China Unicom signal booster

China Unicom mobile signal booster in China

If you are a China Unicom customer in China, you most likely know that the company’s services are qualitative and good. But no matter how big the company is, how many customers it has and how high the quality of the services they provide is, there can always be some issues that have nothing to do with the company itself. China Unicom signal problems (or signal problems of China Mobile or China Telecom) can happen if you are physically too far away from the nearest cell tower and out of China Unicom mobile coverage zone, but much more likely they might occur due to the construction materials that were used when your home or office was built, or destructive interference from other buildings that surround you. Cellular signals may have some hard time passing through concrete and metal constructions within the walls of your home or office. Many buildings also may use a special wire mesh in their construction, which is called a Faraday cage. This mesh blocks external static electricity fields, but it also means that mobile signal can’t get through. It can get even worse if the floor you are located at is below ground. Sometimes you face China Unicom bad signal when the cell towers are too crowded – in certain places like festivals, popular public places or traffic jams. But even if you can’t avoid these problems (moving around to catch the signal is annoying and exhausting, and changing the apartment is way too expensive, of course), it doesn’t mean they can’t be solved. We offer you an easy solution at a competitive price: MyAmplifiers’ China Unicom mobile phone signal booster.

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