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Need to boost mobile signal in Panama? It's simple! With a cell phone signal booster!

Mobile network operators in Panama are presented by such companies as Claro, Digicel, Movistar, etc. Undoubtedly, all of them strive to make their customers satisfied with the result of their work. Nevertheless, it’s impossible for providers to increase signal level under certain circumstances and as a result signal problems in Panama may often occur. We mean situations when mobile signal fails to reach people in rural areas, large supermarkets, high skyscrapers, etc. In such cases only a cell phone signal booster can help. Among all the repeaters provided by our company you can easily find the one which will boost mobile phone calls and Internet and will suit you in all terms. All the models can work with the network operators mentioned above.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Booster

We strongly recommend that you take into account the main issues regarding the work of the cell phone signal booster when choosing a model for your home or office.

Use One Booster for Different Operators

One of the main pluses of our cell phone signal booster is that it can amplify signal for different network operators simultaneously.

Amplify Poor Signal at Home or at Work with LTE-850+1700

Nikrans LTE-850+1700 is one of the most popular signal repeaters which can boost mobile signal at CDMA/GSM 850 and LTE 1700 MHz simultaneously. The repeater’s main pluses are auto level control, MCU control, Four-Layer PCS Board. Moreover, the device has gained world recognition and has all necessary safety and quality certificates.
--TRANSLATE THIS(Mobile Phone Signal Boosters)--

repeater NS-5000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

for Panama

Indoor coverage: 464 m²
Calls 3G 4G/LTE
MyAmplifiers is a good example of a company with a large experience in the field of signal amplification. We sell only tested products with all necessary documents. We work hard to change your life for the better by delivering first-rate boosters for your satisfaction.
★★★★★ Rated 5/5 based on 49 ratings

Customer Stories

Our Móvil signal problems are terminated! The best cell booster for home at Myamplifiers!

MyAmplifiers, thank you for your devoted work, for your attention to clients’ needs, for your openness and readiness to help, for your flexibility and high quality of the devices that you offer on your web site! After we bought MA-150C to overcome Móvil GSM and 3G signal issues, our life has changed drastically.

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Now we don’t have any Claro or Digicel or Movistar signal problems in communication with our clients!

Excellent mobile signal booster for the entire company! I have never thought before that it could happen but when our company moved to a new office located in one of the business centers in Panama City we all began noticing that we had significant mobile signal problems. We use services of different mobile operators, but we all felt that something was wrong with our mobile signals.

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Efficient equipment to boost cell phone reception Movistar.

We located the booster box approximately in the central room of the office, and it makes the 4G signal stronger in every other room, from the top floor to the bottom one. Movistar signal issues don’t bother us and we all can work in peace, loading every bit of the information we need and receiving everything very quickly. Everyone in the office is very much satisfied with their purchase and they say they will definitely recommend the store to other people.

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