How To Make Hotspot Faster With The Help Of A Hotspot Booster

We all always can't enjoy the pleasures of a Wi-Fi network and sometimes resort to using our cellular networks. But in some of our devices we don't have the privilege of cellular network or the network speed is not good enough. That's where mobile hotspots come into play. Mobile hotspots can enable a data connection in Wi-Fi enabled devices by taking signal from a particular mobile.

But what if you get to a place where the network coverage is weak? Your hotspot won't also help you there. That's the time when our hero hotspot boosters arrive. They can make a weak hotspot signal better in no time. So, let's discuss how to make hotspot faster for places with bad network speeds. But before that, let's learn what is a hotspot and why is my hotspot slow.

What is a mobile hotspot and how does it work?

Mobile hotspots are basically a Wi-Fi connection which is emitted from your smart phones. You can use that data for browsing internet, sending online messages and do other things which you like. You can connect multiple devices from you phone through mobile hotspots. But there is a downside of mobile hotspots which is your data will be consumed at a super fast pace which is bad for some people. In a word, you can call mobile hotspots as a portable Wi-Fi connection.

Now let's look at how you can turn on your mobile hotspots in your iPhone or Android device.

For iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings” then click on “Personal Hotspot”
  • Toggle the hotspot function on
  • You can now connect to the hotspot from other devices by clicking on the name of your iPhone and typing in the password given.

For Android:

In Android devices turning on hotspot varies from device to device. In most cases, there must be s button in the notification drawer which says turn on mobile hotspot. You can also search for mobile hotspot in Settings.

Why is my hotspot slow?

There can be a multiple reasons which can cause your mobile hotspot slow. The most common reasons are:

You might be away from the nearest cell tower which and your phone is failing to receive good signal strength which ultimately leads to slow hotspot. It is also possible that your device is too far away from the mobile phone which is transmitting Wi-Fi signals. It is recommended that you should place your device near 15ft radius from the phone.

If you are sharing your hotspot with many devices, then yoir network might also get weak because of too much usage.

How to make hotspot faster?

Now that you have learnt "Why my hotspot is slow?", it's time to dive into how to boost your hotspot signal. We have some mind-blowing and effective tips for boosting your hotspot speed.

Try changing the location of your hotspot

If your mobile is not getting good signal in your bedroom or living room you might try different rooms, of your appartment or house or you can also try a different level for a better cell reception. Cellular signals fluctuate from place to place so you can try moving to different spots for better signal strength.

Try placing the device near a window

Building materials like concrete, bricks etc. obstruct cellular signals while glass glass transmits signals more effectively. So, try placing the hotspot near a window which doesn't obstruct the signals.

Use a cell tower locater

There are many apps which you will find on PlayStore or AppStore which helps you to find the nearest cell towers for various carriers. When you know where your carrier’s nearest cell tower is located, you can place the hotspot next to a window or on that side of your home nearest the tower. Check out our article on how to find cell phone towers near you.

Make sure that you don't have any running background apps

If you have apps which consumers data while running in the background, that might slow down your hotspot. You can either close these apps or just uninstall them to improve your hotspot internet speed.

How to boost your hotspot with a booster?

A hotspot booster is one of the best ways for how to make hotspot faster. A hotspot booster provides a strong, reliable cell signal for your hotspot, ensuring your devices that depend on that Wi-Fi have the data connectivity you need.

A booster is a very reliable source for enhancing your data connectivity and they can work both in your home as well as in your vehicle. They diminishes coverage problems and widens the reception area maintaining a reliable connection throughout.

If you’re using a hotspot in your home or office, our home cell phone signal booster will work well for this purpose. Place the hotspot as close as you can to the indoor (device) antenna, so it receives the strongest possible signal.

A booster is also ideal for use in a vehicle if you need to use GPS signal or just you have to keep other people entertained. And as you drive a cell signal booster will ensure that Wi-Fi data traffic keeps flowing without interruption.

How Boosters help with Car Hotspots

Cell phone boosters for cars also work great for enhancing your data connection. This means, if a device is connect with your mobile hotspot, that device will also get enhanced data connection and they can easily do their chores in their phone. Without even using hotspot, other passengers will also experience good data connection in their phones because of the booster.

Different types of car boosters are available in the market for you to choose. An additional benefit of boosters is that they work great in rural areas by boosting your signal and even saving your battery life since your phone doesn't have to search for network. You can also take a look at the wide range of cell phone boosters which we offer by clicking on this link.

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