Many of you have already probably heard about mobile signal repeaters that help to increase the quality of the signal transmitted by your mobile operator. If not, just a quick explanation: When at some particular places at your home or in the office you have a very unstable signal reception, you can install a special device (booster) that has a very sensitive antenna and can catch even the lowest signal. Then it makes the signal more powerful and sends it to your mobile devices. But it can happen so that you will have similar problems with your WiFi signal. The reasons can be different: maybe your router is too weak, or maybe the walls in your building are too thick and do not let your WiFi signal go through. But do not worry! We have what to offer you to cope with WiFi signal issues.

How a WiFi signal booster can help you

We are talking about a WiFi signal booster.

What is a WiFi signal repeater?

WiFi boosters are special devices that are designed to ensure a stable signal for you within the entire indoor area of your house. If you need to ensure signal coverage outdoors, you can use additional antennas that will send the signal outside. 

In other words, while some people buy additional routers for making a signal stronger, we offer you to buy a booster that is a significantly more efficient solution. Moreover, it can also function as a router itself if you need it.

Nikrans MA2500 WF WiFi booster

In our online catalogue, you can find Nikrans MA2500 WF. It is an advanced device that stands out from the row for its reliability and power. It can send the strengthened signal within a coverage area of up to 500 sq.m. It means that it can be a good choice not only for private houses or small offices but also for shopping malls, hotels and business centers.

Why Nikrans MA2500 WF?

  • It is absolutely safe. The quality and safety of our devices are proved by the international CE and RoHS certificates.
  • It is very simple to install it. It has two whip antennas and one LAN cable. It is not required to connect this booster with your router. Together with your order, you will also get a manual where you will find all the necessary instructions for installing this device quickly and without any external help.
  • We provide you with a 3-year warranty. We are absolutely confident in the reliability of our devices but if something goes wrong, we will repair your booster for free within a time period of 3 years.

Instead of a final word

Let’s just summarize what you should know about a WiFi signal repeater.

When to buy it? When your WiFi router doesn’t have enough power to send the signal within the entire area of your house or office.

Where to install it? In the place where the WiFi signal can be received (very often it means that it should be located in the same room where you’ve installed your router).

Where to order it? You can do it on our website. Just follow the link to learn more about our WiFi signal booster that has already helped hundreds of users all over the world to forget about problems with their WiFi connection.

If you have any questions regarding this device or you need to solve other signal problems, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be always ready to help you.