Nowadays it’s not a secret that the quality of mobile communication is a crucial issue not only for individuals but for businesses as well. The whole world can be easily connected via the mobile technologies and mobile internet is probably the most highly demanded service. We use various messengers, browse the net, watch videos and listen to music with the help of our internet-enabled mobile devices. And it is far not a full list of all the opportunities that are provided to us thanks to 4G/LTE technologies.

Nevertheless, not all mobile subscribers are satisfied with the speed of their mobile internet connection, sometimes the signal is absent at all. Quite often such a situation can be a result of various external factors like peculiarities of the area where you live or work, weather conditions, type of your building and many others.

Though it is not very feasible to move to another location just because you can’t make video calls being at home (moreover, nobody can guarantee that at your new place the situation will be better), but to buy a 4g cellular signal booster for home or office can be definitely a good idea.

To help you deeper understand their specificity we have decided to prepare this review of cheap 4g/lte signal boosters for UK.

In general, you should know that a 4G signal booster is an advanced device designed to amplify incoming signals in order to ensure a better mobile connection and, consequently, to enhance the quality of mobile services that you get.

Even if you have never seen a 4G signal booster before, it’s not a problem as it is quite easy to explain its working principle. This device has several elements. Two antennas and a booster box are the main ones. They are connected with each other with the help of special cables, as a rule, they are included in a booster kit.

If we speak about a 4g cellular signal booster for home, it will have one outdoor antenna and one indoor antenna. As you can see from their names, one of them should be installed outdoors (in private houses it’s better to fix these antennas at the roof), while the second one should be placed in the building.

The outdoor antenna has a very responsible task: it needs to find and catch the signal of 4G network of your carrier. The antenna is very sensitive and is able to detect the signal that can’t be found by your mobile device. As soon as the task is fulfilled, the antenna passes the signal to the booster box of your 4G signal booster that makes it strong enough to be used by your mobile device.

And then the second antenna transmits the signal to your smartphone. A very important peculiarity about these amplifiers is that the signal improved can be used by more than one mobile device at the same time. So, the main condition for a mobile phone to use the amplified 4G signal is to be located within the coverage area of the signal repeater.

Moreover, today it is possible to buy a cheap 4g signal booster that can be installed not only at home or at a public place, but even in a car or on a boat. Though they look a little bit different, their working principle is exactly the same.

If you need to improve the quality of 4G signal not only indoors but in the open air as well, we can recommend you to buy an outdoor 4g signal booster. These models are not widespread as the majority of such devices are designed to be placed inside the building. Nevertheless, they exist and can become a very useful thing for owners of private houses, cafes and hotels. The main peculiarity about an outdoor 4g signal booster is that it has a waterproof protector which means that its usage will be absolutely safe.

Quite often those who are looking for a reliable cheap 4g signal booster are a little bit confused due to a great number of variants available at different prices. But everything is very simple.

One of the main parameters that affect the final price is the coverage area and, consequently, the power of the device. The wider the coverage area is, the more powerful device is in front of you. But if you have just a small flat or office, there is no sense to buy the most powerful repeater designed to be used in huge hotels, for example.

So, it’s the first our tip: pay attention to the coverage area of these devices while making your choice.

The second tip is to pay attention to the frequency bands this or that booster works at. You need to buy a repeater that will work at the same frequency that is used by your carrier to transmit a signal for you. Quite often there are models that are able to improve signals transmitted at different frequencies. But you need to decide whether you really need such a device or a device that will enhance only your 4G signal will be enough for you.

And one more thing that you should remember: if you decide to buy such a device, choose a reliable store which offers only high-quality goods that are compliant with all the internationally recognized standards and are absolutely safe for your health.