Find the best cell phone booster for rural areas

Finding the best cell phone booster has never been easy. Although we have got many vendors claiming to provide quality products to the unfortunate dwellers of rural areas, many have turned out to be substandard, illegitimate, or contraband. However, all isn't gone as we have many consumer-grade rural signal boosters available that perfectly meet the consumers’ specific needs.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas

1. Signal Strength

This is one of the primary conditions that any good cell phone booster should meet. A booster with good signal strength will efficiently serve you at home or in the office regardless of the location of your place. Depending on the signal strength, determine the type of the 3G, GSM or 4G signals you want to boost.

When we talk of cell phone signal strength, many users are tempted to think that we are basically referring to the number of bars on their cell phones. In fact, they can be somehow close to being right, as those bars provide us with a good method of evaluating the signal strength of a mobile phone. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reliable signal evaluation method, and if one isn’t keen, finding the best cell phone booster for rural areas can remain a better part of history.

The reason for the cell phone bars unreliability is that while most cell phones show the strength of the signal on a 5-bar scale, some have 8 bars while others have 4. These scales may be misleading. When we need more precision on signal strength, experts prefer evaluating signal strength in decibels. However, you don't need to be an expert to be able to measure the signal strength of your cell phone. Most mobile phones have a Field Test Model that allows you to learn essential information about your cell phones, including readings of signal strength in decibels.

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2. 3G/4G or GSM Frequency

This is another thing you need to know if you wish to get a perfect cell phone booster. This signal frequency is the one that your network provider uses to supply you with the concerned signal. You must know the cell phone signal frequency for you to choose the most appropriate booster model that will amplify the necessary signal to ensure that the cell phone serves you most efficiently.

The Best Cell Phone Boosters for Rural Areas: 2020 Review

MyAmplifers has been in the market for years. For the many years we have been studying mobile signal boosters, we came up with the best ones that serve best in rural areas. Besides, we have a long period providing these products to thousands of customers all over the world. The following is a complete and unbiased review based on annual statistics for the cell phone boosters that have gained popularity among global customers.

Nikrans NS-150

This is the best mobile phone booster, without frills, but most efficient for the maintenance of GSM and 3G signals at the topmost level for users in rural areas.

This is a unique booster model working at 900MHz. Besides, it features high signal gain and its amplified signal reaches wide areas.

Nikrans LCD-130

This is a popular booster that’s most appropriate for small offices and apartments. It has a limited coverage area of up to 130 m².

This model has been the sales hit among all GSM booster ranges. Although it only supports one frequency, 900MHz, it’s the most used booster by the European operators. This is because it not only transmits GSM in most locations in the European regions but also transmits the 3G signal.

Based on the booster’s merits, customers from Italy, Spain, Finland, France, and other countries opt to kill two birds with two stones aiming to achieve both the outstanding 3G signal and quality voice calls. This quality makes most users call it the best cell phone booster for rural areas as they can easily get what they want with it.

signal booster Nikrans LCD-130
signal booster

Nikrans LCD-130

4.9/5 — 184 Reviews Coverage: 130 m² Calls

Nikrans LCD-150D

This is a cell phone booster with a good price-performance ratio. With this product, users can easily fulfill two needs with one deed.

Nikrans LCD-150D has a frequency of 1800 MHz in addition to GSM. However, in some service providers, 1800 MHz is the only one in use.

The best thing with this booster frequency is that it can transmit 4G signal in most rural areas. This, therefore, makes LCD-150D a ration option for most customers, especially those who possess relatively modest, sizeable residences or places of work. With this booster, customers enjoy the opportunity to capture the 4G signal at 1800 MHz, thus fully enjoying their cell phone bundles.

Nikrans LCD-300GD

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose booster, then this model will do. The model enhances GSM, 3G and 4G signals in most rural localities.

We consider LCD-300GD the bestselling model in the category. Firstly, it’s a dual-band repeater that is programmed to operate at two frequencies; 900 and 1800 MHz. It’s therefore ideal for amplifying the GSM signal of all European network providers.

Secondly, LCD-300GD is a signal repeater that enhances the 3G signal at 900 MHz and 4G at 1800 MHz. If all the three signals are transmitted at these frequencies in your locality, the booster becomes a valuable tool for fighting against weak cell signals.

phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-300GD
phone signal booster

Nikrans LCD-300GD

4.9/5 — 278 Reviews Coverage: 300 m² Calls 3G 4G/LTE

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

This is the top choice among 4G signal boosters. The mobile signal booster is most ideal for medium-sized apartments. Most customers favor the booster due to its ability to support both GSM calls and 4G internet simultaneously. With the fast-spreading of 4G technology, most customers will need to get devices that will work with it. Thus, getting this dual-band booster at this time permits users to enjoy the considerable amelioration of internet-based applications and voice communications.

Nikrans LCD-300

This is a GSM amplifier belonging to the basic models that only operate at one frequency.

The booster model is ideally fit for the improvement of the signal at 900 MHz. Besides, the GSM frequency for the booster is quite multi-faceted; widely used in both the 3G transmission and is the only preferable GSM frequency for the European operators.

The GSM amplifier caters for the area coverage of up to 300m². However, it can efficiently cater to much smaller buildings that possess massive old-style walls or houses built with the materials that prevent signals from penetrating inside.

The market is currently flooded with mobile signal boosters. However, getting the best cell phone booster will remain a puzzle until to get products that have been tested and reviewed carefully by experts. MyAmplifiers stands on the line and we’re glad that our customers are getting products of high quality and value.

Discount signal repeater Nikrans LCD-130
mobile signal booster

Nikrans LCD-130

1 Band Calls
Coverage: 1400 ft²
$185 $260 You save: $75