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EE mobile signal booster in United Kingdom

EE signal booster

EE signal booster for resolving EE network problems

Searching for a professional and highly effective way to resolve EE network problems? The best solution for your is a cell phone signal booster for EE coverage. The huge variety of booster models permits you choosing a booster for calls only, or call with 3G or 4G. There are also all-in-one solutions for all networks and types of signal.

The device has multiple advantages the major of which are:

  • Simultaneous support of multiple users;
  • Compatibility with different networks;
  • Safety in use;
  • Simple usage without maintenance.

The booster system consists of two antennas and the device itself. The first antenna is mounted outside the house with the purpose of catching incoming signals from EE cell towers. The booster located inside the house intensifies the signal and then passes it to the indoor antenna that distributes the improved signal around the house.

The EE signal booster is really simple in usage and installing. Basically, it's enough to find a suitable place for an outdoor antenna and then connect it to the booster with a cable — and that's it.

How to select an EE signal booster?

MyAmplifiers has been helping people in enhancing signal since 2005. We provide signal boosting services in the United Kingdom and other countries worldwide. Among our customers there is a large number of clients from the United Kingdom who have EE network problems.

At MyAmplifiers store you can find a catalog of EE signal booster models. Use the Search form to specify your requirements and find the best solution for your case. Or contact our sales managers directly to get a solution.

EE network peculiarities in the UK

The United Kingdom has been all the time a country with progressive and extensive mobile network services, where both megapolises and rustic areas are supplied with reliable and good mobile signal. The United Kingdom features 8 official cell phone providers — O2, EE, Three, Vodafone, T-mobile, Virgin Mobile, Orange, Tesco Mobile. They all provide main mobile service standards, inclusive of GSM, 3G, 4G. EE network is by right considered the one with the best and most widespread network across the country. The company provides with 2G and 4G signal 99% of the UK population, while EE’s 3G network reaches 98% of the population. However, the problems still occur.

As one of the most popular mobile operators of the United Kingdom, EE works at all major frequency ranges of the country — 1800 for phone calls, 2100 for 3G Internet, 1800 and 2600 for LTE/4G. The capacity of mobile network of EE is on the high level in the majority of urban zones, whereas in villages of the United Kingdom mobile phone network of EE is far from perfect. The reason of EE network problems is usually in far location of provider’s antennas and their insufficient amount in rural areas. Though, in cities the problem occurs as well — in underground locations or skyscrapers on the high floors.

In case you have faced some problem with your EE coverage, let us care about it — contact us.

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phone signal booster Nikrans NS-150GD
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1615 ft2
EE O2 Vodafone Orange Virgin Mobile Tesco Mobile T-mobile
mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-150D
1615 ft2
EE Vodafone Orange Virgin Mobile Tesco Mobile T-mobile
phone signal booster Nikrans MA-150GD
1615 ft2
EE O2 Vodafone Orange Virgin Mobile Tesco Mobile T-mobile
phone signal booster Nikrans NS-300GD
3229 ft2
EE O2 Vodafone Three Tesco Mobile T-mobile Orange Virgin Mobile
phone signal booster Nikrans MA-250GD
2691 ft2
EE O2 Vodafone Three Tesco Mobile T-mobile Orange Virgin Mobile

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