When you are planning to buy a new device, it is quite sensible to find out whether its use will greatly affect your utility bills. And a mobile signal booster is not an exception. “How much power does the mobile signal booster use?” - that’s a very popular question among our clients who have never ordered any similar devices before. 

How much power does the mobile signal booster use?

In this article, we’d like to tell you about boosters’ energy consumption and explain why you shouldn’t worry when you buy such a device for your home or office. 

What is energy consumption and how do you pay for it? 

Energy consumption is a parameter that demonstrates how much energy is needed for a device per hour to support its functioning. This parameter is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hour) which is a unit of energy. One kilowatt which is widely used as a measure of electricity equals 1000 watts. 

The payment for the use of each household appliance (or any other device that needs electricity for its functioning) is based on the quantity of energy consumed as electricity providers take fees that are calculated depending on this parameter. 

Electricity costs are very different in different regions of the world. But you can check the cost per kWh that is approved by your provider. And after that, it won’t be a problem to calculate how much you pay for each device. 

Is it expensive to use a mobile signal booster? 

One of the key characteristics of all the repeaters that you can find on our website is their cost efficiency. Our boosters consume on average 0.01-0.03 kW/h depending on the model and their capacities. Moreover, they have a special Sleep mode that is automatically turned on when there are no mobile phones that are using the improved signal at the moment. 

Is it a big consumption? Definitely not. Just compare: for example, on average, electric ovens need 3-5 kW, while a washing machine uses around 1-1.5 kW. 

Is it legal to use repeaters? 

As we see from our experience, some people are afraid to buy boosters and continue suffering from unstable connections because they believe that using amplifiers may cause them problems with authorities. 

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that boosters themselves are legal if they do not spoil the quality of the network signal. However, in the majority of countries, any equipment that works with radio frequency bands must be licensed. 

Our boosters are certified and meet international standards of quality and safety.

If you want to learn more about our devices do not hesitate to contact our team. 

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