How To Increase Mobile Network Signal In Home

We all love to browse the internet and watch online videos and also to play games on our phones. And the best place for doing all the above mentioned things is our sweet home. But, sometimes we can't enjoy our phones to the fullest because of bad cell reception.

You're not the only one who gets frustrated because of bad network coverage in your home. And that's why to relieve everyone's problems we have come up with some wonderful tips on how to increase mobile network signal in home.

Why are you experiencing poor signal at your home?

If your house has energy efficient windows steel rooftops, concrete walls then your phone might receive poor cell signal in your house. In rural areas however, the main problem might be that you are too far from your nearest cell tower which can lead to weak signal strength. Other factors might include bad weather, heavy network traffic and a strain on bandwidth.

How to increase mobile network signal in home for free?

  • Try going outside if you are in an enclosed room. You can also try to go in a place which is not surrounded by buildings.
  • Check if your phone's case is covering your phone's internal signal antenna.
  • Charge your phone's battery because low battery means poor signal connection. More battery increases cell phone reception.
  • Search for your carrier's nearest cell tower and try to place your phone near tower. Learn how to find your nearest cell tower from here.
  • Try going to a different room or different floor and see if you are getting better signal.
  • Increase your elevation. It is already discussed that the things between your phone and mobile tower is causing signal problems. The higher you go, the less obstructions you will face and the better connection you will receive.
  • If you have a solid Wi-Fi connection in your home you can use Wi-Fi calling as an alternative of regular cellular calling.
  • Try using a hotspot instead of cellular data for browsing internet.
  • Switch to 3G from your LTE service which might improve your signal strength. The process to switch varies from device to device.
  • Try using a Microcell or Femtocell which improves your cell signal but they not oftentimes completely free.

#1 Tip: Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Homes to increase cell phone reception

One of the best ways how to increase mobile network signal in home is to use a signal booster or signal repeater. A home signal booster increases cell phone reception giving you faster data connection, better voice quality and strong signal for everyone in your home.

A cell phone booster works by pulling in nearby weak signals, boosting it and rebroadcasting it inside the area you need.

Most signal boosters contain three parts:

  • The Outside Antenna for pulling in poor signal.
  • The Amplifier for boosting signal
  • The Inside Antenna to rebroadcast signal.

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