How to Choose a Mobile Data Signal Booster to Increase 4G Router Signal?

If you think that only smartphones can fail in catching mobile signal and ensure a stable connection, you are not right. WiFi routers that use SIM cards provided by mobile operators can let you down as well.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t get connected to the internet while using the 4G/LTE signal transmitted by your router? Or maybe you regularly experience these annoying moments when your online apps can’t be updated, new posts in the feeds can’t be shown and you can’t send an email? 

If all this is about you, it is quite clear why are you looking for an answer to the question about how to boost 4G router signal? And that’s great that you’ve found our website, as we have a perfect solution for you that is called a 4G router booster.

What is a signal booster for a router?

Before you make a decision on buying a signal booster for a 4G router, you need to understand what this device can do for you and how it can help you. A mobile data booster has several elements and all of them have important functions that are aimed at making your signal strong.

Each amplifier, regardless of the model that we are talking about, has two antennas (one for receiving signal and another one for spreading it) and a booster box that is responsible for stabilizing your connection.

The entire process looks the following way:

  1. Your low signal that is transmitted by your router is caught by a booster.
  2. A booster box strengthens this signal.
  3. The amplified signal is sent by the booster within the coverage area of the device.
  4. Done! Your smartphones, tablets and laptops at home or in the office can use the signal without interruptions.

It sounds quite simple. And it really is! When the device is installed, your participation or any involvement in its work is not required. 

We used to hear from our customers, that the installation of a booster can be rather challenging. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions that describe the process of installation and provide useful recommendations on how to find the best location for your device. The guide is included intro standard kits, which means that you will receive it together with your order.

Mobile data signal booster: choose the best one right now! 

Let’s find the most appropriate device to boost router signal. Actually, there is nothing difficult. There are two main parameters that you should bear in mind:

  • The frequency band used by your carrier. To make sure that this or that model of a signal booster will be compatible with your router, you need to know the frequency band that your operator uses for transmitting 4G signal. If an amplifier works with the same frequency that your operator does, you can be sure that your signal issues can be solved with the chosen device. 
  • The area that should be covered by the improved signal. It’s also crucial to understand where you are going to place your booster, before ordering it. There are boosters that are intended for being installed in small flats and offices while other models have sufficient power to transmit signal within much wider areas like those of hotels, supermarkets or huge private houses.

For routers, there are various models of signal boosters. In our online catalogue, you can find an amazing range of amplifiers that are compatible with different operators and that can be installed in buildings of all sizes. The main tasks for you are to find the one that will meet all your requirements and to enjoy the boosted router signal.

So, if you want to discuss what mobile data signal booster can be viewed as the best answer to the question about how to increase 4G router signal, our team is always open to communication with you. Contact us at any time that is convenient to you and we will support you at all the steps of choosing and buying a router booster. Good prices and high quality are guaranteed!

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