Signal booster myths: What should you be aware of?

Today, a mobile signal booster is a reliable solution that helps users to improve the quality of their connection at different locations, including their houses, apartments and offices. Moreover, there are models that are designed for vehicles and boats. It means that you can travel without any fears that you will lose your connection and will have no possibility to get in touch with your family or business partners.

There is a wide range of models that are intended for different goals. For example, a 4G repeater is able to stabilize your 4G connection, while 2- or 3-band devices can also enhance the strength of your 3G and/or GSM connection. Thanks to different coverage area options, users can find devices for buildings of different sizes and achieve the best results in solving signal problems.

Modern boosters are very easy to use and install. Even if you have never seen any similar devices in your life and have no tech background, you can install a booster without any external help.

However, these devices are comparatively new to the market. And many customers have little understanding of what they can offer. That’s why there are a lot of myths related to them. We’ve analyzed what stereotypes people have about signal boosters and gathered them in this article.

Mobile boosters do not work.

Today on the internet you can find a lot of fake products. They are cheap, well-advertised and look quite appealing. But there is one quite sad thing about them. They do not work. And that’s true. However, you shouldn’t think that that’s true about all boosters.

In order not to become a victim of scammers, you should just be very attentive to a store/platform where you are going to place an order. Make sure that a signal booster producer that you want to choose is a reliable one, has all the necessary certificates and provides the necessary support to its customers. Thanks to the internet, it is very simple to find reviews and read what other people think about this or that product.

It’s illegal to use boosters.

Actually, this myth is partially true. In some countries, mobile operators believe that the usage of mobile phone signal boosters can negatively affect the quality of connection for those who do not use boosters. As a result, users of repeaters can face fines.

In the United States operators also were against using boosters but the authorities decided to allow the usage of licensed devices. But users need to register their devices. The procedure is free of charge.

However, in the majority of countries signal boosters are fully legal.

Boosters can spoil the quality of network signal

As we’ve already mentioned, many operators note that some boosters can cause interference in the network functioning. But we’d like to highlight that such negative effects are noticed in the case of using poorly designed devices.

Certified boosters provided by responsible producers will never cause any interference.

4G booster can interfere with WiFi network

To understand that this myth has nothing in common with reality, it is important to bear in mind that both signal boosters and WiFi routers use absolutely different frequency bands. As a result, amplifiers can’t affect the quality of your WiFi connection at all.

Mobile boosters use WiFi bandwidth and can compete for the signal with other wireless devices

Actually, this opinion can be true but not for boosters. There are similar devices like microcells that are also used for improving the quality of your connection and work as mini cell rowers. They connect to a router and create a new network at your home.

Signal boosters do not create a new network. They use the already existing signal and amplify it. Repeaters catch the signal transmitted by your operator and make it stronger. They do not interact with the WiFi signal.

As you see, some myths about signal boosters appear just because people do not understand how they work and what signals they use.

In general, high-quality boosters are very reliable devices that are safe for your health and your other connections. Buying a certified booster, you can leave all the fears aside. You will get a modern solution for your signal problems with comparatively low investments.

If you have any questions regarding our boosters, you can always contact our team and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

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