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Mobile signal problems in Norway are really annoying!

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You Don’t Need to Tolerate With Signal Problem in Norway

Technologies are moving forward, the same our expectations are doing. Though 15 years ago we were ready to put up with dropped calls, unsent messages and the “the subscriber you are calling is currently not available” replies, now all these things can drive is crazy.

Signal issue in Norway is not widespread but residents of some areas really suffer from it. Addressing this problem is a task for a mobile signal booster. This device is intended for being installed in a place where your mobile device can’t catch strong signal and for helping you get over the existing signal problem in Norway.

Criteria to choose a signal booster

Choosing your future GSM signal booster, you should clearly understand what area you need to cover with your improved signal as coverage is one of the most important parameters that a GSM signal booster has.

Types of signals to amplify

Different signal types are transferred at different frequency bands. That’s why it is crucial to know which concrete type or types of signal you want to intensify with a signal booster before making an order.

Best Solution for Boosting Mobile Network

This signal booster is very powerful and absolutely safe. Installing this device in your house or office, you can leave all your worries about its negative impact on your health aside.

It will easily boost mobile phone reception of your GSM, 3G or 4G/LTE signal and help you enjoy your high-quality mobile communication even if you have already forgotten your hopes to change the situation for the better.

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cell phone amplifier LCD-300GDW

for Norway

Indoor coverage: 300 m²
Calls 3G 4G/LTE
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

MyAmplifiers has been in the industry of boosting mobile signal devices for more than a decade and we constantly strive to take into account the latest technologies and tendencies in the telecoms sector. Our customers will always find a signal booster model that suit their strictest requirements.
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Customer Stories

Telenor signal problems with 4G.
Telenor signal problems with 4G.

Sondre Eidsvik (Norway, Dombås)

We live in a nice mountainous village in Norway. And we like our amazing life close to nature. A lot of tourists every year come to see this natural beauty but we have a chance to enjoy these views every day. And it is really awesome. And there is only one thing about my place of living that I used to hate. Before I found MyAmplifiers, I used to suffer from Telenor 4G signal issues.

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We couldn't provide our guests with proper connection due to Telenor signal problems

Me and my family own a piece of land for several years now, and we made a farm out of it. We planned on inviting tourists to see the farm life and get in touch with local farm animals, but we figured out that we would need a stable internet connection throughout the whole area, if we want to make it a tourist attraction. It’s not really necessary, but it would be nicer for people’s comfort.

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The cell phone home signal booster was a great investment and saviour to our Telenor signal problems!

I live in Bjorli near The Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. Due to the vast mountain area, I’ve constantly experienced Telenor signal issues. In my apartment I have a weak signal, barely enough for text messaging only, even with this the coverage was intermittent. I’ve decided to contact Myamplifiers and they offered me different variants according to my requirements. I needed the amplifier for GSM calls as well as for 3G Internet at 900 Mhz.

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Amazing mobile phone signal booster! Can't even believe that I used to struggle with Telia signal problems!

If something goes wrong with your Telia mobile signal at your place, try to install a mobile signal booster! It will be the best idea. At the moment, we are very satisfied with our booster, it amplifies GSM and 4G Telia signals. It means that our problems with calls and mobile internet are in the past. And it is amazing!

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