TCell mobile signal booster in Timor-Leste

TCell signal booster

Timor-Leste remains a country with cutting edge and widely-spread mobile network services, where both urban areas and rural zones are well provided with constant and high mobile signal. Timor-Leste owns 3 official cell phone operators — Timor Telecom, TCell, Telkomcel. They all function on the most popular mobile service standards, such as cdma.

Considering one of the most widespread mobile providers of Timor-Leste, TCell works at all essential frequency ranges of the country — 850. The capacity of mobile connection of TCell maintains on the high level in many urban areas, whereas in villages of Timor-Leste mobile phone communication of TCell is far from perfect. In any case, the situation can be quickly set right — and our team can help you realize this!

MyAmplifiers personnel can boast of impressive experience in signal strengthening. Since starting in 2001, we have helped thousands of people in Timor-Leste. Our buyers think of MyAmplifiers as a steady company with a personnel of expert specialists. MyAmplifiers is work to give people cellular connection not only in Timor-Leste but also in any country worldwide.


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phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+4G
customers' choice
2700 ft2
TCell phone signal booster
mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-150C
1700 ft2
TCell mobile signal booster
phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+3G+4G
2700 ft2
TCell phone signal booster
cell phone amplifier Nikrans LCD-250AWS
2700 ft2
TCell cell phone amplifier
phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+4G
customers' choice
2700 ft2
TCell phone signal booster

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