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Have you ever thought about what happens with your smartphone when you throw it away? Actually, if your smartphone were the only one on the planet, nothing bad would occur. The device itself is absolutely safe. However, it contains some toxic elements that can get into soil and groundwater.

Why should you recycle your mobile phone?

Once again, in the case of a single device, there is nothing to worry about. But can you imagine how many smartphones and other electronic devices are thrown away every year? The volume of so-called e-waste is constantly growing and if we do not change our approach to dealing with old devices, the consequences for our nature, water, air, soil, and wildlife can be irretrievable.

Today there different ways to reduce the number of cell phones that are thrown away. One of them is using the services of leasing/rental companies. Yes, there you can take a mobile phone and then return it to the company and it later will lend the smartphone to somebody else. However, the problem is that one day in any case the smartphone should be thrown away as it can’t work endlessly. But, wait! Thrown away or recycled? That’s the second option we have to mention.

Why should you recycle your mobile phone?

We’ve gathered a couple of reasons that may motivate you to think about recycling.

  1. If you recycle just one smartphone, it will save energy that will help to power a laptop for over 40 hours.
  2. If we take around 100 million smartphones that are added to e-waste annually in the US only, we will have energy that will be enough to power around 24 000 houses for a year.
  3. Recycling helps not only to avoid dangerous waste but also to prevent the necessity to mine new metals which also has a strong environmental impact.

How to recycle old smartphones

For those who want to be sure that their gadgets will be recycled properly and won’t do any harm to our environment, today in some countries there are a lot of commercial companies, non-profit organizations and local communities that are ready to take your old electronic devices for recycling.

How to recycle old smartphones

But probably the easiest way to recycle your cell phone is to send it back to the producer of your device. Though it may sound strange, it is really possible today. Many smartphone manufacturers have different kinds of recycling programs.

Just have a look at a couple of them.

Apple. The company has a network of partners that deal with recycling. An iPhone owner has just to pack a device and send it to one of the company’s partners.

Samsung. This Android smartphone producer is also ready to take their old devices for recycling if you bring them to one of the outlets of Samsung or one of its partners.

Huawei. Users of Huawei smartphones can send their devices by mail using pre-paid shipping lable provided by the company. All the details, including the exact address, users can get after contacting the technical support center.

Xiaomi. The company introduced its E-waste management program a couple of years ago. Exact rules may differ depending on the country that we are talking about. But the general scheme looks the following way: a user needs to log in his/her Mi Account and fill in the e-waste recycling form. And after that, an authorized recycler will contact this user to appoint the time for picking up e-waste from his/her location.

What should you do first when you decide to send your phone for recycling? Delete all personal data! Taking care of our nature, do not forget to take care of your privacy.

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