Simple ways to find the nearest cell phone towers

There is a tremendous upswing in the cell phone towers' installation with every passing day is also paving the way towards embracing the next-generation 5G network.  The proximity of cell phone towers near you matters to a great extent when it comes to the connectivity issues rather than blaming the cellphones or your network providers.

Just imagine the level of exasperation when you want to call urgently but the low-quality signal strength of the network in the area doesn't allow you to make a call.

Such an awkward situation invites you to find out the nearest cell phone tower to receive better quality network to make a call, send a text message or use the internet facility. For this purpose, you must be well conversant with various methods of finding cell towers near you.

It doesn’t take much of your time and energy to use a wide variety of apps and web-based cell tower locator services to get instant solution.

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Instantly Find Cellphone Towers in Your Surrounding:

  • Online platforms enable you to find cell phone towers near you with several web-based services that use maps of tower locations to offer you an immediate solution. is one of the widely used forums.
  • If you look at the map and align yourself with the prominent features on the ground, you can easily find out the location and distance of the nearest cell phone tower.
  • There are a lot of apps that enable you to find out cell towers near you such as open signal and network cell info lite.
  • Cell phones come with high-quality antennas that allow the users to find the precise location of the cell phone towers in your close proximity.
  • Using a good quality signal booster is regarded as one of the most authenticated methods to enhance the signal strength and network quality.

Use of maps for locating cell phone towers

The maps showing cell phone towers are regularly updated by the network providing companies and these are considered as quite efficacious when you are in the process of finding the cell phone towers near you.

The process of finding the cell phone towers is not that much complicated due to the simple and user-friendly methods offered by internet platforms.

Few of the best online sources for finding the nearest cell phone towers:


    It's the most commonly used platform because of the user-friendly interface and different types of useful filtering options to get the precise results. You can use this wonderful forum by simply entering the service provider, zip code and address. It will instantly get you the details of the nearest cell phone towers.


    The detail of all those cell phone towers is available on the tower page that is registered with FCC. Simply enter the name of your city and state in the search bar and click ‘Go’. The most enchanting feature of this web-forum's search engine is the capability of filtering multiple details.


    By using this platform, you are allowed to access the detailed list of cell phone towers within a radius of three miles from your location. This website plots the cell towers on Google maps and offers explicit details about the location, height, date of construction and the ownership of the specified towers.

Finding the nearest cell phone tower of your service provider company

All the four big giants of the telecom sector offer access to the maps that indicate their coverage areas.

  • AT&T Towers

    AT&T Towers

    This coverage map is simple and easy to use which works from your current location and offers various types of coverage in different color coding.

  • Verizon Towers

    Verizon Towers

    This platform can’t be used for finding the cell phone towers near you but can provide some other useful information like the coverage type and signal quality at your given location.

  • T-Mobile Towers

    T-Mobile Towers

    This is an interactive map that allows you to compare the coverage and signal strength for your address as compared to the other network providers in the area. Also, with its cell tower search feature, you can locate the nearest cell phone tower.

  • Sprint Towers

    Sprint Towers

    This platform will let you know about the level of 4G LTE and non-LTE networks based on the type of cellular device used.

Using the App for Locating Cell Phone Towers

A cell phone tower finder app can be downloaded from App store or the Google play store for instantly locating the cell towers in your near vicinity.

Few of the apps widely used for finding the cell towers are given below:

Network Cell Info Lite

This is exclusively designed for android users and considered one of the most high-rated cell tower locator apps available on Google play store. With its awesome features, this app will show the cell tower locations based on the user database so you can easily track the signal strength in your area. In real-time, this app can monitor Wi-Fi and cell signal strength.


This app is equally good for the iPhone as well as Android users due to its promising functionality. You can see 2G, 3G and 4G network availability and their stats for measuring the everyday experience precisely with this app.

Cell Tower Locator

The cell tower locator app allows the users to obtain the approximate location of the cell towers with the help of the stored database. The user-friendly interface of this marvellous app offers cell ID, signal strength, and precise GPS location of the tower. The predictable accuracy of the cells is better for those sites which detect three cells, as per the developers of this app.

Cellular Network Signal Finder

This app will simply ask for your current location to find out the cell towers near you. This app also offers more cell phone towers near you if you refresh the page. One of the prominent limitations of this app is that it doesn't allow you to search by your preferred network provider.

LTE Speed Coverage Map

This app is highly recommended for you if you want to know about the speed of your network provider at your work location or the place of your residency anywhere in the US. This wonderful platform offers you the upload and download speed for each of the four major network providers. The average ping between your mobile device and the nearest cell phone towers is also provided by this fascinating app.

Rely on the antenna of your cell phone

The antenna of your cell phone offers one of the best ways to find out the location of cell phone towers near you.  It’s important to discern the basics of dBm before using this method. The dBm is the way to measure the strength of cell phone signals and it is usually expressed as a negative number such as -80. The reading that is closer to zero exhibits stronger strength of the network signals. The value of -80 is stronger than -90 in this case.

The steps for putting your cell phone in the field test mode are given below:

How to field test your iPhone:

Sprint or Verizon
  • Go to Settings, click cellular and then click Cellular Data Options
  • Now click on 1x EVDO
  • The visible reading of dBm exhibits the number related as Rx AGCO
  • After viewing the dBm reading, you can turn on your LTE
For AT&T or T-Mobile
  • Simply click on LTE
  • In the next step, click on Serving Cell Measure
  • DBm reading is regarded as rsrpo.
How to field test your Android phone:
  • Simply click on the Settings
  • Then click About Phone
  • In the next step, click on Network or Status
  • Then click on SIM Status
  • The dBm value will be shown under the signal strength

Ways to Improve Cell Signal Once You’ve Found a Cell Tower

Experiencing poor reception and dropped calls is the biggest and irritating problem that can be solved by just knowing the location of cell phone towers near you.

If you have decided to get a new cell phone or you are planning to change the network provider, then don't even think about the time, cost and inconvenience of making the change. Especially when your network is causing connectivity problems during your office work or any other important tasks.

Purchasing a signal booster can easily boost the cell phone signals and put an end to the repetitive dropped calls. With the help of a cell phone signal booster, you will see immediate positive results in bars showing the cellular plus data signals getting stronger on your cell phone up to 32 times. If you prefer a hotspot connection, it will enable you to boost your hotspot speed considerably.

Purchasing a cell phone booster is a better option than switching your service provider, updating your phone or changing the location of your house or office.

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