Vodafone Sure Signal Won’t Work Any Longer

Vodafone stops the operation of its Sure Signal throughout 2021. As a result, Vodafone Sure Signal will become unavailable for the customers and the registration of new Sure Signal devices will be stopped as well.

According to the provider, they have improved the quality of the Vodafone network, and the reception has become stronger. As a result, you may manage to get Vodafone signals without Sure Signal now.

How to check the level of Vodafone signal?

In order to know whether you need to do anything to improve poor reception, first check the existing signal. It might happen so that you are already connected to the Vodafone network even without any additional devices. See the tips below:

  1. Turn off your Vodafone Sure Signal unit.
  2. Check how many bars your mobile device shows. If there are 2-3 bars on the screen, then have the Vodafone connection without Sure Signal and the connection is okay without it.

If there are no bars on the screen, then no Vodafone signal is detected in the area. In the case of 1-2 bars the connection is weak. In both cases you will need to take some action to ensure stable reception.

How to refine Vodafone reception?

If your mobile phone doesn't detect any Vodafone signal without the Sure Signal unit, this is not the end of the world yet. There are ways out of this unpleasant situation. Mobile Signal Boosters can help you improve poor connection. The company has a wide selection of mobile signal amplifiers, which are suitable for working with the Vodafone network.

The range of devices includes models for GSM amplification, refining 3G/4G/LTE and even multifunctional models for simultaneous improvement of calls and mobile internet.

You can find models for small, medium, and large areas depending on your needs.

Vodafone signal booster sets include everything necessary for the immediate installation. There are two or more antennas (for internal and external installation), the booster unit itself, and coaxial cables for connections.

All Vodafone signal boosters are environmentally safe and they emit no harmful radiation. The devices are CE & RoHS certified and correspond to the international safety standards.

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