Why does my phone keep dropping calls?

In today's world, all of us are dependent on our phone's more than ever and we could hardly pass our days without them. But sometimes even our reliable phones fail to give us good service and we face many frustrating problems.

One of the most common problems which can happen to everyone is the call dropping problem. Suppose you are talking with someone on call and suddenly the call disconnects or you are driving while your GPS signal suddenly disconnects making it extremely difficult for you to look for some unfamiliar address.

So, why does my phone keep dropping calls? Well, there can be several reasons for that and in this article we will be discussing with you all you need to know about dropped calls. So, let's start with what is a dropped call.

What do you mean by a dropped call?

A dropped call is a technical fault which happens if the mobile suddenly disconnects on an ongoing call. The malfunction occurs because the phone loses cellular network and poor network causes call drop. In most cases, call drop only occurs rarely but in some phones they happen more than often causing multiple problems.

Why does my phone keep dropping calls?

Whatever mobile device we use, it is always our tendency for blaming the carrier providers for any and all sorts of network problems. But that's not the case always. Sometimes, it mightn't be their condemn. It can be, there is some object(s) in the middle of you and the closest mobile tower that is hampering your good data connection.

Most obstructions are caused by man made objects or nature made things but end outcome will be always same. Now let's look at the most probable reasons one by one.

Distance between your phone and closest cell tower

It is first and most probable reason why your phone keeps dropping calls. If your phone is far away from your closest mobile tower then your phone will receive a poor connection. Mobile phone connection is also quite similar with radio frequency connection. As you move farther away from network source, signal gets weaker and after a point you will not be receiving no signal if you don't have any nearby cell towers.

Naturally occurring objects that obstruct cell phone reception

Naturally made places like mounds, highlands, hills, and other nature made places which are higher than place you live could cause obstructions in network flow. Good vegetative cover like availability of many tress, shrubs, or other type of vegetation disrupts network connectivity. If you go to visit any wodded area, you might experience a weaker data connection as they could hamper signals.

You might don't know but environmental states also affect your signal strength. A fog enclosed day generally means a bad network because dust particles obstruct signals.

Man made objects which obstruct cell signal

Building materials like concrete, steel, bricks work great in blocking mobile signal. Radio frequencies cannot penetrate these objects easily thus you experience bad cell coverage. Cellular connectivity could also be messed up if there are multiple infrastructures around your home.

If you live in urban places, then you might experience bad cell coverage even if you go outside. Many of us experience, our mobile keeps dropping calls when we are in a car. Those glass and metal filled vehicles we use everyday do a great job of obstructing our cell signals. You may notice, when you get out of your car you can experience a betterment in your network.

So, we have now learnt about "Why does my phone keep dropping calls?" but what will be the solutions for this annoying problem? So, let's learn some popular super effective tricks.

How can you fix dropped calls?

  • Remove your phone case, if you have any. In some cases, your phone case or back cover can become culprit which keeps blocking network signals to reach the mobile antenna.
  • Be certain you are not obstructing your phone's interior antenna while you are on a phone call. If your hand is blocking the receiver then call drops might happen oftentimes. Change your hand location and check whether you are getting better connection.
  • Always charge your phone before you are making any important calls. Not having enough charge can effect phone's capacity to stick onto a network and that's why your mobile keeps dropping calls.
  • Don't move too much while you are speaking. If you are in a fixed spot, then your mobile doesn't need to search for signals and continuously configure connection services.
  • Go outside or move away from infrastructures. Get in an open space where you aren't enclosed with infrastructures and concrete jungles. Your network connection will improve within no time.
  • Try changing the location. If you are at your home, you can move to a different room or on a different floor and then you could check whether you are getting good cellular reception. If you are in car, you can try moving around a bit and stop at a spot where the network is strong.
  • Increase you elevation. We have said previously, poor connectivity means there is some object in the middle of your device and your carrier's mobile tower that is blocking signals. As you go higher, your chances for getting obstacles reduces giving better network coverage.
  • Give Wi-Fi calling a go. Nowadays, most mobiles permit calling through Wi-Fi connection. Many third party apps also gives options for both online visual or audio calling without costing you anything. Whether you have access to a good Wi-Fi connection in your house, then you can definitely use Wi-Fi calling as an alternative of normal calling.
  • Try to locate the closest mobile tower. There are many apps or websites available on the internet which allows you to locate the closest mobile tower. After you find it, you can move towards the direction as close as you can to experience an enhanced connectivity.
  • Try switching to 3G. If you are experiencing very slow connection with 4G LTE service, try switching to a 3G network which might give a superior reception. How you can switch off 4G service varies from device to device.

Top notch solution for your phone's dropped calls

One of the most amazing solutions for dropped calls will be to use a network amplifier for your device. A mobile booster is the perfect choice to enhance data speed in your living space,or in your car. Boosters consume weak signal strength and boost the signals for providing an enhanced experience and relieve you from the annoying dropped calls.

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