How to Improve Mobile Signal in a Home Office

Have you noticed how the popularity of home offices is growing today? Of course, one of the main factors that have an influence in this case is the pandemic and a bunch of restrictive measures that are aimed at stopping the virus. Though many people started working from home even before the coronavirus appeared in our lives, nowadays the number of remote workers has skyrocketed to extremely high levels.

Let’s admit that many of us really enjoy staying at home and working in comfortable conditions. But is it possible to work efficiently if the strength of your mobile signal leaves much to desire? How is it possible to stay in touch with your team, bosses and partners if your signal is absolutely unstable? Yes, the questions seem to be rhetorical. But wait! We know the answer.

Your best weapon in a fight with a poor signal at home

We are not going to suggest you looking for a new mobile services provider, moving to a house that won’t have very thick walls or erecting a cell tower in your backyard. We are realists and we have a real solution that will help you to improve mobile signal in your home office.

What do you think about buying a mobile phone signal booster? It’s a very compact but extremely smart device that can be placed in a house or a flat located in a zone with poor signal coverage in order to get a better connection. 

Just imagine: all you need to do is to find an appropriate device that will meet all your requirements, install it at home and enjoy a strong mobile network signal without interruptions. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

How does a repeater increase mobile signal? 

To understand how a booster works, it is necessary to know what this device represents itself. When we say “a booster” we mean “a signal booster kit” that traditionally includes the following elements:

  • A booster box (actually, it’s the most crucial element that is responsible for improving your signal);
  • An outdoor antenna (it has a very important task to detect and to catch the signal that is being sent by your mobile carrier);
  • An indoor antenna (this element sends the improved signal after it is increased by the booster box).

How does a repeater increase mobile signal?

It’s worth mentioning that you can always upgrade your booster with some accessories like additional antennas or splitters. They are intended for expanding the coverage area of boosters and help to increase signal and stabilize connection even in those corners that are located rather far away from the room where your booster is installed. 

Moreover, in our catalogue you can find some models of repeaters that have a second internal antenna in their standard kit. We recommend buying such devices for large private houses or public places.

Actually, to be caught by your mobile phone or tablet the improved signal needs to pass the following stages:

  1. It should be caught by an external antenna.
  2. Then it should be sent to a booster box where it will be amplified.
  3. After that, it should be disseminated by an indoor antenna within the coverage area of your repeater.

Find the best booster for working from home

If you visit our online catalogue, you will see a great variety of repeaters that can help you to improve your mobile signal of different types. Your task is to find the one that will be the most efficient in your case.

There are several things to pay attention to:

  • The type (or types) of signal you need to improve. Depending on this factor, you need to buy a booster that is able to work with some particular frequencies. If you have issues only with mobile internet, there is no need to overpay for a device that works with 3 or 5 bands simultaneously.
  • The area of your house. The bigger your house or fat is, the wider coverage our signal booster should have. If the coverage is not enough, the improved signal won’t reach some rooms. However, we recommend not buying boosters that are intended for houses that are much larger than yours in order to save your money.

By the way, if you and your family members have different operators, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy separate boosters. Our devices are intended for working with particular frequency bands, not operators! And as a rule, operators share the same frequencies in one country.

If you need any help in making the right choice or you have any questions regarding payments, delivery or installation, our MyAmplifiers team is always ready to communicate with you. Just contact us!

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