Weak Mobile Connection May Spoil Your Work from Home

According to the recently conducted survey, more than 4 million workers only in the United Kingdom do not have a possibility to work on a remote basis due to various problems with mobile voice and data services provided by their carriers.

The number of remote workers is increasing every year but more than a quarter of them are obliged to suffer from mobile signal issues at home which can make their work from home really difficult or fully impossible.

Approximately 50% of those professionals who faced with some problems of this kind in their houses or flats had no choice but to return to office work.

The majority of specialists surveyed explained that the main problem for them was low data exchange speed. 32% of them complained that they were not able to send large files to their clients and co-workers. 10% of home employees noted that they did not have any mobile reception at all.

The flexibility of work environment ensured by the opportunity to stay connected 24 hours per day without any physical connection to a location is one of the main characteristics of the modern world. Today thanks to mobile and data services, it is possible to work from any place and at any time.

Nevertheless, nearly 25% of remote workers admitted that because of poor mobile connection they needed to spend much more time to perform their working duties than they could spend working with more reliable connection.

Today under all the inconveniences caused by a poor mobile signal including too slow data exchange and lack of an opportunity to make or receive calls and messages around 20% of remote employees need to cease working at home.

Poor telecoms services used for private purposes may cause a lot of problems but in the business sphere these consequences may be even more serious. 16% of the workers who took part in the survey said that due to issues with their connection they missed their deadlines. Moreover, a lot of workers lost their potential clients and bear significant financial losses because of unreliable voice and internet services.

Stable mobile services and speedy data exchange can be considered to be among the key elements of effective remote work; otherwise, a person won’t be able to show good results.

Though every year quite impressive sums of money are spent on improving mobile network infrastructure and enhancing the quality of services provided, there is still a lot to be done. Moreover, not all the problems can be solved be carriers themselves (EE, O2, Vodafone, Three).

It’s also worth mentioning that just recently new rules for broadband services providers have been introduced in the UK. If earlier they have an unlimited time period to improve the quality of their services and increase the speeds up to the level that is promised; now they need to fix poor broadband speeds within a month. Otherwise, customers have the right to exit their contract with their services provides without paying any penalties for early termination of a contract.

Due to poor internet connection, nearly 16% of remote workers need to go to local cafes to work. But another 16% of respondents have found another extremely powerful solution. They use signal boosters that are able to amplify mobile signals transmitted at different frequencies.

Working from home is quite a common practice today and a lot of modern people would be happy to have such an opportunity. But unfortunately sometimes due to the specificity of this or that position or professional area, it is just impossible. That’s why it is absolutely unfair to be deprived of a possibility to comfortably work from home just due to poor telecoms services.

Nevertheless, thanks to signal repeaters today you can address this problem on your own.

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