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Claro signal repeaters Movistar signal repeaters Tigo signal repeaters UNE signal repeaters Avantel signal repeaters ETB signal repeaters Móvil Éxito signal repeaters UFF! signal repeaters Virgin Mobile signal repeaters

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What is the outcome for those who suffer from signal issues in Colombia?

Colombia’s mobile market comprises almost 63 million subscribers. Claro, Movistar and Tigo dominate the mobile market, but the leading player is Claro. All the cellular operators offer advanced mobile voice and internet services.

Nevertheless, the signal issue in Colombia still exists. Rural areas and remote places’ reception remains poor. The key to solving a signal problem in Colombia is a cell phone signal booster. A booster is designed to enhance a poor signal anywhere you need. It will help you to get rid of dropped calls, poor voice quality and unreliable internet. Moreover, the device is compatible with the major mobile service providers.

Why is a lightning protector needed?

Exterior antennas and cables are susceptible to direct lightning strikes. It’s highly recommend to protect a phone booster with a lightning surge protector. Pay attention that the warranty doesn't cover lightning strike damage.

Testing of a Signal Booster

The experiment demonstrated that the mobile signal repeater has managed to boost mobile signal on different mobile devices. The amplifier is compatible with the leading mobile providers.

Reliable 4G amplifier to boost mobile reception of your cell phone

Nikrans LCD-250C+4G is used to boost mobile signals of cellular operators in Canada, the USA and South America. The coverage area of the booster is 2700 ft2. It functions at 850MHz and 1700/2100 MHz frequencies.

The installation of this plug-and-play device takes about 20 minutes.

The signal amplifier doesn’t emit radiations, its safety is proved by FCC and RoHS certifications.

--TRANSLATE THIS(Mobile Phone Signal Boosters)--

phone signal amplifier LCD-250C+4G

for Colombia

Indoor coverage: 250 m²
Calls 3G 4G/LTE is a top-notch team of specialists, which provide top quality devices. The company has already sold a considerable number of signal amplifiers to the customers all over the world. MyAmplifiers can offer a wide variety of signal boosters based on a client’s needs and objectives.
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Customer Stories

Virgin Mobile signal problems stopped straight away after installing the phone booster for home.

I am happy that we have bought MA-500C for our house! Excellent device, excellent service, excellent professional help and excellent web site! I am so happy that we have found out that today so many mobile signal problems can be solved with mobile signal boosters. I really have had no idea that today it is possible!

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Movistar signal problems used to have a negative impact on my business.

This amplifier model is equipped with an informative LCD screen which helps keep control of the system performance in real time and allows being aware of the signal improving process. In addition to this, the device significantly saves energy due to slip mode and auto adjustment system. The booster works at 850MHz and 1700/2100MHz frequency bands and is perfect for areas up to 500 sq. m.

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With the best cell phone amplifier Virgin Mobile signal problems are not an obstacle anymore!

I’m writing to you on behalf of the whole our company. Previously, in our office we were deprived of the opportunity to use Virgin Mobile services at all. We couldn’t receive or make calls; we couldn’t use 3G or 4G mobile internet. As a result we couldn’t communicate with our clients.

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Avantel signal problems brought me on this site in search of the best cell phone signal booster for home.

I liked the fact that this particular signal booster has a sleep mode. I don’t need to turn it off every night to make sure that I save electricity and money. Moreover, as I live with children it is important for the whole device to be 100% safe. That is exactly what various signal boosters’ certificates prove.

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