The Question is: How to Improve 4G Signal at Home

Nowadays it’s quite a natural desire to have a high-quality speedy mobile internet connection that will allow you not only to surf the net or send massages in mobile apps but also to watch films, listen to music, make video calls as well as upload and download various files.

At the moment 4G LTE network is the most advanced widespread mobile technology which is intended for providing mobile users with all the above mentioned opportunities. Nevertheless, due to a great variety of external influencing factors, the power of 4G signal may be too weak to let people enjoy their mobile internet that they pay for.

how to boost

How to Solve 4G Signal Problems

To sit trying to guess how to improve 4G signal at home or in the office and to wait for some changes is not a solution. A solution is to order a mobile internet booster. Even if you have never heard about such a device that can easily boost 4G signal, it won’t take long to understand how it works and how it can enhance your mobile communication experience.

A mobile internet signal booster is a special device used for improving 4G signal via copying the upcoming signal. In other words, to boost 4G network signal a booster catches the signal transferred by the closest cell tower of your mobile services provider and makes it stronger. As a result, your smartphone or any other internet enabled mobile device gets a possibility to receive a more powerful signal and to use it.

What’s more, usually, 4G signal boosters not only receive the upcoming signal from the cell tower but also send the signal from your mobile device to the cell tower in order to ensure its stable connection.

Elements of 4G Signal Repeater

To realize better how it works, it’s necessary to understand what this device looks like. It represents itself a combination of several elements. Each 4G signal repeater has two antennas. One antenna is to be installed outdoors while the second one should be placed inside a building. The task of the first antenna is to ensure the connection with the closest cell tower. By the way, it is so powerful and sensitive that it is able to catch the network signal even when it is too weak to be caught by your smartphone. The inside antenna is used to connect your mobile device with the 4G amplifier.

But two antennas would be absolutely ineffective without the most important element of the kit – a booster box itself. It receives poor 4G signal and boosts it while the antennas ensure the connection with the external world.

How to Choose a Mobile Internet Signal Booster

Now you know how to boost 4G signal, but there are some more things that you need to bear in mind if you want to order such a device that will improve 4G signal for you.

On our website you can find a great choice of 4G signal boosters compatible with different mobile operators. That’s why while making your choice, please, be careful, and pay attention to the fact that not all the available variants will work with your network.


Moreover, different models of 4G amplifiers for home have different coverage. You should clearly understand where you want to boost 4G signal. Some boosters can be an ideal variant for small apartments and offices, while some others are designed to be installed in huge private houses, supermarkets and hotels.

Please, be very attentive while making your choice, as only the amplifier that has been chosen correctly will guarantee the highest effectiveness of its usage.

As for the installment of these devices, don’t worry. You will get a nice detailed guide with your order. Even if you don’t have any technical background, you will manage to install your 4G amplifier without any difficulties.

If you need to get more information about the working principle of these devices and their peculiarities, please, contact our Sales team. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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