE and RoHS. Read more about certification of Nikrans equipment here.


NS-2000-Smart+5G Specification

Coverage 21600 ft²
Up-link freq 703-733, 832-862, 880-915, 1710-1785, 1920-1980, 2500-2570MHz
Down-link freq 758-788, 791-821, 925-960, 1805-1880, 2110-2170, 2620-2690MHz
Up-link Gain 65 dB
Down-link Gain 70 dB
Power Output 15 dBm
Working t °C -25/+55 °C
Humidity 5 - 95%
IP-Code IP40
Size (mm) 150×210×36
Booster Weight 2.5 kg
Power supply Input AC90~264V, output DC5V/2A
Energy Consumption 0.012 kW/h
Model Year 2023
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