Technical Topics

For those who are interested in the technical aspect, we share professional articles that help to better understand it. Want to know how your booster works or whether the use of a booster is safe for your health (and why)? Then these articles definitely deserve your attention.

09-08-2023 Technical Topics

Boosters and Radiation

It looks like today we’re getting irradiated more than ever.  Laptops, tablets, smartphones — we simply can’t live a day without something electronic in our hands. Despite being widespread, all these devices make certain impact on human health. Even different kinds of electric appliances we use every day at home are considered to be unsafe.     
20-12-2022 Technical Topics

How much power does the mobile signal booster use?

When you are planning to buy a new device, it is quite sensible to find out whether its use will greatly affect your utility bills. And a mobile signal booster is not an exception. “How much power does the mobile signal booster use?” - that’s a very popular question among our clients who have never ordered any similar devices before.
07-12-2022 Technical Topics

What is dBm and why is it important for your mobile signal?

Have you ever thought about how the power of a mobile signal is measured? Yes, we are accustomed to talking about signal bars. But let’s admit that this “measure” can’t be considered to be scientific.
02-03-2022 Technical Topics

Is 3G More Effective Battery-user Than 4G?

This question of saving battery power has always been of large interest. There is a wide-spread opinion that 4G consumes more battery than 3G. Some people will blindly believe it, but we would like to look into the matter a bit deeper.
09-04-2021 Technical Topics Most popular

How to boost Vodafone signal in UK: Top 5 options

If you are tired of Vodafone signal issues, you definitely need to read this article to find the best Vodafone booster for UK to improve your connection in no time
17-12-2018 Technical Topics

Why Should I Choose Nikrans Mobile Repeater?

You often face dropped and missed calls? Or got tired of constant ruptures of Internet? Or miss important business calls when you drive? The reasons people need a mobile repeater vary. The only thing that does not change is the way to solve this problem. Not without a reason a mobile repeater has become a number one solution to bad signal issue
17-12-2018 Technical Topics

Is MA1000 GW a Broadband Mobile Signal Repeater?

Hey! I need to ask before buying a mobile repeater in your web store, but I need to know some of its characteristics and opportunities. So I'm planning to buy a MA 1000 GW for our nightclub and it looks to be suitable for this area. But the guys from our technical support ask me all the time about broadband features of this repeater and its working frequency.
17-12-2018 Technical Topics

Myths and Truths about Cell Phone Boosters: Nikrans MA450GW Booster Testing

Every modern person has faced mobile connection problems. The worst possible situation is when cell phone reception is bad at home or at work where you spend most of the time.With the help of engineers one of our long term customers from France tested Nikrans MA450GW cell phone booster. Below you will find his detailed report with the details of the experiment.
17-12-2018 Technical Topics

For having stable signal I need a wireless car GSM booster. Which one should I choose for it?

Hi, Nikrans! I want to tell you about my new purchase. Recently I've bought a new car and now I’m really happy about it. But to be serious there is one problem in my car – I can't make even a call by mobile from it. There is one bar in my mobile network or there is not a single one at all. I don't even say about 3G Internet, because I don't believe in such a miracle already. 

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