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GSM Repeater

Mobile network carriers use various frequencies for transmitting data to our cell phones. Thus, in Europe these are mainly 900 MHz and 1800MHz for GSM signal transmission (SMS / Voice / GPRS / EDGE), while the US carriers operate at 850 MHz and 1900 MHz for the same purposes.

MyAmplifiers has developed an exhaustive range of highly performant GSM repeaters that would accommodate your requirements towards the device in terms of operating frequencies for calls and SMS as well as coverage. There are boosters designed for small, middle and large size facilities.

Dual and tri band models of a signal booster permit to amplify not only GSM calls but also 3G signal, for example, voice calls at 900 or 1800 MHz and 3G Internet at 2100 MHz. In such a way you are not supposed to have many devices for improving every type of a signal.

In order to simplify you the choice of the most convenient model we’ve created a Search form taking into account such criteria as country where a mobile signal booster will be used, carrier and desired coverage. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

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Our product line

GSM Repeater Nikrans LCD-130 Best-seller
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-130
Coverage: 130 m2
154 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans NS-150
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-150
Coverage: 150 m2
164 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans MA-130
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-130
Coverage: 130 m2
165 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans LCD-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-1503G
Coverage: 150 m2
179 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans LCD-300
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-300
Coverage: 300 m2
199 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans NS-1503G
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-1503G
Coverage: 150 m2
199 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans NS-250
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-250
Coverage: 250 m2
229 €
GSM Repeater Nikrans MA-300
GSM mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-300
Coverage: 300 m2
235 €

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How GSM Signal Booster Can Help You Solve Poor Network Problem?

GSM signal problems can be easily resolved with a mobile phone booster from MyAmplifiers. The device serves to ameliorate the signal quality in the zones with poor reception. Any phone booster set including all the necessary component parts provided by Myamplifiers is a ready-to-use solution: it comprises all the equipment necessary for ensuring efficient signal amplification.

You are invited to watch our simple and short video so that to have an idea how GSM signal booster works.

For cars: AnyTone AT408 is designed to establish reliable mobile connections inside vehicles. AT-408 will suit any kind of transport facility such as cars, trucks, buses, etc.

For small areas: these models are used for small locations such as a garage, basement, small office or apartment. The devices ensure improvement of cellular signals over the areas up to 300m2 (3300 ft2).

For middle-sized areas: such gsm boosters provide strong mobile signal in middle-sized areas like stores, offices, private houses, cafes, etc. This equipment covers the terrirory from 300 to 500 m2 (3300 - 5400 ft2).

For large areas: these gsm amplifier models are effective if you need to cover as large territories as parking lots, spacious offices, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. from 500 m2 (5400 ft2). Boosters for large areas are also suitable for many-storeyed private houses and industrial buildings. To make the signal spread all over the area in spite of walls and stairsit´s adviseable to install splitters and additional indoor antennas.

Our mobile phone signal booster models are shipped in a full package. The box includes everything necessary for installation - indoor and outdoor antennas, mobile repeater, power supply and mounting accessories. The installation of the device doesn’t require special knowledge and it will take 15-20 minutes. As soon as a GSM booster is switched on perfect signal will cover all your area in 5-7 seconds.

Repeaters we offer meet the modern technical requirements and are certified according to the international CE and RoHS standards.

You can also consult our Support Managers who will answer all your questions and render professional assistance.

Have a problem with cell phone signal? Let us take care of it for you

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