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3G Booster

Any mobile phone operates at a certain frequency of wireless data transmission. 3G booster is used for internet data transmission at 2100 MHz frequency. This is a standard frequency at which all European mobile providers and most networks all over the world render 3G internet services to their customers.

Here’s the catalogue below where you can find all UMTS wireless boosters working at 2100 MHz frequency we offer. These models are used to ensure stable access to mobile Internet, video calls, online chats, mobile TV, social networks, in other words quality work of all 3G applications and services in mobile environment.

All the home models are manufactured in various versions that differ in application and range of coverage from 100 to 5000 m2 (from 1100 to 54000 ft2). Boosters manufactured for amplifying weak 3G/UMTS signal inside a vehicle are marked with blue picture of the car.

If you need to amplify not only indoor 3G/UMTS signal but also GSM signal at any frequency you can choose multinetwork dualband or triband kits. These models allow amplifying 900 MHz as well or even 1800 MHz frequency additionally, providing both quality 3G mobile internet and better voice connections at a time.

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Our product line

3G Booster Nikrans LCD-1503G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans NS-1503G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-1503G
Coverage: 1700 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans NS-3G-A
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-3G-A
3G Booster Nikrans MA-2503G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-2503G
Coverage: 2700 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans LCD-3503G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-3503G
Coverage: 3800 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans NS-5003G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-5003G
Coverage: 5400 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans NS-10003G
3G mobile signal booster Nikrans NS-10003G
Coverage: 10800 ft2
3G Booster Nikrans LCD-300GW
3G phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-300GW
Coverage: 3300 ft2

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How 3G Signal Booster Can Be Helpful in Resolving Weak Signal Issues?

Poor mobile signal problem isn't a real problem anymore as there are mobile signal amplifiers from Myamplifiers company. These 3G boosters are designed to improve signal quality where it's quite bad.

Our standard sets include all accessories needed for installation. There are outside and inside antennas, cables and power supply.

We propose you to take a look at our video and learn more about how do the boosters work.

For cars: 3G booster for car will establish convenient outdoor connections with stable cellular signal all over your vehicle. These boosters are are designed to amplify signal in any kind of vehicle like cars, trucks, buses, etc. With the help of this device you´ll be always connected wherever you go!

For small areas: these 3G Internet extenders are effective to amplify low signals in areas of not more than 300 m2 (3300 ft2). The indoor locations for which these models are suitable include small offices, separate rooms or small houses, garages, basements, cafes, etc.

For middle-sized areas: such boosters provide strong mobile signal in middle-sized areas like stores, offices, private houses, cafes, etc. These devices are effective for the area from 300 to 500 m2 (3300 - 5400 ft2). To ensure 100% amplified signal with low outside signal or a lot of walls in the location you can install a 3G signal amplifier with additional accessories as a splitter and indoor antennas.

For large areas: these 3G boosters are powerful enough to cover from 500 m2 (5400 ft2) and more. They improve mobile signals effectively in supermarkets, offices with a few floors, multi-storeyed private houses, parking lots, underground restaurants, etc. To cover an area with a lot of impediments like walls and stairs with a good signal you can install splitters and indoor antennas in addition to the 3G/UMTS repeater.

Our signal boosters is shipped in a full package which includes antennas and cables necessary for proper installation. Installation takes 15-20 minutes and it will be manageable even for people without technical background.

UMTS boosters presented in the catalogue got the international CE and RoHS certifications and meet the modern technical standards.

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