What Building Materials Can Kill Your Mobile Connection

Quite often when mobile phone users have signal issues, they blame their carriers for all the inconveniences that they face and can even start looking for a new services provider. But never do that before you study the problem deeper, if you are satisfied with the terms that your operator offers.

Of course, insufficient coverage caused by the lack of cell towers in the neighborhood can be one of the reasons for poor signal but it is not the only one. Cell signal problems can be a result of the peculiarities of the building where your flat or office is located. 

The peculiarities of your facilities that may affect the quality of your signal:

  • Location on the ground floor;
  • Location on the top floors of a high-rise building;
  • Thickness of the walls of your house;
  • Characteristics of the construction materials used for building your house.

And actually, the situations when the signal is killed by the building materials are not as rare as you can think.

Materials that don’t let mobile signal reach your smartphone

There are different types of construction material that can either completely block the signal or just deteriorate it as they do not conduct electricity as well as radio waves.

Below you can find a list of materials that are widely used but that can be viewed as real “enemies” of your connection.

  1. Metal. Metal is on top of our list as it is the most powerful blocker of mobile signals. That’s why people who live in houses with a metal roof suffer from cell signal problems quite often.
  2. Low-e glass. This material is energy-efficient and helps to keep heat out. But it also doesn’t let mobile signal in.
  3. Concrete. Thick walls made of cement and concrete help to create robust constructions but they are real barriers for signals.
  4. Brick. One of the components used in brick production is concrete, so given the previous point there is little surprise that brick walls also prevent your signal from reaching your smartphone.
  5. Solid wood. All types of wood can kill your signal.
  6. Plaster. This material is quite often used as a protective coating for walls. However, it can negatively influence the quality of the signal.
  7. Clear glass. Windows can let light in but not signals as glass reflects them.
  8. Plywood. This material doesn’t fully block cell signal but significantly reduces it.
  9. Sheetrock. Any mobile signal is seriously spoilt by sheetrock.
  10. Carbon fiber. Though the signal can go through carbon fiber, the quality of the connection is much lower.

So, in such a case the only way to get over these problems will be to move to a new flat or to find a new place for your office. Sounds too difficult? Yes, it is really so. But we have another solution for you. 

On our website, you can find a cell phone booster for a metal building as well as other types of constructions made of different types of materials.

Where you can find a signal booster for a metal building

The best and the easiest way to improve your cell signal is to install a mobile repeater. Regardless of the peculiarities of the materials that were used for building your house, our powerful building cellular signal boosters will help you to stabilize and amplify your connection.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a house with a metal roof, a cottage with brick walls or any other type of building, a cellular signal booster will be able to cope with signal problems. In our online catalogue, you can find a wide row of offers that includes all types of boosters you can only dream about.

The main thing that makes signal boosters for metal buildings different is the range of signals that each model can work with. There are:

  • GSM signal boosters for calls;
  • Mobile signal repeaters for internet (3G, 4G/LTE);
  • Boosters that work with several types of the signal at the same type.

Repeaters can also have different coverage which means that devices are intended for houses and offices of different sizes. The larger area you need to cover with the improved signal, the more powerful amplifier you need to install. 

If you want to solve your signal problems once and forever, a cell signal booster is a perfect solution. So, if you are ready to change your life and improve the quality of your connection, we offer you to start looking for the most appropriate model of a building cellular signal booster right now. 

Our boosters are very reliable and completely safe to use which is confirmed by the international quality certificates.

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