2021 Internet Speed Apps

In the modern era, technology continues to grow each day, and the world heavily relies on the internet for almost everything. Whether for business or pleasure, over 4 billion people are active on the internet, and while it is great to know that almost anything can be found through the World Wide Web, due to global contributions and opinions, this high level of activity can cause the internet speed to decrease. For this reason, it is important to better understand how fast our data and internet speed is, regardless of whether or not we are tech savvy.

When searching for a product, everyone has a different priority, and this is of course based on their expertise or lack thereof, in the area. Whether looking for a trusted application, one that prioritizes simply checking the internet speed, or the top rated internet speed test, there is an application for every individual. The variety in cell phones services and access to boosters, allow us to make decisions about our priorities on internet surfing.

Interested in trusted and user-friendly options?

Ookla Speedtest: Popular

Ookla Speedtest

It is understandable that we are inclined to purchase what is the most popular product amongst consumers, as the general assumption is that it works well. Those that are interested in accurately checking their internet speed would most likely be interested in the ‘Ookla Speedtest App’, because ten million people currently use this application.

This application is able to reach such a wide range of people because of its compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Windows and MacOS laptops. It also has compatibility with the Google Chrome browser and Apple TV. It is completely free and easy to navigate, resulting in a clear view of one’s upload and download speed in Mbps.

SpeedSmart: Fast


For those who are always on the move and busy with all that life throws our way, ‘SpeedSmart’ is the best choice, as it uses HTML5 to increase both speed and accuracy, as opposed to Flash or Java. This is a great user-friendly application for smartphone users who want to access the quickest results on-the-go.

Would you rather cater to your product in particular?

Bandwidth Place: Compatibility

Bandwidth Place

Having a variety of electronic devices can be a challenge when it comes to checking up on them, in any regard. However, the ‘Bandwidth Place’ application is great for individuals who need a bit of flexibility in the department of compatibility needs and location. Regardless of where you are or what device you are using, this app is perfect for any scenario.

Speedtest Master: iPhone Users

Speedtest Master

While flexibility is great in many instances, some of us trust products which are specifically geared towards and catered to our device. The ‘Speedtest Master’ was designed for the iPhone and is able to check internet speeds ranging from 2G to 5G, as well as WiFi, in just under 30 seconds.

Enjoy socialization and internet recreation?

FAST: Streaming


This title of course explains it all, but with a focus on the applications that require a fast internet speed to function at all. This is the best internet speed app for those that like to enjoy shows on the run. With the ‘FAST’ app, not only is the upload and download speed tested, but so is the location, IP address, and latency.

Meteor Speed Tester: Social Media

Meteor Speed Tester

Social media sites are the most accessed web places amongst internet users, so it only makes sense that there is an app designed for those who are always looking to post their new and exciting adventures online, as well as keep up with friends and family. The ‘Meteor Speed Tester’ app ensures that the app speeds for sites like Facebook and Twitter, are running smoothly, before the user goes online.

Are you tech savvy and familiar with the bells and whistles of speed testing?

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test: Improvements

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

When we run tests on our phones and computers, we tend to focus more on how the results are presented to us and what we are testing for. The aspect of running tests that is commonly overlooked is how improvements can be made, as a result of our findings.

By installing the ‘Speedcheck Internet Speed Test’ application, the user has the ability to run speed tests as usual, but also understand why the internet may be slow or unresponsive, and how they can improve this situation with the user-friendly guide that is present on the site.

V-SPEED Speed Test: Personalization

V-SPEED Speed Test

For the more tech-minded people who are interested in the intricate details of checking their internet speed, the ‘V-SPEED Speed Test’ is a wise choice as it allows the user to choose which feature they want to highlight in their test. This is inclusive of a test statistics database, the bandwidth, and the performance of VoIP tests. This app caters to the individual and is great for personalization.

There is a product for everyone!

Whether an avid fan of social media or a busy business professional, everyone wants to know that there is a speed testing app that is a great fit for them. After deciding what kind of user you are, you can make the most informed decision, and know that these 8 apps are here to help.

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