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08-04-2022 Promotions Promotions

Happy Birthday, Dear Mobile Phone!

We can’t imagine our life without a mobile phone. But what is a mobile phone without a stable signal? It’s just a camera with a calculator! That’s where signal boosters enter the game.
04-04-2022 Models Comparisons

Nikrans NS-300-Smart booster review

For those who are looking for a device to deal with all types of mobile signal issues, we could recommend considering such an innovative GSM, 3G, 4G mobile signal booster as Nikrans NS-300-Smart.
02-03-2022 Technical Topics

Is 3G More Effective Battery-user Than 4G?

This question of saving battery power has always been of large interest. There is a wide-spread opinion that 4G consumes more battery than 3G. Some people will blindly believe it, but we would like to look into the matter a bit deeper.
01-03-2022 How to: Essential tips

How to choose the best mobile signal booster in 2022

Tired of poor connection? We can understand you. A weak and unstable signal can be very irritating. But the most irritating thing here is the fact that quite often signal issues are not the fault of your operator and your services provider can’t help you even by building a new cell tower in your neighborhood. However, there is another solution! Just buy a mobile phone signal booster.
17-02-2022 How to: Essential tips Most popular

Best ways to improve EE mobile signal with mobile booster in the UK

EE is one of the most popular operators in the United Kingdom. With over 26 million subscribers, it is the second-largest mobile network in the country. The EE brand was created in 2010 by Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom and now it operates within the BT Group. The company provides a wide range of telecommunication services and is also well-known for its superfast 5G and 4G networks.
01-02-2022 How to: Essential tips

How To Measure The Signal Strength On The Mobile Phone?

If you ask most people about the current quality or strength of the cellular signal on their mobile phone, regardless of their operator, they will likely give you one of the following answers.
01-02-2022 General

Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona

At MyAmplifiers, we are always working hard to enhance our products and services in order to provide the best customer experience ever. All our specialists, from customer support managers to engineers and tech experts, have the highest qualifications and are continuously expanding their knowledge and upgrading their skills.
24-01-2022 General

Signal booster myths: What should you be aware of?

Today, a mobile signal booster is a reliable solution that helps users to improve the quality of their connection at different locations, including their houses, apartments and offices. Moreover, there are models that are designed for vehicles and boats. It means that you can travel without any fears that you will lose your connection and will have no possibility to get in touch with your family or business partners.
27-12-2021 General

Tired of 4G signal issues? Let’s solve them!

Let us guess. If you are reading this text now, probably you have serious issues with your 4G mobile internet at home or in your summer cottage and you are ready to solve this problem on your own. Right? If yes, then this article is exactly what you need now.
21-12-2021 General

What makes mobile signal boosters different?

If you have decided to buy a signal booster for improving your mobile connection, we recommend reading this text attentively in order to get a better understanding of all the parameters that you should pay attention to when you want to compare different models.
01-12-2021 General

Nikrans LCD-130 signal booster review

Are you looking for an amplifier that will help you to increase the quality of your GSM connection? The Nikrans LCD-130 can become a very good choice in your case. However, to make the right decision we recommend reading this review.

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