Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster

Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster
Indoor coverage: 5400 ft²
1 BandWI-FI
Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster
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4.7 ( 53 )
  • Nikrans MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster,
  • Whip antenna - 2,
  • LAN cable 5m - 1,
  • Power block (PoE) - 1,
  • manual.
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MA-2500WF Overview

Nikrans MA2500 WF WiFi booster is intended for ensuring a stable internet connection within the entire indoor area of your building. With this WiFi booster, the signal will become absolutely stable and you will be able to enjoy the connection without interruptions regardless of all the external conditions. The booster is able to spread the strengthened signal within the coverage area of up to 500 m2 (5400 ft2). Thanks to the power of MA2500 WF, it can be installed in apartments and houses of different sizes as well as in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other public places. 

You can also use additional antennas to ensure outdoor coverage.

If you want to have a WiFi network at your place, with Nikrans MA2500 WF, you do not need to buy an extra router as the booster can function as a router itself.There is also good news for those who already have a router and now want to improve its signal. Unlike some other WiFi booster models, MA2500 WF doesn’t need to be connected with a router via an SMA port.Moreover, there is a row of other characteristics that make Nikrans MA2500 WF a perfect choice:

  • Safety (the booster meets the international CE and RoHS standards)
  • Simple installation
  • Fair price

Ordering MA2500 WF Wi-Fi booster, you can be sure that you will have everything that is necessary for using the device at once. We also always send a detailed manual that contains step-by-step installation instructions. Just read attentively all the info provided and you won’t spend more than 10-15 minutes on mounting all the elements of the booster kit.

With Nikrans MA2500 WF, you will have a stable and strong WiFi signal!

If you have questions regarding the booster itself or its installation, you can always contact our support team. All our managers have deep knowledge about all the booster models offered on our website and can help you to make the right choice.

Safety & Certification

Every Nikrans signal booster is confirmed to be 100% safe for its users, mobile devices and the environment. The absolute safety of devices is proven by the international safety certifications CE and RoHS. Read more about certification of Nikrans equipment here.


MA-2500WF Specification

Coverage 5400 ft²
Up-link freq 2400-2483.5
Down-link freq
Up-link Gain 12 dB
Down-link Gain 15 dB
Power Output 24 dBm
Working t °C -25/+55 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %
IP-Code IP40
Size (mm) 300*200*80mm
Booster Weight 1.75Kg kg
Power supply Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Energy Consumption 0,01 kW/h
Model Year 2023
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MA-2500WF Customer Stories

Excellent WiFi booster for my small hotel!

Brandon Heasman (USA, St. Louis)

I have a 4G modem in the small hotel I own, and some people that have stayed there have recently complained that they have signal issues in their rooms and can’t connect to the internet properly. I found out that it didn’t happen because of some kind of AT&T signal problems, but simply because my wi-fi router wasn’t too powerful and couldn’t get the signal to all the rooms equally well. So, obviously, I had to find some solution for poor signal to make all guests of my hotel more satisfied with their stay. I looked for some options and decided to stop on MyAmplifiers store and their MA-2500WF model to improve 4G signal that is broadcasted by my regular router. The order came to me pretty fast, and it was very easy to assemble and use it. The WiFi booster is a compact thing and works at wide range, so I just had to place it at the lobby and link together a few details and wires – and that was pretty easy even for a person like me!

Since that happened, no guest has ever complained about signal problems anymore. Everyone is happy and satisfied with the quality of the signal in their rooms, and I checked it out myself: everything is working perfectly and the speed is as good as it should be.

I wasn’t satisfied with the coverage of my Eir WiFi but MA-2500WF best cell phone range extender has extended it!

Darren Scowle (Ireland, Tullow)

Mainly, the majority of MyAmplifiers clients are preoccupied with their mobile signal problems. Nevertheless, as a person who have installed a WiFi booster (by the way, it is MA-2500WF), I should say that installment of such a device can be a good solution for those who are not satisfied with the coverage of their WiFi routers.

In my case I had an excellent Eir 4G WiFi router with excellent coverage, and when I bought it I was quite satisfied as I bought it in December. But when spring came I realized that I wanted to have 4G signal in my newly finished attic as well because Iwas planning to move my study there. As at that time in the attic it was possible to catch only Eir poor signal that was not enough for surfing the net. Nevertheless, all the WiFi routers that are traded at affordable prices couldn’t provide me with wider coverage. I had no idea how I could deal with this situation and I was ready to give up when one friend of mine told me that he managed to deal with Eir poor coverage with the help of MyAmplifiers best cell phone range extender kit. I decided to check whether MyAmplifiers could help me. And yes! With the help of my new booster, I can enjoy Eir 4G internet in every corner, this is the best cell phone range extender.

Due to Lebara signal problems our router was not working properly. So I ordered WiFi signal booster for house

Bradley Chrimes (United Kingdom, Chesham)

When we moved to a new house, our Lebara 4G signal problems began. At first, we think that our router was broken (we even wanted to buy a new one), but then I understood that those Lebara 4G signal issues may have appeared due to the peculiarities of our new house, our router just didn’t have enough power to transmit the signal across the entire building. We didn’t really know how to deal with such a problem as we had the most powerful Lebara 4G router.

But then one my co-worker who also quite often works from home revealed his secret of perfect internet connection. He has a WiFi booster that he has bought on MyAmplifiers web site.

And I also have ordered MA-2500WF signal booster for house. So, now I can recommend you to install it if your WiFi router is not powerful enough to distribute excellent 4G signal. I think it was a very right decision to buy this Wi-Fi signal booster for house as now I feel a significant difference.

Moreover, MyAmplifiers, you have a cool web site! Everything is very clear and convenient.

Brazil, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans MA-2500WF
It is a very convenient device. Once you install it, you can practically forget about its existence as you do not need to be in the process of its work. Thanks! I am very satisfied!
Canada, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans MA-2500WF
My advice for those who are going to buy a wi-fi booster is to use service. This is the only place where I managed to get competent explanation and help as I could not verify the direction of the external antenna. I hope I did not bother you much :)
efficient device for small locations manual contains only superficial information about installation.

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